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  1. Rock&Roll Ninja

    your favorite cocktail?

    Been drinking traditional absinthe cocktails lately (They'be been illegal for 97 years or so..... might as well find out what all the fuss was about): 1 part absinthe to 4 or 5 parts water that also melts the sugar cube (so its served very neat, not all that shocking since its 130proof). Very...
  2. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Repost: Where to check out in NYC?

    Stereo Exchange - 627 Broadway My favorite chinatown restaurant: 'Wo Hop' - 17 Mott st
  3. Rock&Roll Ninja

    The American Dream!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ambrosecarr Tesla. Electric is a very cool concept, and the manufacturers managed to make it go pretty fast given the limitations of an electric engine. The electric engine has never been a problem. We could have been driving around in 150mph electric...
  4. Rock&Roll Ninja

    I do not have any money so I am sending you this drawing i did of a spider instead.

    Wow, I'm entirely certain that those emails have been the highlight of Jane Gilles' career in customer service. Yes he needs to pay his bills, but David can at least take some comfort in knowing he postponed a workplace killing-spree/suicide by at least 5 months.
  5. Rock&Roll Ninja

    The American Dream!

    I pick the Ford GT, but only because I can't choose a Lamborghini Gallardo (green paint please).
  6. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Need help dealing with Funeral Homes.

    Quote: Originally Posted by RYCeT What kind of service should I expect from the funeral homes? The funeral home will help you arrange the service around your wishes. If you want a direct cremation (without a viewing of the deceased), a viewing followed by cremation or viewing...
  7. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Sorry Australia, no more illegal Internet material for you!

    Clearly this was engineered by the lobbyists representing Playboy/Hustler. What good is the internet without pornography?????
  8. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Any Positive Side Effects of Failing U.S. Economy?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hadden Maybe this is the end of shallow, spoiled brat culture. Hardtimes make people get real. No more people being famous for nothing?!? Ha! What on earth do you expect Jane & Joe Public to watch on TV? Since the 16th century we've had an entire caste...
  9. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Any Positive Side Effects of Failing U.S. Economy?

    Hopefully cheaper houses, spurned-on by the vile "flippers" who now are chewing their own faces off because their last three "investments" are not even selling at a loss and those $30,000 mortgage payments add-up quick. You can buy a GM, Ford, or DaimlerDomestic car for less than manf. cost...
  10. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Car Accident, Updated

    $700 is cheap compared to what your adjusted insurance will likely be.
  11. Rock&Roll Ninja

    What's wrong with you?

    Scars: a little too numerous to mention, but highlights include scars from motorcycle accidents, knives (I was a cutter when I was a teen), a sword, shaving, and a few from some fetish bloodplay Feet: hyper-extended arches, birth defect. also ingrown left toenail left knee: sensitive to...
  12. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Ferrari 250 GTO sold for $28.8 million! - I beg your pardon?

    I'll take a black Lamborghini Countach myself......
  13. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Is the Harley 883 Sportster a chick bike?

    1340 is now an old man's bike. They haven't made those in what, 10 years? The general flowchart of Harley ownership is thus: Women: Sportster Women who have no idea how to ride but their husbands made them buy a Harley anyway: Sportster Custom (with extra chrome) Goth Women...
  14. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Is the Harley 883 Sportster a chick bike?

    Women and men under 21 yes. (This applies to the entire Sporster line-up)
  15. Rock&Roll Ninja

    My wait is almost over....Death Magnetic

    Currently listening to: GH3 version. Its 'OK' production-wise. The legitimate album is pretty much trash. Early Opinion: Like more than St.Anger, S&M, Reload, Kill 'em All. Not as good as everything else (even Load). Naturally It'll take multiple listens over several months for the...
  16. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Judas Priest

    Anybody got Nostradamus yet?
  17. Rock&Roll Ninja

    PETA urges Ben and Jerry's to use human breast milk.

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsx_23 Hmm....I always knew human meat was tasty...... I've got the hunger! Lets make a stop at the city morgue. Dee: "Are we racist if we don't eat the black guy?" Charlie: "Of course not. Whoever heard of a racist cannibal? Now help me with...
  18. Rock&Roll Ninja

    the dental bills are raping me

    Quote: Originally Posted by amphead Listerine is strong stuff, a version of it was used in the civil war as an antiseptic for bullet wounds. They also used salt, honey, and onions. Seems surgeons weren't terribly concerned with what they poured into some Irish immigrant's...
  19. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Jerry Seinfeld to shill for Vista

    Does he still plug for AmericanExpress and Porsche, or will MS consider that moonlighting?
  20. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Omg, MTV is killing music.

    I liked The State and Liquid Television. And it made "weird" Al Yankovic famous. Has Mtv done anything important in the last 15 years? Probably not, but if you're an insomniac who wants to know where to buy ringtones at 3am I guess its the channel for you.
  21. Rock&Roll Ninja

    electronic privacy rights gone in a millisecond

    Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS Few months ago, a Taiwan court's judge ruled in favour of a man who groped a woman because 'less than ten second of touching another person's body isn't enough to cause any permanent damage (of mental and physical).' OK, to make this work when i...
  22. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Holy *#!*! Did you see the 4X100 Olympics swimming freestyle relay?!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by subtle You were obviously not at all familiar with the conflict between the French and US teams, and all the trash talking the French did about how they were going to own the Americans, prior to the race. You are correct. I know nothing of any...
  23. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Holy *#!*! Did you see the 4X100 Olympics swimming freestyle relay?!!

    Lezak has been talked up so much that I thought he would have won by 10 seconds or something. He only beat the 2nd swimmer by a fraction of a second. I was expecting something else.
  24. Rock&Roll Ninja

    Recycling @ Supermarkets

    You make Al Gore cry.