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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. Chris1975
    Has anyone given the new Xuelin ihifi780 a try?

    It's here - http://penonaudio.com/XUELIN-iHiFi780 as well as on aliexpress

    Anyone know if it has digital out, coax, USB? (so it can be connected with an external DAC)

    It looks like it could challenge the low end market, Shanling M1, AP60 etc.
  2. fredhubbard2
    I want one, I really like the look of it and do not own a Xuelin DAP yet, read good things about their house SQ. I am hoping for the price to come down by £20 then i'll get one :)
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  3. jdog
    Well, I couldn't resist, so I have one on order.  I won't get it for another 10-14 days, but I'll be happy to post some impressions after I get it....
  4. Chris1975
    Great. Look forward to seeing your thoughts. According to Penonaudio, it doesn't have digital out. But the pictures suggest a coax out.
  5. 1TrickPony

    @jdog,the man and resident specialist with Xuelin players. Let us know how it compares to the 770
  6. jdog
    I've tried to figure out what I can from the pictures posted at the vendor's sites.  I think the 780 has two headphone outs, similar to the 770's.  It appears to have a bass boost switch as well.  I can't figure out if it can function like a DAC as well as a DAP, though.  It'll be fun trying to see how it handles Hi-Res files, and of course, I'm looking forward to the Xuelin sound signature...
  7. jdog
    Well, I probably have amassed more Xuelin players than I need, but I wanted to see how this DAP functions with physical buttons/volume dial, as opposed to touch screen buttons.  I really, really like all the Xuelin players I have (960 dual-core, 960 modified, 800, 770, old 770C and new 770C (pre 6/16)), and I still use them all.  For me, XVortex's gifts to us in the form of rockbox ports have really increased the value of the 800, 770 and new 770C...  But I still use the old 770C quite often, it's the one I use when I'm out doing yardwork,it's so much better than my old Sansa clip...  So, I'm looking forward to listening to the 780 and once I've figured it out, I'll post some impressions...
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
  9. jdog
    Thanks for your post, but just to make sure you are aware, the new 780 can be bought for less by other reputable vendors like Penon Audio and some on eBay.  The 780 has not shown up on Gearbest yet, but GB may turn out to have the best price when they do get it.  The 990 can be bought on GB for <$250 (with an available promo code) and the new 770C can be had for ~$87...  My 780 is still on its way from China; it has not cleared customs yet in China, so I probably will have to wait another 7-10 days for its arrival...
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Sorry I posted that too quick in error, before realizing that. I was too excited after seeing it at first glance. We look forward to your thoughts on it!!! :)
  11. jdog
    Please don't apologize..  I thought you primarily posted the link to provide easy access to the specs and some nice pictures of the 780...  It looks interesting to me, kind of a hybrid between the 770C and the 800...  It's difficult for me to understand much of what is posted in the Chinese forums (due to broken English that results from translation), but at least one current owner feels the sound quality of the 780 is better than the sound quality of the new 770C.  Maybe by the time mine arrives, other vendors like Gearbest will get the 780 in and offer a better price than we are seeing now.....thanks again for your post.
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  12. Sound Eq
    Is that their flagship dap or do they have better models

    I always like wolfson dacs
  13. 1TrickPony

    Wolfson dacs is the sweet life indeed. So natural sounding.
  14. jdog
    The new flagship DAP from Xuelin is the 990; I don't have this DAP, so I can't really say much about it.  From the Chinese forums the sound quality is good and it supports Hi-Res music files.  The firmware seems to have some bugs and the battery life for some seems to be shorter than expected....  The 960 used to be the flagship model, but I think this is being or has been phased out.  If you are interested in the 990, it can be had on Gear best for less than $250 if you apply the promo code GBCE...
  15. bzfrank
    I have the iHifi990, its very good. No firmware bugs I can see.
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