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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. jinxy245
    My recommendation is to get down to CanJam NYC in February...Zach will be there, as will Dan from Mr. Speakers & Meze with the Empyrean.

    Great opportunity to check them out in person. Not ideal listening conditions, but far more useful than interpreting other peoples opinions.

    See you there, I hope.
  2. felix3650
    Thanks guys. Good to know they pair well together. I was afraid the warm sound of the LP would hold back the Auteur's details a little bit.
    Is sub-bass (20~80Hz range) present or does it slightly roll-off?
    Waiting for your report on the Amperex tubes LC :)
  3. CoFire
    Good call, contacted Dan with serial number a couple weeks back, this set isn't one of the identified defective units. Good call though. Thanks.
  4. Schwibbles
    I suppose I should clarify a little. The Gold Lion tubes are are not bad tubes. Based on the hype about them in the LP thread, I had very high expectations. They did not meet my expectations and they did not outperform the Amperex tubes (that I love) I had been using from the start.
    I knew that my thoughts on them would surprise a lot of people since no one had come out and said they didn't enjoy them (yet).
    The bass on the GL is too strong for my tastes and sounds less defined than the Amperex tubes I have been using.
    Based on what I think of the Auteur, I believe I would prefer the Amperex tubes over the Gold Lions in that pairing. The pairing I originally tested the Gold Lions with was the Aeon Closed which is known for having a cool/neutral bass response; and I thought they had too much bass with those. The Auteur is warmer sounding to begin with.
  5. LCMusicLover
    Well, my positive impressions of the GLs were strictly in comparison to stock EH tubes. Next week I’ll have some Siemens & Amperex, so I’ll be able to triangulate the sound. BTW, aside from listening to my dad’s tube Macintosh equipment as a child, I’m a complete tube newbie. I will say that the bass lift from GLs appeals to me — knocked my socks off w/ Utopia.

    I am surprised to read your description of Auteur as warmer (compared to what? Aeon Closed?) I hear Auteur as neutral/slightly bright.
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  6. phthora
    After a steady diet of Auteurs for the last few weeks, everything else is sounding a bit recessed and unclear in the mids. I wasn't really a mids/vocals guy before, but these headphones have begun to shift my preferences a little in that direction.
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  7. Monsterzero
    Swapped to a HEXFRED tonight on my GOTL,and switched to Eikon perf pads...Ahhhhhh....theres the bass!


    Healthy and happy 2019 everyone.
  8. Schwibbles
    Yeah I hear the Auteur as a warm neutral whereas I hear the Aeon Closed as a more flat or cool neutral. Both headphones border neutrality but they're on opposite sides of the line. I haven't heard the Auteur since RMAF but from memory the Aeon have a stronger sub bass response and the Auteur are warmer through the bass and midrange. The Aeon have a small dip between the bass and lower midrange that make them sound a bit cooler. I should be able to compare them again at an upcoming meet in a few weeks.
  9. Monsterzero
    Man! Guitar work thru the Auteurs is amazing. So much texture,detail and separation.
  10. SLC1966
    Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are even more of my friends with the Auteurs. We hung out all morning and it was such an experience!
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  11. Inoculator
    I just joined the club. Lucky new owner of an oxidized padauk Auteur.


    Loving them so far, will post more detailed impressions once I have spent more time with them. Here are some quick initial thoughts though.

    Found I like the Auteur pads more than the eikon pads, primarily because the soundstage and instrument separation felt more natural to me with them. Comfort wise, I was surprised how light they were when I got them. Once I got headband bent to where I wanted it they are the most comfortable big headphone I have ever worn. Overall the sentiment that the sound is a more sophisticated HD 600 profile tracks with my experience. I would say I find it falls somewhere between a 600/650, succeeding in all the areas either of those fail. Incredibly pleasing, natural, neutral profile where everything just sounds the way it is supposed to. It is like any rough edges I am used to used to expecting on tracks just melt away.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  12. Bern2
    I can never make up my mind which wood is my fave...I like them all. Manchurian Ash and the Silk is forced to choose. I have an Aeolus on order and the Auteur probably not far behind. I've only read 1 or 2 comments about someone not finding them comfortable (big priority for me).

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  13. Wildcatsare1

    I find them very comfortable, I wear them for hours at a time.

    I was comparing the Autuer to the Abyss 1266 last night, surprisingly (given the difference in price), they hold their own. The Abyss has a bigger headstage, a bit more bass slam, but the Autuer has superior tonal accuracy.
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  14. Wildcatsare1
    Listening to Dave Matthews/Tim Meadows “Live at Luther College,” on my Autuers vía the Vinshine R2R > Liquid Platinum (Mullard NOS), it’s so good I catch myself holding my breath!
  15. Wes S
    Oh Man! You are pulling on my heart strings! Dave and Tim at Luther College is my all time favorite!
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