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  1. mcdj

    Sony MDR-1000X

    I bought a pair of the original 1000x on eBay brand new last December. I have one month left on the theoretical 1 year warranty. Sadly I have the dreaded headband crack, left side. Sony told me to call eBay. eBay told me to call PayPal. PayPal said either get in touch with the seller or call...
  2. mcdj

    Sony MDR-1000X

    I'm having pairing issues, but I assume it's by (bad) design. I bought these primarily to use with an Apple TV 4 at night. During the day, I take them to work, sometimes pairing to my phone, sometimes to my computer. When I get home, I disable Bluetooth on my iPhone, then turn the Sonys on...
  3. mcdj

    Is this a fake JVC HA-FXT90 (l2) pair?

    I would be extremely surprised if the counterfeiters would turn their attention and efforts toward a relatively obscure model earphone from a company not widely known for their IEMs. This is not to say that JVC didn't move production to a less exacting factory.
  4. mcdj

    Q-Jays are back.

    Fans of tiny IEMs rejoice; the much beloved, long discontinued Q-Jays are back, with dual armatures and removable cords no less. Oh, and a not so tiny price tag.
  5. mcdj

    This Schiit is Bananas! $99 Schiit Magni Amp and $99 Modi DAC

    My iphone causes a transient buzzing when it gets within a couple of feet of my M/M stack. I have to keep the phone out of my pocket and across my desk ( I use it at work)
  6. mcdj

    Let's Catch A Thief!! (Update: CAUGHT!)

    Unless this person scammed these for his own use, I highly doubt he still has the goods, or is still trying to sell them 6 months after the fact.  Not sure why this didn't get publicized earlier.  If he sold them somewhere online, it would take some serious google forensics to track him or the...
  7. mcdj

    How bad could these cables be?

    I was looking for some short RCAs to connect my incoming Schiit Magni and Modi DAC/AMP, to be used with a pair of AKG K550s at work, being fed about 70% 256kbps AACs from iTunes Match, and 30% local ALAC files.   To be sure, my work environment is not a critical listening setup, but even with...
  8. mcdj

    The Klipsch x10i appreciation thread.

    Just thought I'd try to gather some x10i fans. Detractors are welcome too...just make sure you have some nice alternatives to offer up! I haven't spent a million bucks on IEMs. No customs. No triple armatures. But I have made what I feel is a logical progression, from earbud noob to junior...
  9. mcdj

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    I am not a hardcore audiophile, but I like nice sound. My home rig is 2 channel, with a Rowland Capri/102 pre/amp, fed strictly digital music (mostly high bitrate or lossless) via Apple TV/Benchmark DAC1, and piped into B&W 683s. The sound is lovely and the setup is blissfully simple and direct...
  10. mcdj

    Recommendations: Great reggae CDs with great quality production

    No recommendation, but just wanted to chime in. Just this week I really listened to Bob Marley's "Legend" in Apple lossless, through my newish stereo system. It is easily one of the top 10 albums I have ever heard for production quality, and I'm not really a reggae fan. I am blown away by the...
  11. mcdj

    Benchmark DAC1 balanced output level?

    Thanks for the link to the review. I moved the jumpers to 0db. Of course, because I had moved the trim pots to the max position, at 0db I got major distortion. For the time being I am using the front knob. I will probably get a voltage meter and recalibrate the rear pots myself. *EDIT* Hmm...
  12. mcdj

    Benchmark DAC1 balanced output level?

    I'm using a DAC1 via balanced out, into my Jeff Rowland preamp, with balanced inputs. First thing I noticed was that the output was lower thru the DAC1. So I checked out the screw pots on the back. I was a little perplexed that they seem to turn infinitely...I wonder how anyone can achieve...
  13. mcdj

    Benchmark DAC1 on the way, but just saw Yulong...

    Thanks Tim. Sage advice, assuming of course, that the Benchmark actually outperforms the Yulong. With the growing legions of esoteric Chinese DACs and their equally growing fan base, I sometimes wonder... OTOH, I sometimes forget that the main reason for getting the Benchmark in the first...
  14. mcdj

    Benchmark DAC1 on the way, but just saw Yulong...

    Can anyone confirm/deny my level of stupidity for considering the Yulong over the yet-to-be-received Benchmark? Since my OP above, I have purchased a pair of Senn HD595s and am loving them. As I sit listening to them, with my stereo across my (small) living room, I realize that the Benchmark...
  15. mcdj

    Benchmark DAC1 on the way, but just saw Yulong...

    I just bought a lightly used Benchmark DAC1, basic model. It has yet to arrive. I bought it based on the tons of mostly positive reviews. I also bought it because it has balanced outs and my Rowland preamp has balanced ins. I honestly don't know if that'll end up making any sonic difference, but...
  16. mcdj

    SA5K vs. HD650, or SA3K vs. HD595?

    I'm mostly a non headphone guy. But I enjoy quality audio. Thus, I am about to take delivery of a Benchmark DAC1, for my Apple TV. (as a side note, I was using a lesser but decent Chinese DAC, and oh what a difference a DAC makes with an Apple TV!) One of the tricks I played on myself to...
  17. mcdj

    ER6i clicking/popping while walking?

    The whole set is brand new. They also came with 2 sizes of the double flange tips, but the large ones are too big for me and the small too small, and for some strange reason they're made of a stickier, stiffer material. I could get away with the larger if they weren't so stiff.
  18. mcdj

    ER6i clicking/popping while walking?

    Hi all, first post here... Just received a pair of UltimateBuds (iPhone compatible modded ER6is). I sure wish they had more in common with my CX300s, but that's another story. When walking, I'm getting a slight popping sound. It's not cord microphonics...I know what that sounds like, and...