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  1. lordkelmain

    Need some Help with First IEM's

    If you're okay with clip-ons, Koss KSC75's are pretty good. For IEM's, the Fontopia's aren't all that bad. - lk
  2. lordkelmain

    Happy 21st Birthday PsychoZX!

    To think people want to hit that age just to do legally what they've been doing anyway for years... heh. - lk
  3. lordkelmain

    Can I upgrade from HD 555? Looking for IEM's

    DT770/80's your solution. It works wonderfully without an amp. Best sounding headphones under $200. - lk
  4. lordkelmain

    Sony MDR CD3000

    Getting them? I wonder how they compare to Sony's HD line? - lk
  5. lordkelmain

    ES7 vs HD280 Pro??

    Whatever's more comfortable. The HD280 Pro is very uncomfortable. - lk
  6. lordkelmain

    ATH-A900 distortion problems

    Did you drop them by any chance? Might've knocked the drivers loose. - lk
  7. lordkelmain

    Sony MDR CD3000

    They're what Sony calls "ulta-low resistance" headphones. 32 Ohms standard. Here's a review: - lk
  8. lordkelmain

    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1. Beyerdynamic DT770/80 2. Koss KSC75 3. Sennheiser HD280 Pro Whatever else I have isn't worth mentioning. - lk
  9. lordkelmain

    My next pair of sneakers? You decide

    Casual shoes rock. Voted without seeing the images, though. - lk
  10. lordkelmain

    Portable, great sounding - but no IEMS! Picks?

    DT770/80 Though I suppose the KSC75's more reasonable. - lk
  11. lordkelmain

    im lookin at gettin some closed cans

    If you can scrape $180ish, get the DT770/80's. They'll blow everything in and around that price range away, quality wise. Under $100, might want to go with the KSC75's... wait, they're open. Senn HD280 Pro's too uncomfortable to recommend. Maybe Equation Audio RP-21's? (Same price as the...
  12. lordkelmain

    How long to burn in my new headphones? (HD 280 Pro)

    Might want to break then in, too... try a bowling ball, Sennheiser told me (seriously, that was their recommendation). The 280 Pro's proved to be too tight... I liked their clarity, though. - lk
  13. lordkelmain


    The 75's rock - lk
  14. lordkelmain

    Simple KSC75 to Headband Mod, Easy As Pie (Pics, 56k, maybe..)

    This should make these a lot easier on the ears. Sucks for the portability, though. - lk
  15. lordkelmain

    Best bang for your buck

    Quote: Originally Posted by uraflit yup. me too. best bang for you buck update... BUY NOTHING Heh. So true. I think I lost my KSC75's to my friend's little sister. - lk
  16. lordkelmain

    Are you a cable person?

    I don't believe in cables.... Then again, I didn't believe in anything better than the Senn HD497's, either. - lk
  17. lordkelmain

    Darth Beyers or D2000

    Of course the Beyers win - lk
  18. lordkelmain

    Voltron just got served

    rofl.... This is actually pretty neat. - lk
  19. lordkelmain

    The Golden Compass trailer

    Wow... I read the book so long ago. The nostalgia, heh. I can barely remember the story, but I think I enjoyed it every much as I did Harry Potter. Edit: Interesting. Eva Green and Daniel Craig are in this... but they're not playing opposite each other like in the last Bond movie...
  20. lordkelmain

    YOUR FAVE full-sized cans for non-classical

    Quote: Originally Posted by Debaser86 Definitely the DT770/80. X2 (or however many). Though, imho, they work great for everything. Amazing cans. - lk
  21. lordkelmain

    I've gone from zero to off the deep end in less than a week.

    Ouch... really sorry about your wallet there. - lk
  22. lordkelmain

    HD595 - Current Best Place to buy?

    Pricegrabber's not bad either, especially for Sennheisers. When in the US, I buy what I can from Amazon since I accidentally paid for Prime. - lk
  23. lordkelmain

    I got a Wii! Wiiiiiiiiiiii...

    That console would be so awesome with a lightsaber. - lk
  24. lordkelmain

    Do human ears get burned in?

    Well, they certainly can go deaf... does that count? - lk
  25. lordkelmain

    Got My HD 650

    Now you need to get your DT990's and see what bass is all about - lk