xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. ilmothedude
    Firmware update for ihifi780 from 1.08 to 1.09 is released.
    Google translation of 1.09 version changes:
    One, 1.09 firmware to add and fix the following functions:
    1 to solve the long press the delete key, select the track to the next page will cause a crash problem.
    2 Improved brightness selection can not save the problem.
    3 to improve the tf card reader speed. Improved support for low speed tf cards.

    To be honest, I don't know if I noticed any improvement in sd card reading speed regarding song beginning times in folder mode. It could be Slightly faster, but still ~10 seconds more or less which is very long. Changing between internal and sd memory, sd card scanning still takes forever. Doesn't feel very useful update.
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  2. golov17
  3. ilmothedude
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  5. ilmothedude
    Comparing Colorfly C200 and Xuelin ihifi780. C200 has wider soundstage and it's quite deep aswell, imaging is very good and there's more air between instruments than on 780 and thus details are clearer. Sound is less bassy than 780, midrange and treble are well balanced, sound is pretty neutral. Then again 780 sound character might be more engaging and fun to listen, whereas C200 may sound little dry in comparison. I myself came from C200 to 780, and even though I like C200 sound, I also like 780 very much and don't feel need to go back C200, 780 is that good, and has better UI, is more compact and has better battery life. C200 doesn't even work as secondary dap for me, because it doesn't support fat32 on over 32gb card, it needs to be exfat format. And then again 780 won't support exfat and it need to be fat32, which won't work on C200. So card swapping is not possible. But that doesn't bother me at all, I'm so happy with 780 now. :)
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  6. pr0b3r

    Nice stack with Vorzamp Duo.
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  7. golov17
    тоже неплохо с bh2
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  8. kk99
    Do any of the users have link to other location with previous versions of firmware e.g. 1.08/1.07 ?
  9. golov17
  10. golov17
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  11. jeffhawke
    Has anybody have any impressions or read reviews on this?
  12. golov17
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  13. TogawaShione
    one review from a Chinese community,maybe the only one now.
    he said that
    1 sounds like some old tube amp,really a retro sound.
    2 very soft,very warm,very polite.
    3 not good at resolution,but generally has sound quality for its price level.hiss noise can be heard on akg k3003 and dita dream,but just a little.
    4 good at vocal,especially female vocal.not so good for rock and orchestra.
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  14. jeffhawke
    Thanks! Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid...
  15. pr0b3r
    My 780 is stuck in this display. It goes on a boot loop after a few minutes and randomly shuts off. Reset button didn't help. Even trying to reflash the firmware also didn't help. This problem started to happen after I inserted a 128 gb card from another DAP. I'm out of options to try. Haven't thought of opening the device cause I don't have the tools and don't want to ruin it further. Any ideas?

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