xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. buzzbuzz
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  2. pr0b3r
    Thanks! I will try your suggestion. I'll let you know if it gets the job done.
  3. govie
    I like the look of this DAP, it looks so clean and feminin but I did not read alot about this DAP in other general topics that is why I am posting my question here. I am looking to buy the best budget entrylevel DAP under €60,-- which has line out, alot of playtime on 1 batterycharge, high buildquality & some sort of playlist and foldernagivation that is easy to use. Is the xuelin 780 the bestbuy at entrylevel out of following lineup: Mrobo C5v2, Nintaus x10, F.Audio S1, xduoo nano d3, Xuelin 780.

    Thanks in advance for sharing opinions!
  4. alexandros a
    i am ALEXANDROS from Athens GREECE
    just have a question there:
    According to the specs of IHIFIT780 , Xuelin ihifi780 has balanced LPF output
    Does that means that among the two headphone outs there is a balanced one out?? (2.5mm trrs or 3.5mm balanced out)
    Please feel free to inform me anyone,,,,,,,,
    Thanks in advance,.....:smile_phones:
  5. hqssui
    I was considering getting one of these and going through the various impressions in this thread. You can find some information from one of @jdog's posts (link below) . It seems like it has 2 normal headphone slots with different sound signatures.
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  6. ilmothedude
    Hmm, I haven't catched such info about balanced out, but it's has two 3.5mm headphone outputs (which can be changed to line-out via UI) for different sound signatures. But now since you mentioned trrs I gazed into headphone ports, and it seems like both ports does actually have 4 pins which could mean they're balanced outputs. I don't have any balanced headphones and don't have spare trrs jack at the moment for to measure if those two gnds are seperate or common, but you got me interested. Many headphones are very simple and easy to convert balanced headphones if gnd is seperate till headphone jack.

    ihifi780 doesn't seem to react anyway to trrs earphone button, so that fourth pin is not for that. I mean phones do work allright but button won't do a thing.
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  7. jdog
    @alexandros a, the 780 has two headphone ports as you know, but neither is a balanced out. I have a pair of balanced earphones (3.5 mm) and I have tried them in the 780. Both HO ports will only give sound out of one channel, so neither is balanced. Single ended headphones work just fine. I think the 780 is a nice DAP for use as a secondary player, but I wouldn't recommend it highly for someone wanting a primary DAP... Good luck.
  8. Watermelon Boi
    Anyone got to try the ihifi1969 yet? Temping to get one..
  9. alexandros a
    Thanks a lot for the answer man .
    Suppose that you own 780 could you elaborate a bit on your comment?
    I mean ...i allready have C3 & C200 from Colorfly and been familiar with out of date Ui and operational system...i only care about sound quality in this case...
    Gow would you comment on that?
    Are you satisfied with SQ with 780?
    Does the sound signature gets you satisfied?
    Does the bass boost colors the mids/vocals or is it gentle?
    Another thing...is there a line out for pairing 780 with an amp or dac/amp?
    Thanks again...Alexandros...
  10. hqssui
    For the firmware update on 780, do you need to have a Windows XP/7 PC with a non i5/i7 processor, like ihifi 770? My 770 is still stuck with one of the old firmwares because of this.
  11. ilmothedude
    780 firmware is updated by copying firmware update image file into internal storage of dap, and then just disconnect dap from usb and turn it on, then it'll update firmware. So all your computer must be able to do is recognize 780 as usb storage device, and you'll be able to copy file into internal storage of 780.
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  12. jdog
    @ilmothedude, I know this firmware update looks really easy, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I have downloaded the v1.09 file to my laptop. But after this I can't manage to copy the image into my 780. Can you tell me exactly what you do after the firmware is downloaded to your computer? I mean, do you first extract the file, before you copy into the 780? Maybe my laptop is missing something required for this process, but if I just send a copy of the firmware to my internal drive on the 780, the file does not get opened by the 780 and the firmware update does not occur... So my problem is trying to "copy the update image file into the internal storage" Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  13. ilmothedude
    If firmware download comes in zip or rar archive then you must extract it first, I don't remember if it comes or not. Anyway, the file you must copy in root of internal storage of 780 is named "RKNANOFW.IMG". But be sure to backup all songs from internal memory because firmware updating does delete everything. Here's offical (translated) version of firmware updating instructions:

    1. Go to Baidu network disk https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cwGVkM download the latest firmware: RKNANOFW file (2017-10-25)
    2. After the firmware is downloaded, copy the firmware to the machine's memory root directory and shut down. (Do not copy the firmware to the TF card) Automatically upgrade after rebooting the system.
    3. Note: back up the song in the memory of the machine (the song in the memory after the upgrade will be lost)

    I hope you get it working!
  14. jdog
    @ilmothedude, thanks for your reply. Seems I had to first send the file to the internal drive and then once it was there, I had to select copy... but it worked. Thanks again.
  15. jdog
    @alexandros a, sorry about my delay in getting back to you. I do have the the 780, and I very much like the sound quality of it. But, I'm a fan of the Xuelin sound quality in general, so I may be a little biased. The strong point of the Xuelin players I have (in my opinion) is the way they present mids and vocals. I really don't use the bass boost setting, because the IEMs I use are a little on the warm side to start with, so you'd have to ask others here about the utility of the bass boost. It looks like the firmware update has improved the reading speed of the player, so this is an improvement. But now, the player goes thru a reload process every time you switch between internal memory and micro-sd card, and vice-versa. The 780 does play high res files, but my player will occ stutter during a high res file song. No problems with standard FLAC or MP3 though. There is not a dedicated line-out, but you can change between HO and line-out with the firmware settings. Now that the lag time has been reduced when changing between tracks while listening to music on the micro-sd card, the player may actually be a little more acceptable as a primary DAP, but still an entry level DAP. I like to take the 780 with me on short trips away from home, very easy to carry...
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