1. Adahyl

    Best headphone under 100$

    First of all hi everybody, I'm glad to join the forum. I have never had any experience when it comes to headphones only ipod's ear-in and notebook's speakers.   My main goal is to listen music, I don't listen to nothing with much bass, generally John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Guns, Bon Jovi...
  2. pat2

    AKG K-240 Studio or Shure SE215?

    I know that the Shures aren't exactly full size ;) BUT! I am going to have some money soon, and I found a good price on the AKGs: $84.70 plus 20 bucks shipping. The SE215s always are that price, so i have no idea which one to go for! I would mostly be listening to music like Metallica but I...
  3. CrystalT

    Fast, bright headphones with exceptional instrument separation for ~$100?

    I have a pair of SoundMAGIC ES18 which is great for quite a few of my genres of music, but find that it performs poorly with Power and Progressive Metal. I'm looking for full-sized, circumaural headphones, preferably open ones that are fast so they don't get overwhelmed by faster, and busier...
  4. bootstrap

    Need some help

    Hey guys i am currently looking for a new pair of headphones. I posted in the recommendations thread to no avail. So im hoping you guys can help me out. I'm going to wear these mostly at the airport or around my apartment when i don't want to hear my roommates. I don't want too much leakage and...
  5. Capardio

    New AKG Headphones "By Tiësto"

    So apparently AKG is to release new headphones in a collaboration with Tiësto in June. This was on Tiësto's facebook page:   " Tiësto is proud to announce his collaboration with AKG to create his very own AKG by Tiësto headphones! The range will be made up of three different models and...
  6. dubfanatic

    Help me choose which headphones to buy, entry level.

    Greetings Head-Fi,   I am in need of some help in choosing between 5 pairs of headphones i have selected within my pricerange which is just around $100.  They will be plugged into my computer unamped, and wil be used for listening to primarily bass heavy music(hiphop, drum and bass...
  7. AdamDrive

    Suggest New headphones to replace my broken Aviators

    Ok, So I'm new to this forum, but have been a fan of all the advice and suggestions here. Now I have an Issue, I need to get new headphones since the cable on my Skullcandy's gave out. I'm looking for some good headphones that Will play great jazz/classical/acoustic styles of music. I was...
  8. Redfishajmx

    Amp for 600 ohm K240's

    I've been doing some recording (guitar) with a Mac and an Ipad and I'm tired of using cheap headphones. I've got an old pair of 600 ohm K240's that I used to record back in the eighties and I would like to get an amp so I could use them again. I need an amp that has 3.5mm ins and outs and enough...
  9. ArgyleHumbucker

    Question about AKGs...

    Hey guys. I have a question about my AKG K240s that's been bothering me for a while. I got them a couple of days ago, brand new from AKG. Just as expected, most all electronic music and the like sound amazing through these. However, when I listen to most anything involving a distorted guitar...
  10. bakawen

    Need help to choose a headphone.

    This is my first thread and I'm new here =D As shown above, I'm finding a new headphone (portable or full size) to replace my Shure SRH440... Reasons is that the SRH440's pad is not suitable in my country (too hot that makes me sweat after a few hours) and sometimes my ears will touch the...
  11. KeytarFox

    Headphones for some mixing

    Avast! It has become a place whereas I am without any loud speaker-type equipment, and thus have greatly reduced sense of ears. Noises from when my equipment comes is now reduced vastly and I am forced to mix on headphones or mix on an iPod ducking station (impossible).   As resultant from...
  12. mjcarrxx12xx

    Want to upgrade from my akg k240s'. Looking to spend ~$150. Need advice!

    Hi all, longtime lurker but decided to make my first post.  I have a pair of akg 240 studios that i have been listening to and pleasantly enjoying for about 6 months.  After researching on this site i also added a fiio E7 amp/dac and have been enjoying that as well.  I have really been wanting...
  13. kiat

    Comments for Discontinued AKG 141 Monitor - 600Ohm

    Recently come across a discontinued version of the of the 141 (Box unopen, but around 10yr old). Was tempted to buy but didn't have the chance to try it out. Could anyone help me by giving me some comments on this headphone? thanks!!!
  14. mrAdrian

    Doping your gf into an audiophile

    Girlfriend got addicted to this hobby thanks to my ms1000... But I of course won't give it to her.   The k240s looks oh so beautiful, and it is quite affordable. Just wondering how would they fair against each other.     Need to take my ms1000 back from her!!
  15. cloudbreaker

    Trying to get some good studio quality headphones, could someone help me narrow these down?

    So after some research I found that Beats By Dre. are just over priced headphones that put out too much unnatural bass. I was looking into getting a good pair of headphones for the 80-100 dollar range and found a few studio quality ones, but I'm not sure which ones are better and what makes them...
  16. shiorisekine

    Need advice on new pair of headphones

    I want to know your guys opinion on whether I should get the AKG K240s, the K141s MKII or another AKG set of headphones under 200.
  17. lp026713389

    Studio headphone impedance

    Hey everyone,   I will be buying new monitoring headphones soon, and I just had a question regarding impedance.  Now it is my understanding that high impedance headphones need some kind of headphone amp to be able to reach proper listening sound volumes, but is that the only difference...
  18. mcarr1092

    Need a new pair of headphones for around $200 bucks....

    I currently have some Dr Dre beat solos but they are starting to crackle.....Currently i am looking at ATH- M50 and K240. I love to listen to music on my Ipod and computer so I want the quality to be nice. 
  19. T

    AKG K240M

    Just won AKG K240M from an auction on ebay.   I think they are later ones.   When did AKG stop making the K240M?     Regards.
  20. T

    AKG K240M

    Might be getting some AKG K240M headphones. They are the later ones, from around 2003/ 2005.   How do the later K240M sound compare the older K240M from 20+ years ago?     Kind Regards,   Shane.
  21. lp026713389

    Need help choosing monitoring headphones, CANNOT try them in the store I need help! Buying them VERY soon need all the feedback I can get!

    Hey everyone, I need some urgent feedback and help on choosing between 5 headphone monitors, and since the local vendors don't actually have these models, I'm having it shipped and so I can't try any of them till I actually buy them.  I HAVE done quite a bit of research, and I have narrowed...
  22. MatHero

    Narrowing down my choices!

    After having several headphones recommended to me last week, I've had little success narrowing down my choices.    My choices are between:   Audio-Technica ATH-M50 JVC HARX900 Superlux HD 681 Audio Technica ATH-A700 Audio Technica ATH-AD700 - ^not sure of the differences between...
  23. HiFiGuy528

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Let's see your headphones station at it's current state.  You can clean things up and bit, but it has to be your current station.  NO old pictures please.   here is mine.  Took the pictures this morning.      
  24. Brettt

    Headphones with a max input power of 30mW vs 100MW?

    I have a pair of headphone with a max input power of 100mW.  I m going to get a pair of headphone of a max input power of 30mW and I was just wondering what is the difference?  Thank You
  25. beardguise

    Sub $100 cans, v6 still a solid choice?

    I've been reading headfi for a few months now as I get more and more interested in headphone listening.   I'm looking to get a pair of closed cans that I'll be using for home use and some travel in cars and maybe busses later on. I have porta-pros, which I really enjoy listening to, but I...