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  1. Matteman

    Which piece of equipment in your portable setup costed the most?

    Uhh, my UE-11s obviously, $1600-1700 with customs to Sweden. It is my belief that you should spend the most on the transducers, and so I did, and I don't regret it for one second!
  2. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by funkymonkcp Man you guys are soooo bad for somebody impulsive like me. In the space of two days I read this thread and decided I want the UE-11's. My tax return will pay for these but I probably should spend the money on paying off credit cards, oh well. So...
  3. Matteman

    UE-11s have arrived - early impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by xcluded why do some people mentioned about UE11 being too coloured and not reference in terms of sounding.... what do they meant by that? That the bass is a little overrepresented. Maybe it is, but I like it! It's extremely addictive.
  4. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Damn, now I can't make up my mind about what amp to choose! I was thinking the Hornet, because I really don't mind if the bass is overpresented, but now I'm thinking a more detailed amp. I mean, getting more detail than I have now would be beyond excellent! Hornet owners: What do you think...
  5. Matteman

    Test tones 12-120hz, see how deep your bass goes!

    Quote: Originally Posted by The-One I'm now waiting for someone with a UE11 to post in this thread lol. On moderate volume (not cranking it) I can CLEARLY hear the tone down to 23hz. By clearly I mean that I can scale the tone up in my head by one or two octaves and tell what...
  6. Matteman

    Where to buy small shure olives? (Sweden)

    I bought mine from dustin home. SHURE FOAM SLEEVES BLACK SMALL TILL E500
  7. Matteman

    UE10 or 11 With Zune 120 / Tomahawk?

    I think you will be very happy with the UE-11. The bass is slightly overwhelming at first, but it really doesn't interfere with the other frequencies, and when you get used to the bass you notice that these earphones are really something else. I think the bass is brilliant, I was even going...
  8. Matteman

    Quintuple Driver Customs?

    Interesting... I'm eager to hear a rewiew. I know I would never buy them, even if they would prove to be better or equal to UE-11 with another sound signature. The question here is: does more equal better?
  9. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Maaan, look at those pictures! Beautiful! Great rewiew too!
  10. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Brian those look really cool! Haven't seen a white pair of customs in a while.
  11. Matteman

    Single UE10 (UE11) or pair of complimentary IEMs (ER-4S + something else) ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by kostalex The question to those who voted for UE: which of the secondary IEMs (Shure, Freq, Livewires) you are not familiar with? Well I haven't "heard" (read: bought) the Livewires or Freqs and I don't think there's that many that have invested in both...
  12. Matteman

    Custom IEM versus Fullsize Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 rofl! Those 2 headphones were what I was considering getting for myself but now I guess I will drop the gs-1000 if I can have that type of performance in a portable earphone! Yes I was battling with those too, and it's a tough decision since...
  13. Matteman

    Custom IEM versus Fullsize Headphones

    I've said it before and I will say it again: yes there is IEM that can capture the fullness of a full-sized headphone and it is called UE-11. I've compared it even to GS-1000 and there is little difference in how "big" the sound is. For detail and music layering I'd say the UE-11 wins.
  14. Matteman

    getting proper fit and seal on custom IEMs

    IMO, that has to be an imperfect fit, since every time you pull the cord when wearing the cable around your ear the IEM will screw itself back and you loose the seal. I have the exact opposite fit problem; when I lie down, the left earpiece unscrews itself and I lose the seal. I have to pull...
  15. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx 2 questions: 1: Do anyone's UE11's have shoddy looking soundholes? I thought I'd seen a few pairs on here that had very sloppy looking drill jobs. Even if they are perfect let me know. 2: Has anyone tried disconnecting the cables and...
  16. Matteman

    First UE11 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by spraggih In regards to the isolation you will receive a -25db’s. This is the same filling as when the silicone goo was in your ears or when you place your index finger inside of your ear canals. It does not completely close you off to the outside ambience...
  17. Matteman

    I just got UM4 earphone yesterday

    Many new custom IEM companies under the spotlight lately, interesting... Heh, their logo is very similar to Ultimate Ears.
  18. Matteman


    Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 How is ue customer service? From the one person I spoke to they sound like they have very good service but does anyone else have anything else to chime in here? If we are talking about Jeanette Coffey, it is the best CS I've ever had from...
  19. Matteman

    best midrange custom iem?

    Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 I can bump my budget all the way inro ue 11 range but I need to hear from you guys about how much better they are first If you have a possibility to stretch the budget to the UE-11 then please do so, you won't regret it!
  20. Matteman

    UE 5 Pro (How to do a tecnical Test!!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by st4r0c3an Try a different tip. Maybe you aren't getting as good of a seal on the left side. x2. My left and right ear have different sizes, I used the large tip in my right ear and medium on the left with my SF5 Pro's.
  21. Matteman

    IEMs staying in my ears?

    IEMs are different, I suggest you give them a try. I know a lot of people that can't use earbuds at all, but universal IEMs work perfectly for them. And if you are still unsure, just go custom, like livewires or Freqs. What's your budget?
  22. Matteman

    Customs and Comfort

    Customs are the ultimate in fit and comfort, you just have to be ready to send them back and forth to the company to get the fit perfect. I can wear my UE-11s for three hours playing soccer (which is INTENSE). I wouldn't even think about doing physical activities with universals. And I...
  23. Matteman

    One vs Two vs Three Drivers

    Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Okay, how about: +/- technique(X)<===> +/- quality(Y) Its the X and Y factors that are the byotch. Approved and stamped.