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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. donato
    Looking forward to joining the ranks of ZMF Auteur-ites. Buying a Blackwood from a headfi-er. Was intrigued by the Verite, but that's a bit much for me to start out with not having ever heard any of the ZMFs before. I really thought my first ZMF was going to be a planar since most of the HPs I've enjoyed and kept are planars, but the Auteurs sound like they could be a good fit for me too and also give me some diversity with my HPs. Fortunately, i have a few different amps that will probably work fine (Bottlehead Crack, WA22, V281. may have to start looking at a GOTL) and I have a lot of compatible cables (ZMF Silver Michanikos, Silvergarde, Silver Dragon, Cardas) from my Audeze's. In any case, I'm pretty excited and can't wait to get them.
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  2. Wildcatsare1
    ^^^ Looking forward to reading your impressions!
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  3. L0rdGwyn
    Just received my cocobolo Auteur, this is my third go-around with these headphones. I started with the Manchurian ash, which were great. I knew then this was the headphone for me, but the denser woods had me curious. I moved on to the blackwood/brass Auteur, which I loved, but the weight was a little bit much for my noggin for extended listening. Hoping for a balance, I decided to try the cocobolo and also opted for the lighter magnesium chassis found on the Vérité. This is THE ONE. Not only are these sonic and visual stunners, they are light on the head and super comfortable.

    Bravo Zach! Third try is the charm, I am in love :)

    IMAG0447.jpg IMAG0448.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2019
  4. LCMusicLover
    Congrats, and welcome! Personally, I've enjoyed my Blackwood Auteur with every chain I have hooked them into. Had a V280, and it was great with them (and still is with my BHA-1). I ended up preferring my Cardas Clear (copper) cable over my Silver Dragon from the V280. With my Liquid Platinum, it's a toss-up. A little brighter with the LP can be kinda nice, but the copper warmth is really nice as well.
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  5. donato
    just received my Blackwood (photos coming). Just gave them an initial listen. OMG, I love these. If this is the ZMF house sound I'm sold and I'm sure I will have more ZMFs in my hopefully not distant future. When i listened to some Utopias last weekend at the SF meet, I could appreciate their technical capabilities, but I knew their being analytical wasn't for me. The Auteurs have a trace more sibilance than I prefer, but not bad (currently using with Yggy A2, Cardas Golden Presence XLR, V281, Silvergarde S2 XLR, Auteur pads?). I can play around with cables and amps (will have to fire up the WA22). This is going to be so much fun. Sub bass decent, but doesn't match LCD-4 and Ether 2, but maybe pad swap will help (I don't think I'm a bass head, but maybe I'm a bass head...)

    I just finished an 18-mile run and I'm starving and need to get some lunch, but, oh, I can't stop listening...(must procure physical sustenance...)

    Question - I have two sets of perf pads. One is squishier than the other. I'm guessing the softer is the Auteur and the slightly firmer one is the Eikon. Is that right?
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  6. Poganin
    I believe so. From what I've read, the Eikon pads add some bass.
  7. phthora
    They do, but it's not a major shift. A couple of db, I would guess. They also narrow the soundstage ever so slightly. Personally, I like the Eikon pads better, but the Auteur pads made the headphones sound amazing too.
  8. Wildcatsare1

    Wait, 18 mile run?!?!?!?!:astonished:
  9. LCMusicLover
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  10. donato
    Definitely more bass with the Eikon. The Auteur pads are pretty fun too, but I think the Eikon is more to my personal preference as well.
  11. donato
    Ha, yes, I'm trying to get back into shape. My sister asked me to run her first marathon with her for her b-day. We're doing the Marathon du Medoc in Bordeaux - 23 wine stops along the way. I have the wine consumption part down, just need to work on the running part.
  12. LoryWiv
    I noted that at outset too, but diminishes / disappears w/50-100 hours burn-in.
  13. donato
    Yes, although I bought these used so I'm assuming they are well burned in.
  14. donato
  15. Focux
    that, is a really nice shade..

    is that a BH Crack btw?
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