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  1. Optos

    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    Anybody paired this with the HPA v200 (or similar) amp? Just curious if a warmer amp colors the already warm elears too much.
  2. Optos

    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    So a lot of people have been saying the Chord Mojo is a good amp for this headphone. Any other suggestions for amps under $1,000? I would like it to be a good amp for other headphones like the dt1990 also.
  3. Optos

    Questions about headphones and mic for PS4

    Thanks for the help. Ya plugging in a schiit stack with optical cable works perfect. Didn't have to set anything up on the ps4. Plug and play. The lapel usb mic I got only works on the back usb port, it didn't work in either front port. A usb extender fixed that problem. Loving my new akg 712...
  4. Optos

    Questions about headphones and mic for PS4

    Can anybody else confirm that you can use optical out to a DAC for all output audio, including chat, and a USB microphone at the same time?
  5. Optos

    Battlefield 1

    Really like it but you do need some time to play it (as with other Battlefield game).  Hard to just sit down and play for 30 minutes.
  6. Optos

    Questions about headphones and mic for PS4

    Yes, I have read the video game guide to headphones at the beginning of this forum and I've tried to search through here to answer a lot my own questions but just need some more details.   I have been using the PS4 Gold Wireless headphones for a couple of years now and know they are not the...
  7. Optos

    A question for those that consider themselves audiophiles.

    The MK2's have a skull crushing clamping force.  Just a heads up.  Also the mids are incredibly recessed.  Hard to hear the singer and guitars (I like alternative rock).  I LOVE my M50's.  Lots of bass for my genre but still has beautiful mids.  Take reviews with a grain of salt.  You really...
  8. Optos

    Headphones to compliment my HD598's (ie make up for lack of bass)

    Looking for the same thing.  Subscribed.
  9. Optos

    It's a sad Christmas...

    Sorry to hear that and sorry I don't know how to fix it.  I didn't have a good headphone Christmas either.  Good luck with the D2000's!
  10. Optos

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X Discussion Thread (Formerly A-900X Review)

    Well, gotta say that I did not like these headphones.  Very disappointed.  The sound was actually quite good but they were very uncomfortable for me.  It's those wings, they're killin' me.  They slide down onto the tops of my ears.  After an hour of wearing them my ears were sore.  No way these...
  11. Optos

    99 cent Amazon Beethoven Bargain

    I also bought this.  I am not very familiar with classical music but it is something that I would like to learn about.  And at 99 cents, I'm not really losing much if I don't like it.  Good find.
  12. Optos

    NEW! Monster DNA headphones

    So how does the DNA sound compared to something like the Audio Technica a900x (also about $200 price point)?  Not the AD900x but the closed back a900x cans.  Or how about the Audio Technica M50 ($120)?  Just trying to get an idea of what the DNA would sound like compared to these.
  13. Optos

    Headphone Cases???

    Here's a pilot headset case  It's cheap but you'll have to check the dimensions of your headphones.  I'm going to order one, but it may be a tight fit for my Audio Technica a900x's.  Probably will refoam it too.
  14. Optos

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X Discussion Thread (Formerly A-900X Review)

    Has anybody tried an ear pad mod for these headphones?  I haven't received mine yet (Christmas gift) and so I don't know what the pads look like.  Worth pursuing?
  15. Optos

    Need new cans, my D2000 broke

    Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread.  I originally wanted the d2000's, but since becoming discontinued they are much harder to find and much more expensive.  So I'm also trying to find a repalcement for d2000's.
  16. Optos

    Need new cans, my D2000 broke

    I guess my biggest question would be would the a900x have more bass than my current headphones the Sennheiser HD280 pros?   Question 2:  Any difference between the DT770 and the DT880?
  17. Optos

    Need new cans, my D2000 broke

    How do the ad900x cans compare to something like the Beyerdynamic dt770?  I also like bass, but it doesn't need to rattle my head.  I'm going between these two and can't decide which one.  Any thoughts between these two?