1. Smittyy6

    Upgrading from IEMs to some cans

    Cliffs at the bottom for those who don't want to read a book.   Hey all,   I've been lurking hard around here for the past few weeks. I've found myself wanting more out of my music experience lately and, with Christmas right around the corner, might as well let old St. Nick take care of...
  2. Punnisher

    AKG model most like Sextett MP?

    I recently got a K240 Sextett MP and after a week I am a bit obsessed with them. I love their character overall. I wanted to get newer or new pair for office use. Thing is, I want them to sound as much like the Sextett MP as possible.   Which model K240 has the most similar sound signature...
  3. Kevin Brown

    Newbie Q: sensitivity and impedance (AKG K240DF's) ?

    Just got a pair of the AKG's due to the large number of comments here and elsewhere about their neutrality.    But I can't drive them adequately straight out of a PC.   Impedance is 600 ohms, sensitivity is 88 dB.   My understanding is that the higher the impedance, with a constant...
  4. spoonsphere

    help! - AKG K271 MK II making my ears hot and sweaty

    hi folks!   i like how my AKG K271 MK II's sound, and they are quite light on my head despite the huge size.  however, i've noticed that my ears get hot and sweaty after a couple of hours.  i'm using the velour pads.   am i doing something wrong?   any suggestions on how to deal with...
  5. tdogzthmn

    Which vintage AKG?

    Hello I am a fan of the vintage akg cans.  Currently I own a K400, and K240 M.  I would like to know which of the AKG headphones you think are worth looking into aside from the K1000 which I cant afford.  Currently I am looking at the K340, K290, K141, and K241.  I wish I could by them all but I...
  6. AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones

    AKG Acoustics K240 Monitoring Headphones

    The "integrated semi-open air" design incorporates a highly accurate dynamic transducer, and an acoustically tuned venting structure behind the element produces a naturally open sound quality. The circumaural (around-the-ear) pads are designed for hours of wearing comfort, while the steel-cable...