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    Upgrade from Shure SRH440

    Quote: Originally Posted by nullstring most of the upgrades from where you are, are going to require/recommend an amp. You could probably go for the D2000, and then get an amp soon later, but you're going to need an amp sooner or later an AMP! yeah. it's a good suggestion...
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    a new pair of headphones- please help

    Quote: Originally Posted by g5tar im sure this has been a covered before, but is there a difference between the 32ohm, 250ohm and 600ohm.... can you briefly explain the differences between the different ranges of ohms?
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    More drivers do sound better?

    does a headphone really need that many drivers? something like speakers? 2.1? 5.1? 7.1?
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    Anyone tried the Everglide S-500?

    not worth the money for a gaming headset IMO i would save and get myself a better one.
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    Warm headphones below $150

    try sennheiser HD 595 or HD640. i might have the model number off a bit. head kinda blurry now.
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    Grado SR60i's are comfortable

    SR60 and SR60i does not have significant difference between them but if you listen carefully enough there's a little bit of difference but very hard to detect.
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    Best Earphones for price range

    i've got er6i i think i bought mine from amazon. it has clear great sound but lacks of bass. you cant feel the pumping of bass in your music and it's isolation i think is not bad.
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    Review: Lenntek Sonix Micro

    thanks man for the comprehensive review your collection is awesome
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    least IEM-sounding full-size headphones?

    what headphones can produce which IEM cant? bass?
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    A noob's review of the JVC HA-RX700 and Audio Technica FC700s

    thanks for the detailed review imma getting an extra headphones for myself soon enough.
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    Throwdown: Denon AH-D7000 vs Ultrasone PRO 900

    so many conflicting reviews on this. my eyes is getting tired. haha
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    Is a Warranty for Heaphones Worth It?

    it actually depends on the cost of the item you're buying $20 extra warranty on a $40 headphone is totally riduculous the ratio needs to be higher getting extended warranty is not BS. it's smart.
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    MB QUART 220 is it worth to buy ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by catachresis Now waaait a second! _I'm_ not Mr. Green! I don't think I said that! Hey, what happened to my original post? ;p hahaha this is funny
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    Mp3 Player to use with PortaPro's

    sansa for you again. i agree that ipod is kinda overpriced can try getting sansa from amazon too
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    iPod 5G : Incredible Rockbox instability.

    had no problems with mine too. hope you get yours sorted soon.
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    Cheapest way to a 64GB + player, UMS, no iTunes required and decent battery life/SQ..?

    what format of music requires such gigantic amount of space? lossless flac?
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    iPod Touch/iPhone as a remote for Foobar?

    i never knew there's an app for iphone to control foobar something new for me XD
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    Amp for a Dt990?

    goldpoint is ok too it's a demon~
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    What is a good $50~ AMP?

    im gonna find one on amazon. hehe
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    A Comprehensive List of all Custom IEM Manufacturers

    thanks for this great list of locations it's so gonna help me shop for my earphone needs~ gracias