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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. mnmlKN
  2. fredhubbard2
    You need to use a fatsort if you want folders alphabetical. But its straightforward. Id also recommend the agptek H1. both thses players sound great to my ears!
  3. mnmlKN
    I asked for dap recommendations <80$.
  4. fredhubbard2
    Sorry I read $ as £
  5. mnmlKN
    If you still have any recommendations please suggest as I am open to suggestions.
  6. ilmothedude
    Does 780 support exfat format, of must it be fat32 when used over 32gb cards? Lack of exfat support would make card swapping between colorfly c200 and xuelin 780 impossible, because c200 doesn't support fat32.
  7. ilmothedude
    I got my Xuelin ihifi780 yesterday, and I quite like it, even though UI is quite a pain on some regards. Worst issue is probably waiting times, when selecting song from folder view, it takes several seconds to start a song (sometimes almost 10s) and song beginnings often are slightly cut-off. However it seems to be much faster, pretty much instant when navigated through playlists. I'm using 64gb kingston btw. And if you go to internal memory, it have to load before you can navigate nor play anything, and then switch back to memory card, it has to load again everything from card, and with almost full 64gb it takes a long while. So because of that the internal memory is pretty much useless for me.
    But besides of long song starting times, navigating through folders is actually really fast and handy to do with left hand using volume wheel to scroll. SQ is great, soundstage is a bit narrow but it's deep. Vocal output is nice alternative when I want to focus on vocals more. Volume has enough steps with sensitive IEMs too, that there's actually possibility to get preferred volume and not to choose of two too low or too high steps as it's on many other daps. That's something I really appreciate. It's very solid built DAP, and it's decent player but there's room for firmware improvements, mostly on system performance.
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  8. depthgrammar
    finally got around to taking some pics of my portable rig: xuelin 780 + pico slim + px100 og (2nd version) + oyaide HPC-MSS. i used a couple pencils to match the form factor of amp + player. what i said back in August still holds - this setup cured my upgrade-itis (as far as portable listening goes, at least!)

    (sorry for the image quality - not much of a photographer)


    anyone installed the new firmware yet? thoughts?
  9. ilmothedude
    Looks great, and I'm sure it sounds too. I installed 1.08 firmware almost right after I received my unit which came with 1.07 installed. Hence I can't really comment much of improvements, but I believe sd card scanning is new feature, so it makes playlist categories of content of sd card. Great thing is, that when played through playlists, there's no any lag at all when selecting the song, whereas when the song is selected through folder view, it takes several seconds to start to play. That's the case with my 64gb kingston which is pretty full of mostly flacs and mp3, but playlist makes things so much faster. I'm actually starting to love this dap. If you have some specific improvements in mind you would like know if 1.08 fw has, just ask and I can confirm, if you don't want to just update it right away.
  10. depthgrammar
    i guess my main issues with 1.07 are:

    -when i add new music folders to my microsd card, they won't show up in alphabetical order unless i recopy the entire library. instead they just show up at the end of the list, or sometimes in a random spot out of order
    -not often, but with certain songs, when i try to play them directly it skips to another song, sometimes in the same folder, sometimes in a different folder. I can always get the song to play by picking another track and skipping forward or backward. this is pretty rare, but there are a few tracks that this always happens with.

    wondering if these problems are addressed with 1.08? in any case they are in no way a deal-breaker for me. I love this dap and I can live with the minor glitches

    also was curious if there was any change in sq from 1.07 to 1.08
  11. jdog
    None of the Xuelin DAPS natively sort files files in alphabetical order. I use DriveSort.en to arrange my files in alphabetical order by artist name. Here is the link for DriveSort if you want to try it (It will save you lots of time, but you'll have to use it every time you add a new artist to your microsd or internal memory): http://www.anerty.net/software/file/DriveSort/
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  12. ilmothedude
    I can't comment if sq was changed in fw update since I didn't use it much with 1.07 fw. But I also recommend DriveSort software if you your folders in alphabetical order. It's easy and fast. As for that file picking problem, I don't think file handling performance is improved. I get what you mean with your problem, but I don't really navigate through folder view anymore because it so slow to play the songs that way. However, even though first song I select hangs several seconds before it starts to play, when I skip to next or previous tracks then it's actually really fast and there's no any waiting time. I know that's not excactly the same issue, but it seems to be similiar problem that you have. Hence it's probably safe to assume that it's not improved in 1.08 fw.
  13. jdog
    Can any of you 780 owners provide the link for the firmware v1.08? Thanks.
  14. ilmothedude
  15. ilmothedude
    My on-the-go combo now: Xuelin ihifi780 and Soundmagic E10. E10 is slightly on warmer side of neutral, but I think it pairs nicely with 780. Love the soundstage! Once I tidied up artist tagging on my music collection, I started to use artist playlist for navigating my music library. My music collection is organized by artists, but I have some various collections, which I just tagged under various so they won't fill up artist playlist and navigating is easier and faster. I found great synergies also between Shure SRH1440 and 780. SRH1440 is a bit brighter phone so it pairs really well with 780.
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