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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. DaveLT
    Well in general. It allows better placement of drivers.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Agreed. To add to that thought, the DUNU DN-1000, 2000, and 2000J are all hybrid IEMs with a completely straight housing.
  3. ezekiel77
    Following this and the KZ thread closely... itching to pull the trigger on a budget-fi superstar. Does anyone have any experience with KZ here?
  4. thatBeatsguy
    One one side, you've got me, who hates the brand to no end, and on the other side, youv'e got the KraZy hype thread, each post only adding fuel to the flame. I do have personal experience with KZ, having reviewed the ED9 some time ago, and those IEMs have proved to me that KZ is little more than a quantity-over-quality kind of Chinese brand, having very low quality standards that I know of.
  5. ezekiel77
    Haha dang... in that thread they treat the ED9 like the MVP! I dunno man, I've had little luck when it comes to Chinese brands. Only Havis have not broken down on me before. The GR07, RE-400, and KC06 I had defective units that had to be replaced with new ones.
  6. bhazard
    Most of the older KZ models aren't anything special, but the newer ones like the ED10, ZS1 and HDS1 perform really well for the $10 or so they go for. They easily surpass the Piston 2 in sound quality now, but the hybrid will more than likely sound better than any KZ as of now.
    The best part about both brands is the pricing. You can buy both the hybrid and a KZ and not spend much money for better than average quality sound.
    eaglearrow likes this.
  7. thatBeatsguy
    As bad as the ED9's channel imbalance was, though, I did feel like there was some promise to the sound -- even though I really got to hear it through only one channel.
    However, I mean, KZ IEMs go for under $20 a pop as well -- quite similar to the Pistons. As bhazard has said, though, you can buy two to three of these ultra-cheap Chinese IEMs and get similar sound quality to $50 sets, pretty much. 
    ezekiel77 likes this.
  8. Aevum
    you can flame all you want but sony proves you wrong
    you first had the XBA-1/2/3/4 which were straight shooter IEM´s and the EX600/800/1000 which were side shooting dynamics,
    Now you have the XBA-300 which is a triple armature side shooter, as well as the XBA-H3 which a combination of straight shooter armature with a side shooter dinamic,
    Then you have the UE Super.fi 5 / UE600, as well as the phonk 100 and 200 series which did amazing things with side shooting Armatures.
    you can have it both ways depending on acustic engnieering of the actual channels and chamber inside the IEM.
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  9. fairx
    Got response from LYN guy, he mention 5 days ETA. any other option for Malaysian? 5 days not that bad actually
  10. noobandroid
    ive put in my purchase and lets see how the result will be, cause he remarked rdy stock
  11. ezekiel77

    Fastest I've heard so far. If I decide to get this I'm glad I don't have to go through Taobao.
  12. DJScope
    BA's are more linear and easier to tune than dynamic drivers, that's why they are used so much in the current top IEMs. Their only drawback is sensitivity and impedance curve.
  13. DooberKnob
    I hope to see measurements for these soon. I'm a big fan of iems that fit in the bowl of your ear.
  14. noobandroid
    for less than usd30 item, i will not be too concerned on the freq and stuff, as long as it doesnt sound too shabby
  15. noobandroid
    i think he use expedited shipping and add into single item sales cost, thats why it costs slightly higher than average
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