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ZMF Ori (Omni) - Upcoming Semi Open Flagship

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by levaix, May 28, 2015.
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  1. whirlwind
    Great 1000th post!

    I own the Ori and the Atticus.

    Love both tremendously.

    I may have to spring for another at some point.
  2. LoryWiv
    Agree. Even after hearing all the latest and greatest at CanJam NYC, nothing clearly more my taste. ZMF Auteur would be a nice open back companion to Ori, The new Sennheiser HD 820 was also enjoyable, better soundstage and detail retrieval than Ori, but the treble was a bit sharp. For pure musical enjoyment I'm staying with my Ori's for now.
  3. holston
    Happy owner of a pair of Purple Heart Ori's checking in...


    Enjoyed every moment with these headphones so far. Driving with the JDS Element currently by Zach's recommendation.
    I've also made a Spotify playlist with some songs that (I think) really make these shine if anybody cares- spotify:user:tastyyyyy:playlist:1NoiD6x2y6AF55l8TQ6X2p
  4. Burt Macklin
    I've finally updated my setup with a new amp.
    Couldn't wait anymore on Magni to be available and decided DAC Jotunheim is too expensive,
    so I've ended up with Element.

    So far, I'm very, very happy with the combination,
    and can't get enough of listening to it.
  5. lentoviolento
    tell me about the differences please. i owned an atticus and loved impact but mids even more. do ori have the same lively mids? :)
  6. whirlwind
    The Ori has very nice mids.

    While the Atticus focus more on mid bass the Ori is more focused on sub bass.

    Both cans have great impact /slam.
  7. mwhals
    This is very true. They both sound great.
  8. Pharmaboy
    As a current owner of an Ori and someone who's heard Atticus & Eikon at length on multiple occasions (comparing them to the Ori), I must jump in...

    Tonality comparisons are obviously of great interest to all of us. But IMO any comparison of Atticus vs Ori should touch on the difficult-to-define planar sound of the Ori, subtly different from any dynamic driver, including ZMF's. All the planars I've heard (Ori, LCD-2F, LCD-3, AFO, Meze Empyrean, Final D8000) have a characteristic quality of calm/stillness, with notes seeming to explode out of nothingness. I suppose this has something to do with distortion. Whatever the reason, it's a "planar thing" I've come to really really like.

    Also musical dynamics seem subtly different on planars. Even planars w/great dynamics (like the Ori) don't seem to jackhammer music into your ears.

    Overall, there's a quality of finesse & refinement to planars that I just don't hear with dynamics--w/the possible exception of the Auteur, which during brief auditons at CanJam, seemed to have refinement to burn, especially in the midrange.
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  9. Pharmaboy
    Should add something to post above: I'm not saying that planars are better than dynamics--just different.

    I've heard qualities in the Eikon that best pretty much any dynamic I've heard...and yet are somewhat different from wonderful qualities of the Ori.

    I think the only way to cover these bases is have an Ori AND an Atticus or Eikon...1 planar + one dynamic--both "voiced" in that extremely musical way ZMF has made into an art.
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  10. whirlwind

    Planar bass is definitely very addicting for me. Some love it and some hate it, I am in the love group.

    I would love to see Zach make a planar can like the Ori, but with his own drivers....I would be all in.

    I will get to hear the Auteur with my gear, sometime in April.

    I have seen some Ori's in the B/S/T forum for as low as $400. These are a no brainer at this price.
  11. Pharmaboy
    An open-back proprietary planar design from ZMF is my dream headphone... if the driver in the Auteur was planar, I'd be selling that kidney right now (maybe both!).

    CanJam made it clear that open-back endgame planars are a BIG deal in the current market. So many of them are in the $2K-$4K range, but some worthy contenders are less. One could argue that the open back planars that impressed me so much (Meze Empyrean & Final HD8000) are over-priced (Empyrean has only projected pricing ~$3K-$3.5K at this time). That's probably true...but they sounded quite amazing, albeit in very different ways.

    If anyone could deliver a paradigm-shifting planar design at the lower end of that unreasonable price range, it's ZMF.
  12. FireLion
    How do these compare to an Argon MK2?
  13. FireLion
    How do the Ori's compare to the Atticus?
  14. whirlwind
    Both have great slam, the Atticus has more IMO.

    Ori is more sub bass oriented...Atticus more mid bass oriented.

    Both have great mids.

    Atticus is more dynamic. Ori's have that planar bass, that can be so addicting.

    Both are great headphones.
    FireLion likes this.
  15. FireLion
    Have to try this with my Argons and Primes! Here is my EDM singles playlist spotify:user:rslatara:playlist:3fFMWGMlmUP42qw3VqHvb8
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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