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xuelin ihifi780

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chris1975, Jan 12, 2017.
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  1. ilmothedude
    This weekend I've enjoyed HE150 earbuds paired with 780 a lot. Even though they have pretty high 150ohm impedance, 780 doesn't fail to drive them well. Sound has great punch and soundstage is spacious and deep. Mids and vocals are especially really delicious on 780 as @jdog said. I by the way do use 780 as my primary dap, and I find it really nice to use. But as mentioned, always when changed between sd card and internal memory, database has to scanned again, which does take some time especially with my 64gb card. Today I by the way removed all album cover art tagging from my music files aswell all unnecessary files from my sd card since it's not really use to have them with player like 780. Sd card scanning time reduced from 4m10s to 3m37s, not huge difference but it's something. I have used to use artist playlist navigation as it's really fast compared to folder navigating ie there's no playback starting lag like on folder navigation.
  2. ilmothedude
    Beyerdnamic DT150 and Xuelin ihifi780 are amazing match! Even though DT150 is 250ohm full sized closed headphone, 780 drives them excellent. Soundstage is spacious and clear, great imaging. Signature is just very well balanced. But best of all are the MIDS, they're so good, natural, mellow, delicious. Soundstage extends forward and vocals and mids there, sounding so good, and stand out from music really well. Actually so good that I might actually prefer signature of 780 overs my desktop dac/amp unit, which is quite crazy. This little dap is amazing! :)
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  3. golov17
    Wolfson always good for mids :ksc75smile:
    FB_IMG_1516895557962.jpg FB_IMG_1516895499743.jpg FB_IMG_1516895480029.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
  4. hqssui
    Got a 780 and have been using this for a week. I am quite liking this player. Once I get used to the controls, it's super easy to operate it blindly. Initially I have been disappointed with the sound quality, because I was using some of my warmer IEMS and bass was too boomy. Matched it with some of my neutral IEMs and I find the SQ very good. Right now, I am using Havi B3 with 780 and is vey happy.

    I have seen some posts which states the issue with custiom eq setting. For me it works , I can change and save eq setting. If any of you need help with the user eq setting, please let me know.
  5. hqssui
    Even though the equaliser is only 5 bands, I find it effective. I now can use the warmer IEMs with 780. I am really liking 780 , excellent player.
  6. ilmothedude
    Congratz about owning 780! It's definitely a great player! I also were a bit disappointed at first when I paired my Soundmagic E10 with 780, but later on I really started to like that pairing. Now I have Soundmagic E80 and it's great pair with 780 aswell. I'm definitely not sure, but 780 sound might have improved upon burn-in, as I think sound wasn't as good right out-of-box as it is now. At first it seemed a little more warm and boomy than it seems to sound now.
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  7. depthgrammar
    I also noticed improvement with burn-in. Wasn't so into the sound at first - after a few days it really opened up.
  8. ilmothedude
    Nice to hear that I wasn't only imagining the improvement. Previously I wasn't much of believer in effect of electronic burn-in, but now I am. I absolutely love the soundstage 780 produces, aswell its signature.
  9. slugman
    Hey guys, i've been trying to decide on a DAP for a few months now. I have a Topping NX4DSD that I used to use w/ my android phone, but its a pain in the ass having to always make sure the cables are connected, and even more of a pain to make sure I put it in my pocket just right so it doesn't hit the cable (and interupt the connection to the dac). I finally decided its time for a dap.

    I've had my eye on this guy for a while. The wolfson dac caught my eye. I was just about to go w/ the AP60II, but then I realized the 780 has a better amp section.

    I just bought mine off aliexpress 2 days ago. I can't wait for it to arrive! Also all of the reviews / impressions on here have really got me excited! :L3000:
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  10. slugman
    Any luck so far pr0b3r? If so I'm curious how you fixed it.
  11. slugman
    Alright, i just got mine. I have to say i'm quite impressed, the sound is great. I am considering the 990 or the 1969 for my upgrade. It sucks that my songs are out of order, hopefully upgrading to 1.09 will fix that.

    I noticed that listening on headphone port A is absolutely dark. I don't much care for it, but headphone port B (the instrumental port), is better for my taste.
  12. jdog
    @slugman, as far as I know, none of the Xuelin players natively sort your music files alphabetically, and I can tell you that upgrading to firmware will not help in this regard. All the Xuelin players (unless Rockbox'd) will sort your files in regards to time they were transferred to the player. So, if you add a music file today, it will be at the bottom of your file list. You can easily (very easily!) arrange your music files using the program called Drivesort.en, it is free and here is the link: http://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrE...iveSort//RK=2/RS=4R11oM2dt5WugdG944qW9SNDHEw-
    Just download, open and follow the directions. Within seconds, you can sort your files alphabetically by artist. Good luck.
  13. ilmothedude
    Congratz for getting 780, it's truly great dap. Sound may improve within burn-in so don't worry if you find sound too dark. I don't know if anyone of 780 owners prefer A port, seems like everyone prefer B more (including me). But I don't find actual sound signature differ too much between ports, but instead soundstage emphasis is different. A is more centered with quieter boarders, and B has maybe more natural balance on whole soundstage, and it also appears a bit louder than A port. I actually like A port very much too, but tend to use B most of time because its more natural soundstage. But once in a while I like to listen A port aswell, I find it sounding a little more laid-back so it's nice for relaxing and backround music, and also when I want to focus especially on vocals.
  14. ilmothedude
    Listening to 780 with soundmagic E80 from port A and really loving the sound. What I maybe like the most in this pairing is how soundstage really extends forward. It might actually extend even sligthly more forward from port A. I'm so in love with xuelin sound right now :L3000:If and when I purchase new dap it could very possibly be xuelin.

    Btw, does anyone here own ihifi1969 dap? There seems to be so little info of it at least in english. I wonder how good it sounds. It even has balanced output.
    1969 is now on ebay for under 400€.
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  15. dobis4ever
    Hello to all Xuelin 780 user's,

    think, i found it in the playlist option's.. never thought to find it there.. but some other tip's and how 2 are welcome.

    (i like my 780 really, but maybe someone could give me a little help.
    how can i play all folders from one artist.
    i tried it this way:
    explorer-> sd card -> then scroll to the main folder of the artist -> press enter -> but then i can only confirm the different album's within the main folder -> then press ok again and i'm in alnum folder wih the tracks.
    if i then press ok, just the selectet song will be played.
    repeat is off and shuffle is on.
    i'm shure , it's my fault, but sometimes i want to play all songs from one artist or at least just a whole album from one artist, ( i have a main folder for everey artist and the diff. albums in there)

    would be nice, someone could enlighten my mind, because it's probably so easy, but i couldn't see it)

    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
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