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    Suspicion arising from transaction (resolved)

    Oh I see but what if there's a charge on the item? Here in the UK, the item will not be released for delivery until you pay charge.
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    Suspicion arising from transaction (resolved)

    Just wondering, is it possible that the said item is being held by Canadian Customs? I've had a number of items shipped from the US over the years and quite often, they're held at UK customs for about a week before being released for delivery....
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year guys
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    London (UK) meeting.

    Quote: Originally Posted by realmassy LOL It's still a pre order Parafeed (Drew by Moon Audio said they will be released this month, but it's not sure). Even including shipping to UK the price in USA is really appealing (£250 less than here in UK) Hope will be a good headphone, and my...
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    HeadAmp Pico Slim Amp: Pre-Order Requests

    I'd like to order one please - Black UK - with UK plug Cable - Yes
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    Questions about living in England

    Salary of £55-£65K, is that before or after tax? If it's after tax, then you'll be fine
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    Gadget Show Headphone review

    It was the Denon 5K that won
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    Official HF-2 Serial Number List

    I also like the fact that no headphone is shown, just an empty Grado box.....
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    I found a lot of people here may be from china

    Quote: Originally Posted by thechungster Chinese My parents are from Hong Kong. Dad is from Sha Tau Kok, and my mum is from somewhere close to there. However I am 1/16 Jamaican...yes it's random but I am. My great great grandma was jamaican. So you're Black, ever been stopped by...
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    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    Sorry to hear about your situation OP, I must count myself as one of the lucky ones as I did a deal with Todd a few years back that went sour, it took him months to repay the $200 he owed me..... Quote: Originally Posted by jdimitri Hey Todd, How's it going, congrats on your...
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    Who's Your ISP? (and how much do they rock/suck?)

    I'm with Zen, it's expensive for the d/l speed that I get, but the line is rock solid. In the five years that I've been with them, I can only remember the line being down once
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    JMoney Audio - Headbands and Cables for kids! Please visit last page!

    Just got my Beyer pads from JMoney, incredible quality and very fast shipping. Tried it with my DT880 and the difference in SQ is massive, it's too early for me to say if it's better or not though... On the other hand, it's definitely more comfortable with leather than with velvet
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    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    I don't normally visit the DIY section in this forum so please forgive my ignorance but is this DAC the final version or is it still in the prototype stage and how much would this finished DAC cost? I'm currently using the Gamma-1 as my main DAC and it's a fantastic piece of kit. I prefer...
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    RnB180 cable help

    Guys, I bought a Black Diamond mini cable from RnB180 a few years ago, I believe it was a Black Diamond (can't confirm as I lost all my PMs from the last server outage) and I really really like it. Unfortunately I don't think RnB180 visit this forum or make cables anymore Anyone know the...
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    CD or HD?

    If you're referring to something like the SB, you're right, but I don't really know anything about them and believe it or not, I've never even seen one of these being demonstrated so I've no idea how good they are or how easy/difficult they are to set up. I'm also embarrassed to say that I do...
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    CD or HD?

    The Naim amp is in a different room to my music server and I do most of my music listening in front of the PC these days
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    Quote: Originally Posted by Grey Massacre I know I am a bit off topic but since most of the ppl in this threads like modified headphones I would like to point out that JMoney Audio headbands are awesome, leather quality is incredible and they are so comfy and much wider! Charles...
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    CD or HD?

    Voted computer HD stream, haven't touched my Naim Amp, GyroDec and CDP set-up for a very very long time
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    Quote: Originally Posted by boomy3555 OUCH!!!!!, You would think that NAFTA would have balanced out some of the import tariffs, Canadian Customs seems to be the highest anywhere. Sorry you guys..... I was charged £50 by UK customs including some sort of 'admin' charge, at...
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    JMoney Audio - Headbands and Cables for kids! Please visit last page!

    Hi, I'm interested in some Beyer Pads, just wondering how to order them. Shipping is to the UK.
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    New HF-2 orders

    Quote: Originally Posted by Silverion77 What are u talking about?? The HF2s were meant to have a limited number from the get go...and Todd even told us. He specifically said 500 sold or July 31st, whichever comes first so 500 were sold first obviously I do believe that is...
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    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Annual travelcard for work - £700.00
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    ......And if BushGuy backs out, I'll take his place
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    The HF2 - Not as good as i had hoped

    Quote: Originally Posted by cheemo Mine are scratched in at the bottom outside of the aluminum cup where the cable enters the headphone. It's actually hard to see but its there, at least for me. LOL, just took a closer look at the bottom of the cups and saw the S/N, I originally...
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    How much are they worth?

    I have to say they have gone up considerably over the years, I bought my DT770 about 3 years ago for £75 I actually want to buy another but am put off by their current price of £120