1. danlee0502

    Looking for something like DT880s Punchy Bass cousin. DT770? (any owners?)

    Background Story I Got my DT880/250ohm about a month ago and initially found it to trebly and weak in the bass. After burn-in I like it more and more everyday. I mainly use this to mix in the studio but also to listen to music at home more recently so I can burn them in more.    I've been...
  2. Farch

    AMPLIFIER for AKG 240 Monitor (6oo Ohms)

    Hi,   Have any of you experienced dedicated or matching designed amps for that special version of K240? We know they require a good power source to make them sound good and get a good sound level. So thanks to share ideas or experiences, mine were completely overhauled, they're nearly like...
  3. blind illusion

    radioshack now selling portable headphone amps

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say radioshack is now making a portable headphone amp, thought it may be worth trying out for some of you guys, instead of ordering the fiio's. I only recently found out that they sold them. I got one to use with my AKG k240's and so far its working out well. I just...
  4. Doppler

    AKG 240 Problem

    Hello,    I've got a pair of AKG 240s that were playing fine up until recently. The problem is that the sound has become extremely tinny, often with the vocals gone; For example, "Hey Joe" has no vocals from Hendrix but I can hear the backing vocals very clearly. If I listen to something...
  5. Lumos

    I love their ignorance look at the price :D

    http://www.amazon.com/K240STUDIO-Semi-Open-Studio-Headphones/dp/B000A4ZT20/ref=sr_1_214?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1365839455&sr=1-214&keywords=AKG   AKG K240 studio for $5,404.03 what you say...   And seller kindly say oh ,,this sale it will included just the head phones only''
  6. miceblue

    AKG K240 Monitor Earcup Foam Replacement Part

    Hi all, I recently purchased an AKG K240 Monitor from an eBay vendor and I found that the felt/foam pieces covering the drivers are deteriorating and gross to handle. I was wondering if anyone knows of any replacement parts I can purchase, or something similar. The felt/foam pieces...
  7. EinZweiDrei

    most forgiving headphone for around $200 or less

    since i'be been listening to classical, jazz and stuff like "the carpenters" on headphones like the k701 and ad700. i want to try something different. something more forgiving on bad recordings and genres like electronic, pop, rock ect.. from various recommendations i narrowed it down to the...
  8. fernandokolbe

    Mixing issues: Audio Interface/Impedance/Open or closed - K240 or KRK KN6400

    After a few researches, I'm finally between only two headphones (that fits my budget and my purpouses), and my doubts go beyond the simply "which one is better". And you know, I've read a lot of different things about them, and thats quite confusing, so I hope you guys could help me out!  ...
  9. freebird48081


    Just found my 35 year old AKG240 headphones. Soldered on a new jack and they sound pretty nice. Would it be worth my time to shop for new phones (under $100). Could I expect better performance? Any opinions welcome. Thanks
  10. fotoralf

    Year of introduction K240?

    Does anyone know when the original K240 (600 ohms) were introduced?   Ralf
  11. 3lfl0rd

    upgrade from portapros?

    so i have owned the koss porta pros for about one year and i would like to upgrade headphones. i have a budget of ~$100. the reason why i want new headphones is: -better sound quality -less sound leakage -some more sound isolation if it is possible at this price range -i would prefer...
  12. Syliano

    Sennheiser HD600 losing punch after a year or so

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it's possible that my HD600 lost some of it's "punch" due to the ear pads wearing out? They kinda sound lifeless to me, as if the pads are damping the sound or something. Basically these headphones are on my head everyday for at least a few hours. When is a good time...
  13. Tunesmith

    Thank You AKG

    I needed to replace the jack on my AKG K240 Monitors.  Could not find one that accepts the screw on 1/4 adapter.   I emailed Frank at AKG, he is sending me a new jack for free.   Wow, thanks Frank, and thanks AKG for taking care of your customers!!!!   Jim
  14. jugate

    what about the fidelio and AKG?

    Hello, i need a good headphones for home.   I have in target the philips l1 fidelio (235 buks on argentina) or the k240 AKG. (140buks on argentina)   what of these or OTHER i must chosse?       i play every genre, from rock to celtic or jazz or hard pop...     thanks very much!
  15. FCO2013

    Help! HD518 vs HD558 vs HE-300 vs K701/Q701

    So I've narrowed down my choices of a possible headphone upgrade, but I'm not sure how they stack up against each other. They all fit my criteria of being an open/semi-open circumaural headphone, but I'd like to know which one is "better" than the others. I listen to mostly alternative rock...
  16. 12131

    Looking for ~150$ headphones for psychedelic and prog music

    Hello everyone, As in the title, I listen to mostly progressive and psychedelic music, and looking for full-sized headphones that will give best quality and comfort with this budget. The design is less important for me. I've been thinking about the Sennheiser HD-518. What do you think...
  17. xecure

    Cheapest velour earpads that fit Samson SR50, Superlux HD668b/HD661, AKG k240?

    I have a Samson SR850i and was wondering where you guys buy your earpads from. I've looked into the AKG k240 earpads but the were too expensive(~$40). I bought the headphones for $40 a year or so ago so I don't feel comfortable spending $40 on a pair of earpads. Anything around the $10 line? Any...
  18. Porkchop1

    Samson sr850 vs koss pro dj100 vs Creative Aurvana Live

    I currently own Samson sr850 but im looking for new headphones in 75-125dollar price range.   I checked the guide on this site and only  CAL and koss pro dj100 headphones were available in my country. Would either of them be any better than Samson sr850?   Imo the sound of the Samson sr850...
  19. MRiNiCK

    Best headphone when going to bed.

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to know what kind of headphones would be best for going to sleep with. When i go to sleep with my 1964T IEM, it fairly gets uncomfortable. Looking for some nicely detailed range, or it doesnt have to be that. Sound can be more on the fun side.. But mainly it has to be...
  20. Charlesyes

    Best headphones for around 100$?

    V-MODA Crossfade LP Metal Headphone Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones   Grado Prestige Series SR80i Stereo Headphone   These three are the ones Ive been looking at, any other suggestions?  I listen to soft rock to metal and everything in between, and I am a bit of a gamer.   Thanks
  21. funcrusha

    Grado SR80i, Audio Technica ATH-AD700, Sony MDR-XB500: Do I need a headphone amp?

    Hi there,   So I've been using these three headphone sets plugged into my Creative X-Fi Go! external soundcard/DAC. Thus far I have been fairly impressed with the results; there is no shortage of volume. What I have been wondering about is how a headphone amp might improve other audio...
  22. sky777

    mdr zx700 vs mdr v55, vs Pioneer SE-MJ751I Steez 808 vs AKG Acoustics K-240

    Want to buy a headphone under $100 dollar and thinking between the ones I listed. The headphone is going to be used for portable use so the cable needs to be short. I was really debating on either getting the zx700 or the v55. However the others look good too.   Which one should I choose  ...
  23. jmusic

    Best Headphones Under or around a 100?

    Im looking to get some headphones that are good for a cheap price. What i mainly look for is comfort so please help me out on this one. Looking for around a 100
  24. talisman42

    Best companion 'Open back' phone for the AT M50?

    Can you recommend an open back headphone that will complement the M50? I'm hoping to have several good ones to choose from under $300. So if there is a counterpart to the M50, I'm all ears.. (pun intended) :)
  25. Rhauserjr

    questions about FiiO e5

    not sure if this follows forum rules. This is my first post. Thining about buying a FiiO e5 to run a pair of AKG k240s through a zune 120. Firstly, do i need the amplifier, and will an e5 be sufficient? Secondly, does the e5 come with an adaptor cable orm something for zune? Thanksyou