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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. L0rdGwyn
    And I can confirm the Auteur sound excellent out of my BH Crackatwoa :) tube choice plays a large role, of course. And capacitors, if you're into that kinda thing.
  2. Wildcatsare1
    Damn, listening to ROBERT Earle Keen, “Live at the Ryman (one of my favorite venues)” on the Autuers with the WA5, good Lord what great sound!
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  3. Wildcatsare1
    Okay, more incredible acoustic music, that’s beyond beautiful on the Autuer. I’ve listened too, and now re-listened to the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple,” from their “American Beauty” hi res on Qobuz. I rarely re-listen to anything, much less 4 times, no I’m not going “Rain Man,” it just sounds so incredible via Blusound 2, Vinshine R2R, WA5, to the Autuer.

    I can’t wait to hear Zach’s latest work at the Bluegrass Meet, since getting the Autuer, none of my other Cans are getting any head time at all.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  4. Wheel Hoss
    Is it a consensus that Auteurs sound better out of tube amps vs solid state?

    Trying to figure out how much it’s going to cost me to hear acoustic music the way you guys are describing. I play bluegrass and it sounds heavenly
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  5. zach915m
    Love your head-fi name man!!!! My hobby is playing Bluegrass and old time too so old Bill Monroe is right up my alley!

    I typically say that solid state vs tubes is very preferential and neither is better than the other, I really am just "into" tubes partially as a collector and partially because I like the warmth and dimension.

    With bluegrass I personally prefer tubes because the tone gets me a little closer to the sound as if you're at a Jam, a little more euphoric and 3 dimensional, but by no means does it mean you have to have it to get that feeling with our headphones, as some of the music on my tuning list is Tim O'brien/Hot Rize, Stanley Brothers, Blue Highway, Tony Rice, etc etc etc.

    EDIT: I see you're from NY - I used to go to Grey Fox every year when I lived in New England, one of the best shows I ever saw was of Chris Stapleton when he was with the Steeldrivers in a Grey Fox tent show. I hope to someday make it back ASAP to grey fox, maybe I will see you there!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  6. Wheel Hoss
    So jealous you saw Chris in that context! I record singer songwriter stuff, so I love his sparse songs like “Whiskey and You” and “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore.”

    I have jammed with Chris Thile and Mark O’Connor here in the Village, so I’ve had my moments.

    As a guitar picker, I admire the heck out of your use of wood. I have a Froggy Bottom P-12 Deluxe, and your cans remind me of Michael’s axes. Both works of art.

    To be honest, I don’t even need a ZMF headphone. But I want one summit-fi set, and yours appeal to me in the most ways. Glad to hear I can get by with my Solid State for now.

    My biggest dilemma is do I want Eikon or Auteur. I love open cans, but the idea of using Eikons as studio monitors is ... beyond heavenly. Would love to hear how my Froggy Bottom sounds coming through a set of ZMF cans!
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  7. gLer
    No, unlike the Atticus (and from what I read the Verite and possibly Aeolus), the Auteur is very happy on solid state. I use an audio-gd R-28 (SS amp and R2R dac) and the Auteur is simply sublime. I ho early love my Elex as well but can’t seem to put it in since starting to explore my music library with the Auteur. FWIW I sold my Atticus because it just didn’t sound as good as I know it can on my SS system. Haven’t heard a bad track on the Auteur yet (and if it’s bad, it’s the track, not the Auteur).
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  8. LCMusicLover
    Concur. I've actually made a bunch of changes to my chain (in search of the perfect Utopia system). And each time, some of my cans like it, and some don't, or not as much ... except Auteur. They have loved every iteration of my system.

    Changed some when I added the Pontus DAC into my SS amps (Bryston BHA-1 & now-sold Violectric V280). Changed again when I added my Liquid Platinum, with somewhat different sounds with different tubes. But Auteur just never sounds bad to me. Sometimes a little more analytical and brighter, sometimes a little warmer and more musical.

    And they are the best Dead-phones in my quiver, by far!
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    ^this^. Truth, what’s killing me is I just had an unexpected, fairly large, auto repair and need to sell my Liquid Platinum. If you know anyone who doesn’t want to wait until they are back in stock, plus they’ll come with a great set of Amperex NOS Tubes.
  10. whirlwind
    I am wanting another ZMF headphone in my stable....not sure if I want Auteur or Eikon...not sure I can make a bad choice.

    I really like that Zach's closed cans still sound very much open and man that bass!
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  11. Phantaminum
    As someone with the Auteurs and GOTL I say that it’s a beautiful pairing. The GOTL really does a great job of layering, micro and macro dynamics, holographic and wide sound stage. It’s a great combination.
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  12. whirlwind
    Yes, I have heard the Auteur on my OTL and it was quite impressive and I very much liked what I heard, even though it was only for a small amount of time.
  13. thecrow
    100% agree - but i lean to my woo wa2 tubes

    And for those wondering auteur or eikon, i easily chose the auteur FOR ME.

    I felt it was better/evenly balanced

    Neutralish and musical with the zmf seasoning
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
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  14. Wheel Hoss
    On site Auteur is described as having “Linngering Decay” vs Verite having “Less Decay.”

    How would you describe this in practice? When I think of lingering decay I think of my 1920 Vega mandolin. It has a kind of natural reverb.

    Is this what it means? If so, sounds perfect for the acoustic music I main.
  15. Wildcatsare1
    The Auteur are getting all of my head time, displacing the Abyss and Clear. I haven’t heard the Eikon, but I can’t think of a better primary use Can.
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