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  1. PodMan

    D-T450 RightMark test report

    so overall, is this unit better sounding than the DEJ2000 or worse?
  2. PodMan

    possible eBay scam?

    thanks, yeah it is better to be safe than sorry. I will just use the second chance offer or relist the item.
  3. PodMan

    possible eBay scam?

    Hello everyone, I need opinions on what I should do. I just sold an ipod on ebay. the buyer is someone with 0 feedback whom first registered on ebay in 1998. However, he just recently changed his screenname on 6-20-2006, the date my auction ended. I looked at his mailing address (listed in...
  4. PodMan

    Worth keeping my 4G ipod?

    I still use my 4G 20gb ipod daily. the monochrome screen makes it an antique almost. I have a nano as well but don't like how the screen is hard to see indoors without having to turn the background light on. so basically I use the nano outdoors and the 4g indoors.
  5. PodMan

    Not enough love for the Sony D-NE330?

    I just picked up the D-NF430 from circuit city for $53.99 +tax. Very good deal for a player that pretty much does everything and runs for extended hours on 1AA battery. I use it with KSC-75 and like the sound. I am going to use it to replace my 1997 Sony DT405 (14mw/channel) which I still...
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    Here you go:
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    SquareTrade Warranty

    I just bought a 3 year warranty via SquareTrade on a new iRiver U10 that I purchased off an ebay seller. It was only $9.99 for 3 years coverage which they state they will refund you the complete purchase price if anything breaks. Has anyone tried using this SquareTrade warranty before? Is it...
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    Help me save an ipod!!! Please!

    Quote: Originally Posted by KenW No go. iTunes still doesn't see the ipod regardless of whether or not iTunes is open when the ipod is connected. Windows Explorer sees it as a removable drive but I can't access that drive. Guess I'll try it on another pc and see if that's the solution...
  9. PodMan

    AAC to MP3

    other programs besides itunes are able to play AAC. the simplest and one of the best is foobar2000. dbPowerAMP can mass convert between AAC and MP3.
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    Anyone Still Rockin' With a 1st Gen Ipod?

    the great thing about 1G/2G models is you can get replacement batteries for them really cheap (~$15). They are also the easiest models to replace batteries. I had a 1G 5GB that ran for 16+ hours on a 1600maH battery. I plan to get a 2200maH battery for my 2G 10GB that will likely extend playing...
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    Regarding my 64 kbps library, and my new Zen Vision: M.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Omari149 I read on Best Buy and Circuit City that the 30GB Zen vision can hold 15,000 songs compared to a 40gb Ipod that can hold 10,000. I' m thinking about getting the Zen Vision because my 4g 40gb Ipod is broke, and from what I read it's a better deal...
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    ipod battery life suddenly down

    it's well worth a try to take it back to the store. It probably depends on the manager and the stock they have but I my friend's coworker got her 3G ipod replaced recently due to battery problem with a new monochrome 4G ipod that they still had in stock. The warranty period had passed already...
  13. PodMan

    Creative changes strategy

    Quote: Originally Posted by Disiskurt And let's not forget the grand-daddy of crap transfer/management software: Sonicstage. Haha, most people refer to sonicstage as the most horrible software, but not many have used its predecessor: OpenMG Jukebox. This is where they employed...
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    60 gig ipod for $366.12

    be patient guys, I just received my coupon in the mail. I registered the same day this thread was opened. thanks chris,
  15. PodMan

    smash my ipod

    ah ok, just read their faq link. apparently they went $150 over their $400 US amount. maybe they can smash a shuffle next or something .
  16. PodMan

    smash my ipod

    wait, they collected $400 and went out and bought a 20gb iPod Color which retails for $299 (w/ tax may ~330), and who knows might even have been on discount cause of the 5G release? Haha,
  17. PodMan

    Sony has a new player coming out also!!!/New Sony HDD Walkman Released; E600 Released

    this sony looks pretty good to me actually. I like the OLED embracement that sony has going on with their new products. The buttons stand out though. If they had made the buttons a touch interface with that OLED, it would be like navigating a giant blue piece of candy.
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    I've used the iRiver H320 to record. it has very good mic quality for recording classroom lectures. I could be sitting in the back or the front and the mic is sensitive enough to record the speaker pretty well. the internal mic is much better than the zen micro's mic which is pretty weak. The...
  19. PodMan

    Koss KSC7

    lol, if you looked at the original date of post, I asked this question back in 2003. back then KSC-35s were going for $100 on ebay, the KSC-75 did not exist, and the KSC-50 had bad fit for most people. This is a moot subject now that the KSC-75 is out and the KSC-35 is back on sale.
  20. PodMan

    E4c and iPod TREBLE sinergy

    I've browsed through a few of the posts on that thread and there seems to be reports that the line-out or through the dock doesnt have the problem. the distortion comes from Apple modifying the headphone-out jack to be able to output video signal to the television. Also supposedly using...
  21. PodMan

    E4c and iPod TREBLE sinergy

    Hi, are you using a 4G photo or color model? It has been reported that those models distort in high frequencies because Apple redesigned the headphone jack to be able to output photos to the TV (through special adapter). Here is a thread regarding the problem.
  22. PodMan

    10% off UE's at Earphone Solutions

    Quote: Originally Posted by the steve Just got my 3's from them for $80... best price I've found how did you get them for $80. they are listed at $99 and 10% off is $90? is there another coupon code floating around? thanks,
  23. PodMan

    My Sony HD5 Impressiions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Emmanuel Hmmm... My mate's 20GB iPod Colour battery life drops to 8 hours (from the quoted 15) when playing MP3 at 192KHz. He got it new. My HD5 lasts around 30 hours with ATRAC3+ @ 256 driving a set of B&O A8s at mid volume (EU limit unlocked). Edit...
  24. PodMan

    My Sony HD5 Impressiions

    Quote: Originally Posted by HeadKase I tend to get closer to 16 hours with my 256K files. Does the IPOD work this way also on uncompressed or less compressed files? And unfortunately yes I can tell the different between 192K and 256K. 192K is pretty darned good, but 256K is better...
  25. PodMan

    Best sounding MP3 Player???

    Quote: Originally Posted by calvinhobs How many songs of the best quality compression rate could I fit onto a Creative Zen Micro 6MB? Zen Micro 6MB - About 2/3 a song. Zen Micro 6GB - About 600 songs assuming you are going to be using all 320kbps LAME -API mp3s.