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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. George Taylor
    The Ori isn't quite my #1. I've had issues with there not being enough treble for some music (for me) in the past. Had to take a little of the dampening out. That said, I do love the workmanship of the cups. And the padding is about the best I have, tied with my LCD-2s. I have too many sets of cans. I have a problem with settling in and listening, shutting down my need to compare. I love music, or I wouldn't be here and looking at this pile of equipment on the shelf next to me. But I've definitely hit a plateau where I don't feel the need to get the best anymore. I did enjoy going through the low to mid-fi tier recently looking for a nice portable set. But I'm done buying for the foreseeable future. Happy with my current amp too. Just not looking to the hassle of selling/shipping out stuff.
  2. mysticstryk
    What you heard when you put your Ori's on is the beautiful sound of an actually present mid-range. The Nighthawks lost them somewhere along the way from it's roost.
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  3. whirlwind

    Great looking set of headphones!

    The bass is killer on these with the right gear.
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  4. George Taylor
    cup2.jpg cup1.jpg
    While I'm around, here's a couple of shots of my cups. I know there's some confusion about how the ZMF wood can look different depending on lighting. So here's the same cup with and without flash.
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  5. Burt Macklin
    By any chance, did someone try the Ori against the LCD-2C?

    I'm not getting rid of the Ori anytime soon, I love them -
    but 2C keeps bugging me as an idea, now that it's out in the wild.
    Originally, I was aiming for Audeze and then ZMF came out of the blue,
    so I didn't even get the opportunity to try out LCD-2's.
    Now I'm wondering, how do they compare?

    I'll probably end up getting one in the future either way,
    to satisfy my curiosity :)
  6. Nick-s-f
    I have been away from this thread a while, the Ori was a solid upgrade from the Nighthawk for me as well. Better bass, more exciting/fun signature. Ori is much harder to drive, but worth the power it needs.
  7. gug42
    For me Audeze LCD2c, HE-500 and Zmf Omni are cousins or brothers, powerfull bass, fun oriented, tap footing :)
    Great stuff.

    If you like the omni style, you loke the LCD-2c too !
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  8. Pharmaboy
    I own (and love) an ormosia henryi Ori. It's definitely a power hog, more than any other headphone I've tried, but anything above ~1.5wpc drives it well. The sound is fantastic in every way, as is the comfort w/Pilot Pad. The bass is really special, almost certainly elevated/north of flat, but in such a musical way that it becomes one of those sonic thrill rides we all seek.

    I heard the LCD-2C briefly in a noisy part of the hall @canjam/NYC. What I think I heard was a punchy, tuneful planar w/solid bass. It was far more comfortable than expected, also quite handsome. It's on my short list of "gotta hear this more in real-world conditions" ... I'm definitely interested.
    • One way I'll explore the LCD-2C is indirect: a friend owns the LCD-2F, and when I hear that at length, I'll get an idea of the basic voicing of this class of Audeze HP. Taking into account the tonality differences between LCD-2F & 2C (the former has fazor and is said to sound brighter; the latter is described as a revival of the somewhat warmer pre-fazor LCD-2), this will help me decide if an Audeze is in my future.
    • Along the same lines, I briefly heard an LCD-3 a few months back. Too short a listen to be sure, but I was impressed. It sounded like a very refined, detailed-yet-smooth design...

    FYI, I've heard any number of open-backed planars at this point: some are affordable (LCD-2C; AFO); others are endgame & priced accordingly (Meze Empyrean; Final HD800). None really sound very much like the 95% closed Ori. The tonality of the AFO comes closest, mainly in the smoothness & freedom from upper midrange/low treble brightness. There's just something about planar sound, also open-designs...that's why I'm chasing open-back planars.

    Regardless, no other headphone I've heard sounds quite like the Ori: it has a very appealing combination of calm/tranquility, low distortion, big dynamics, big midrange/soundstaging, and musical/euphonic treble. It's also one of the handsomest headphones around IMO. Can't imagine selling it.

    The real competition for the Ori is a non-planar, closed design: the Eikon, a spectacular headphone with the best bass, midrange, and soundstage I've heard in a non-planar closed-back. Big, handsome, way more comfortable than it looks. I hate to admit this, but the Eikon edges out the Ori in bass, midrange, and soundstaging. It may be my next HP (if I can afford it).
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  9. Arcamera
    I know this is a ZMF thread-- love my Ori and Atticus (and have an Eikon)-- but I just wanted to mention the planar genius of the Kennerton Odin. Overall, the best headphone I've ever had, and perhaps even ever heard. I received the Focal Utopia and Kennerton Odin on the same day. Did a lot of A/B-ing them. A few months later I got rid of the Focal Utopia-- I traded it for another Odin! That's how good I think they are. And still not so well known in the larger headphone world (more in Europe). The Odin, and its little brother the Kennerton Vali, are just brilliant. Engaging and detailed, yet crucially for me, also euphonic and smooth. Dynamic and tactile too. The Odin is my fave for Classical/acoustic musics, and the Vali is my fave for Rock. The Vali and the ZMF Atticus are my faves for Rock ever (although my old Grado HP1000 came close). Just an FYI for anyone looking to explore some lesser-known greats out there.
  10. Pharmaboy
    Funny you'd mention the Odin. Until CanJam, this was a headphone I really wanted to hear. It checks off 3 of my "want/wish" list items (wooden earcups; planar; open-back).

    So I get to the Cayin room (side-room, quiet, nice, very helpful Cayin staff there) and listened to an AFO on that snazzy vertical tube amp w/the wooden sides (instant audio lust-attack); also the Elear on that amp; and then the amazing Final HD8000 on a huge/balanced Cayin tube amp (swoon). So then one of the visitors to the room help up the Odin that I hadn't even notices, sitting on a nearby table, and said to one of the company owners, in effect, "You should listen to this just for fun." So this fellow puts it on his head and proceeds to use those knurled rotary nuts to adjust the headphone. It wasn't pretty, and obviously wasn't easy to do. He fussed and fussed w/this headphone, adjusting it this way & that way--and by the time he seemed satisfied I was completely turned off. The thought of putting that big metallic kluge on my head was impossible.

    And yet I believe what you say about the sound. I've read the reviews. It's my kind of sound. But between the price & the 19th century adjustments, I'm not a candidate.

    By comparison my Ori is a dream headphone--heavy, yet ultra-comfortable. The thought of an open version of this planar is haunting to me...that would rock my world.
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  11. Arcamera
    Haha. The styling is, er, a bit rugged, indeed. Some might say METAL or Steampunk. They are heavy too (although they are coming out with lighter versions). But in contrast to some others, I actually have no qualms with the styling or comfort whatsoever. In fact I really love it. Like ZMF products, they are beautiful works of art. I actually really like the weight-- the heft-- it feels very substantial, and built to last. No plastic. It feels like the difference between an upright and a baby grand piano. The woods are beautiful too. But the best part-- the sound...Kennerton are for sure my favourite headphones, but for sure, I do still love my maple Ori's. (BTW, if you enjoy the low distortion on the ZMF's-- try the Kennerton's!) :)
  12. mwhals

    I love my Ori, Atticus and Eikon. Glad to see there is another that own all three. I also own an Auteur.

    I see this is my 1000th post!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
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  13. Arcamera
    Nice. How would you describe the Auteur sound? Probably closer to the Eikon, I would guess? (And I would imagine overall better since it's an open-back?)
  14. gug42

    Difficult to listen Zmf dynamic in Europe/France :frowning2:
    Really like to test it ... but well so hard to find :frowning2:
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  15. mwhals
    The Auteur is not broke in yet like my other headphones, but it is more neutral than the Eikon in that there is no one frequency range that dominates. It sounds very good. After breaking in, it will surpass my other headphones based on what I am hearing. The mids are just fabulous!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
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