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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. whirlwind

    There definitely is a bang for your buck amp...it just depends on your budget .....$750 would get you a basic OTL amp from Glenn...but you have to be willing to wait for some time...it is well worth the wait if you have something to hold you over....but the wait can be awhile, in the end you are well rewarded.
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  2. nazrin313
    Its expected that a Tube amp wont measure well. Dont see whats really the problem thou. If it sounds great, viola.
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  3. octobeard
    Had the perforated Eikon pads on the Auteurs for about half a year or more. Flipped them over back to the Auteur pads. Decided to play with a bit of EQ and reduce the 4.4khz and 7.5khz peaks by 2-2.5dB each and increase everything above 10.5 by 0.5db in Roon.

    Holy mierda - they're new headphones, and perfectly balanced now to my ears. They always felt a bit elevated in certain bands in the upper mids/lower treble, and this adjustment "fixes" the sig a bit for my ears, opening them up more. EQ sounds great on my both my amps - SS & tube hybrid. The perforated Eikons are somewhat of a sham pad for the Auteurs.... they do elevate the sub and mid bass and add some heft, which can seduce you into sounding better, but they also brighten up the upper mids and lower treble, reduce the soundstage enough to kind of make the headphone feel in your face, and muddy up the lower mids with that boosted bass. Sticking with the namesakes for a while.
  4. Wildcatsare1
    Holy molly, I bought Joe’s (of Abyss) Woo WA5, the Autuers scale incredibly well. This is with the stock tubes, I haven’t even begun diving down that rabbit hole. It’s a more upfront sound than my little LP, but the width, depth, and what’s really blowing me a away height are absolutely out of this world. I may have to call in sick tomorrow :ksc75smile:.
  5. zach915m
    Haha yeah WA5 and WA33 are absolute BEASTS!!!! I haven't ever owned them, I do have a WA8 though. The sheer power, finesse and musicality in his amps is really fun.
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  6. Phantaminum
    I remember you starting off with the MCTH (I think), for sure the Lyr 3, then the LP, then you jumped to the WA5? Well played my good sir. I bet the Auteurs sound like heaven right now paired with that amp. All that’s left is some whiskey and a cigar for a most enjoyable listening session.
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  7. nazrin313
    Tried this last night (no EQ thou), but reverted back to the Eikon perforated pads. To me the Auteur pads are too bright for my ears. It does open up the sound a tad but I cant get used to the brightish shrill signature. The Eikon pads does it for me as I like a more weighted and organic sound.
  8. Wildcatsare1
    Thanks, a dram of good Scotch and I’m definitely in audio heaven. My quest for the best inexpensive amp did stop with the LP, which will remain in house to drive my low impedance Cans, though I have read reports that the WA5 and Utopia are a great match. Now, gulp, I’ll be looking at 300B tubes that cost more (a lot) than the LP (though not buying for awhile, that fund is tapped).
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  9. octobeard
    Yeah that's the thing, the EQ helps a bit to settle some of that brightness and even things out with the Auteur pads. Honestly, even with the perforated Eikons I felt they're even more bright because of the closed in stage and the frequencies being more in your face, but ymmv. I also felt the midbass lift of the Eikon pads kinda sucks out the mids a bit which exacerbates the situation and the Auteur pads restores nicely balanced sig. Reducing the peaks in the treble region allows me to boost the volume a bit more and I've felt the sub bass doesn't really go away with the Auteur pads on. Overall a really nice tweak. I have felt over the last few months that the headphone is less "neutral" than people describe it. It's definitely a bit uneven in spots above 2-3khz, especially as I've gone back and listened to some more planars in the shops, and revisiting frequency response measurements inspired me to do some tweaking. However, I'm also sensitive to certain bands in that area and I wonder how much of it is due to my ears, too.
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  10. nazrin313
    I would never call my Auteur neutral, natural tonality/timbre yes..but not neutral.
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  11. Fatdoi
    If you plug HD650/6xx to that beast, the cans may scale to another Everest..
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  12. gLer
    I also found the Auteur pads too bright...on the Teak Auteur. That’s why when it was time to buy the Auteur I insisted on a hardwood version (Wenge). Now the sound is so perfectly balanced, it’s truly my ‘Goldilocks’ headphone. Nothing else that I’ve heard comes close to being so satisfying with every genre I listen to (and I listen to most except heavy instrumental jazz, metal, RnB and rap). You’ll also want to avoid a bright amp/dac with these. But as someone who’s extremely treble and brightness sensitive, brightness is the last thing I’d accuse my Auteur of, and I use the Auteur pads exclusively.
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  13. nazrin313
    I have the Blackwood Auteurs and on my system, the Auteur pads were a tad too bright for me. Again, i prefer a warmish, weighty and natural signature which for me the Eikon pads provide
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  14. gLer
    Fair enough, there’s nothing wrong with preferring a warmer sound. I do as well, albeit I’ve moved away from a midbass preference to a more linear bass tuning with sub bass emphasis, which is why I prefer the Auteur to the Atticus, for example, and the Fiio FH5 to the FA7 in the IEM world. I do use a NOS R2R dac as my desktop system though, which generally ensures the treble never comes close to peaky or sibilant.
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  15. nazrin313
    Im using a R2R Dac too lol. A vintage one at that but my god, it destroys all other modern DACs ive heard
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