1. Levaix

    ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

        New thread created to declutter the Vibro and Blackwood thread!   Quote:   So really, Zach only has himself to blame.     Here's what we know so far:   -new ZMF flagship using T50RP drivers -custom wood enclosures (currently walnut) -semi open design   Personally, I'm really...
  2. ZMF Headphones Omni

    ZMF Headphones Omni

    Utilizing 37 times more open air space than the ZMF Blackwood and ZMF x Vibro designs, the ZMF Omni brings you the best of both worlds. The weight, impact and environmental shield of a closed headphone, and the sound-stage, air, and natural timbre of an open headphone. True to its name, the...