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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. depthgrammar
    Ok, many thanks - I'll give DriveSort a try. fyi even though I navigate via folder view, my experience in general is similar to yours. It's only the first song I try to play that takes a few seconds to start, with skipping there's no delay, and the navigation overall is fast.
  2. ilmothedude
    Size comparison of four compact daps, from left to right: Xuelin ihifi780, Colorfly C3, AGPtEK IMP and Benjie S5. 780 is largest and thickest of them all, but I still consider it very compact and well fitting to pocket. C3 is actually heavier than 780. All except 780 has touch controls but I think navigating is fastest and most convenient with 780.
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    and what abou sound? please, compare)
  4. ilmothedude
    Benjie S5 is the cheapest one, and it's heard. Soundstage is pretty compact and imaging is a bit messy. Sound signature is pretty pleasant but as soundstage and imaging isn't really good so to me S5 isn't really interesting to listen, never really got around to listen it a lot anyway. Imp is better in terms of soundstage and imaging altough they're not spectacular, but it sounds wider and deeper. Sound is a bit brighter that other players but midrange is a bit distant. It's pretty nice in general, but still a bit messy. But C3 and Xuelin seem to be in different league, both have nice soundstage and good imaging, like more clean and accurate and they sound like they've been tuned with care. Many do know what C3 sounds like, it's quite neutral and polite sounding and not too bassy, good soundstage and imaging. Xuelin 780 is actually quite different tonally, it's warmer with more bass, and actually very nice midrange. I don't think treble is veiled at all, and even though I might not believe in hardware burn in, I somehow do think treble might have improved from first listen...? Not really sure tho. But as for soundstage, I think C3 is maybe slightly wider than 780, but it's not quite as deep as 780. 780 has really quite deep soundstage, and it sounds so awesome. I think 780 is really good sounding dap, I prefer it over C3.

    PS: I'd like to say after comparing these daps I started to appreciate Xuelin 780 sound much more than before.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  5. jdog
    Here's the latest on the new Xuelin 1969; it looks like the MSRP in China is ~$470 US. There is a price break if pre-ordered and you are a previous Xuelin DAP owner; the price is reduced to ~$410 US. I'm not sure if these prices will be offered to US residents or not. I will e-mail Xuelin and see how to pre-order the 1969. Here is the post from the Xuelin forum: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5368206297
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    Thanks for your answer. I just wanted to buy something inexpensive and compact, for new sensations. I looked closely at C3. By the way, if replace the memory card from 780 to C3, does it work good?
  7. ilmothedude
    Yes it works straight away. C3 like 780 doesn't support exfat format so card must be fat32 formated and it works on both players. Nice thing about C3 is that while it doesn't have any playlist categories supported, it doesn't have to scan sd card at all. Just insert card and it's ready to play music. But with some cards it does have some lag issues on playing flac files. I had that problem with Transcend micro sd I believe, but Kingston card hasn't had that problem at all.
    And by the way, I listened everything I described with Soundmagic E10 IEMs. They amazingly capable to produce amazing soundstage. Really great budget iem.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  8. ilmothedude
    Cool thing I just noticed: Xuelin 780 supports synchronized lyrics :beyersmile:. Didn't see that coming! I just had one song with synced lyrics and I wondered why it didn't show file name, but then I noticed it actually shows lyrics. Coool! Longer lines just can't always get shown fully as it scrolls same speed and if next line starts before it gets to end, it just switches next line on screen. But with shorter lines it works well.
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  9. jdog
    I'm not sure how many may be interested in Xuelin's soon to be released H1969 model, but in response to my question re: presale price for a previous Xuelin DAP owner in the US (and perhaps anywhere outside of China), I was quoted the special deal price of 2699 yuan or ~$410 US plus the cost of shipping. I really do not know where one goes to obtain the "presale deal", but I would guess if you send an email to: sxj1974@163.com, you can get the information you need. Here is a link to the discussion re: release of the 1969: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5368206297.
  10. golov17
    XUELIN H6 (IHIFI1969) AK4495 32Bit OLED Pure Class A Portable Loseless Music Player 6000mAh AMP 3.5/2.5 balanced HiFi HD MP3
    (from AliExpress Android)
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  11. jdog
  12. mochill
    S good
  13. ilmothedude
    I gotta praise 780 soundstage more. It's so deep that I got sensation that I'm not only listening but also looking at music. I got that same sensation with Colorfly C200 aswell, which also has quite deep and airy soundstage. Maybe that's because music soundstage is deep enough that it sounds like it's playing where my eyes are, so it's like I'm looking at music. But I don't know really, all I know it sound really fun and awesome.
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  14. DUSHIN
    !!!! Please compare C200 and 780 !!!
    I also considered C10, but they say the sound is worse than with C200. I'm interested in your comparison with 780 and C200 :)
  15. ilmothedude
    I can't do it at this moment, as I'm away from my C200 until after next week. But as for functionality I can say that it's fast for navigating, but it does cut-off song beginnings actually pretty much like 780 except maybe even more which is annoying. It doesn't have auto-resume, any form of eq or any playlist categorisation, so UI is pretty basic.
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