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    K601's w/ Fiio E9
  2. Tier One

    Need a pair of gaming/music headphones, can't decide

    Last year I bought a pair of DT700 pros (80ohms) and I do really enjoy them. I am looking at getting another pair but I can't decide between the HD 598s or the AKG K601. I will be using them for xbox gameplay and music on my computer/phone. I don't have an amp right now just a DAC for my pc. I...
  3. Koukol

    Headphone Results With The Pono (or other DAPs)

    I thought I'd start a new thread so we can gather results from all the Headphones we've tried with the Pono  (good or bad) and any fixes that took them from bad to great.   The other day I got the 650's and gave them a spin on my Marantz CD Player connected to my Little Dot MKIII tube Amp. I...
  4. grandpatzer

    AKG Earpad direction?

    I read a user that asked correct orientation for K701 earpads apparently wider part goes back.   But I'm confused because my K601 Earpads look symmetrical, Is there something I'm missing or are the K601 earpads symmetrical while K701 earpads have a wider part?   FWIW my earpads are...
  5. Koukol

    Question for AKG Fans.

    I've been a AKG fan for some time. While Sennheisers sound coloured to me AKG sound more natural.   So I want to ask others here who must hear things similar to me.   About a year ago I bought the K601's and love them. I've been using the 240's for many years before. However I just...
  6. levap

    Detail level and speed of headphones

    In the course of work on a thread about talents of various headhones to play metal (http://www.head-fi.org/t/715478/headphones-for-metal-music-ultimate-solution) I consider "Detail level" and "Speed" among key criterias for cans / metal subgenre gestalt response. I tried to combine formal...
  7. rapoon

    AKG-601 & 240 w/ schiit magni

    hoping someone with experience with either of these headphones paired with the magni can chime in.   my pc setup is as follows: LiTe DAC-AH (connected via toslink) and the schiit magni. when listening to the 601's it's painfully bright to the point my ears want to bleed. bass is non-existent. ...
  8. JaZZ

    Some more frequency-response graphs

    I will add a few more frequency-response graphs published some time ago in the German magazine «Stereoplay» (1/07). As expressed in several post, they match my own sonic impressions better than the HeadRoom graphs (which show a uniform «distortion» throughout the product palette)...
  9. HiAudio

    Which AKG to have to complement a hypothetical portfolio of headphones?

    Recently I have become more and more interested in the AKG lines. One thing that bugs me is that many of their products are very close to each other, K501, K601, K701, Q701, K702, K202 anni and you name it. If budget is not an issue the K812 is clear choice. I have about $200-300 for the AKG and...
  10. LightDarkSonic

    K601 vs DT880

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'd like some help here in my new pair of headphones, I live in Brazil and here good heaphones are pretty overpriced, in reality I've never seen other Sennheisers, AKGs and Beyerdynamics. My father bought me my real pair of headphones, my HD 201, and from there I...
  11. theobservatory.

    Best Headphones for Jazz

    Recently gotten back into head-fi and am building a setup around my iMac. I'm looking for a set of cans that do Jazz very well - since I listen to Jazz almost exclusively. I will be getting a DAC and amp soon, once I've learnt more about them but until then I'll be running the cans out...
  12. MaciekN

    EQ your Ms-1i into K601/612

    Based on the graphs found on the web I tried to EQ my ms-1i to sound at least close to what k601/k612 should sound like. Basically I was wondering how much difference could there be.   I used Electri-q equalizer.   Points: 1. Peak at 20 Hz + 3.7 dB BW 1.3 2. peak at 100 Hz -2.6 dB BW 1.5...
  13. anuenlil

    Creek OBH-21 lower volume through amplifier tape output

    Dear all,   I have a Creek OBH-21 which is usually fed by the tape output of my LFD main amplifier, and sometimes directly from a cd player. The problem I have is that the former option gives me much more limited volume output and dynamics than the latter. Unfortunately, I am unable to find...
  14. mitsu763

    AKG K601

    Selling a lightly used AKG K601 with original box and the 3.5mm adapter. Excellent condition. Price includes Paypal fee and shipping in the US. International shipping for an additional charge. Thanks!
  15. PurpleAngel

    The AKG Infomation Thread

    AKG K702, Q701, K701, K601, K550, K272HD, H271, K270MKII, K242HD, K240MKII, K240 Studio, K240M, K240DF, K240 Sextett, K172, K171, K170, K142, K141, K140, etc.   As the proud owner of an AKG K240M Monitor 600-Ohm headphone (and soon to add a AKG K242HD to my collection). I think it would be...
  16. Albert

    AKG K530

    Hello I'm interested in these headphones, although I'm unable to rank them. Are they supposed to be in between the K501 and the K601? Somehow I doubt it. Even if they were just a touch up of the K301 Xtra, they may be worth a look...
  17. Punnisher

    The k702 is better with k601 pads. (Picd Added)

    Ever since i bought my k702 years ago, I was never able to fully become immersed in the music because of the way these headphones presented the midrange. It's far too forward in its stock form in my opinion. Bass is also tricky. It seems like only the deepest notes are heard, with a giant hole...
  18. EvertonMint

    AKG K601 - Boxed

    AKG K601 - Good condition, boxed, around 60 hours of use.   Please see pictures for the condition of these fine headphones.   Price includes shipping to Europe (trackable)   Payments by PayPal.
  19. mcdevin

    AKG k601 earpads for my k501s.

    I recently purchased a pair of k501 headphones.  According to other owners, replaceing the stock earpads with ones from the k601 model changes the sound a bit.  I'm curious and want to try it for myself.  Message me if you have a pair you'd be willing to part with and we can discuss price. 
  20. Aelius

    How similar do the K601 and Q701 sound?

    I love the sound of the Q701 but I can't stand the bumps on the headband, so I was thinking of getting the K601, but I'm worried that it won't have the sound I love the Q701 for. Specifically, when compared with the HD600/HD650, the Q701 sounds very clear and crisp and open. Will the K601 have...
  21. Pars

    AKG K601 (Austria)

    For sale are a pair of AKG K601s, low serial number (2582), excellent condition. Original packaging and 1/4" to 1/8" adapter included.     Price, including PayPal fees and shipping, to CONUS is SOLD USD. Willing to ship Internationally, however, additional fees for insured shipping, etc...
  22. crise

    Headphone advice

    I'm looking for a new headphone for a friend. I could use some advice from you experts! His AKG K601's cable broke down so it has become useless, thus he is looking for a new HP..   These are his preferences:   - Price range: 100-200 euro - Open cans - Detachable cable - For...
  23. Ikon

    AKG K701 vs. K601 vs. K530 (some impressions)

    Introductory stuff ... Since I have the pleasure of welcoming all these headphones to my home for several days and I know how needy one feels for information when trying to decide for a pair-o-cans, I want to share some impressions with you. Sure, much has been said about K701 vs. K601, but I...
  24. cisforchooch

    AKG K601 - Lightly Used. $175 shipped (CONUS only please)

    These cans have been lightly used in a smoke free home. They look like new and I will ship in the original box. The gold plated 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is flaky at best. It does look nice though so I'll leave it in the box.  (I will ship with another adapter I picked up from Radio Shack.)   I...
  25. Ikarios

    FS: AKG K601

    Up for sale is a set of AKG K601 headphones. I really only got them to find out what the velour pads were like on the K501, and to find out where they stood between the K701 and the K501. They're in great condition with no noticeable scratches or dings. Looking to get back what I paid, $145...