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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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    Nice to see these already drop down to $20. Might pick up a pair, expecting these to sound as good as what's in the ~$100 range. Perhaps even on the level of Sony's multi-driver IEMs.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Well, since @bhazard "asked nicely":
    Seller NameSeller SiteStatusNotes
    Regional sites:
    http://www.mi.com (Mainland China)
    http://www.mi.com/hk (Hong Kong)
    http://www.mi.com/tw (Taiwan)
    http://www.mi.com/sg (Singapore)
    http://www.mi.com/my (Malaysia)
    http://www.mi.com/ph (Philippines)
    http://www.mi.com/in/ (India)
    http://www.mi.com/id/ (Indonesia)
    http://www.mi.com/en/ (Global)
    LEGITThanks to @rontant for the regional links.

    Check these links if you live in one of the

    regions listed.

    Links will NOT redirect you to a direct store

    iBuyGouhttp://[Mod Edit: Removed]LEGIT**This seller has now been BLACKLISTED by Head-FI due to shill posts made by its employees. All posts linking to the site are now prohibited.
    TinyDealhttp://[Mod Edit: Removed]LEGIT**This seller has now been BLACKLISTED by Head-FI due to shill posts made by its employees. All posts linking to the site are now prohibited.
    XiaomiWorldhttp://www.xiaomiworld.comLEGITThanks to @DJScope for the link.
    Lazadahttp://www.lazada.com.phLEGITOfficial retailer in the Philippines. 

    Pistons are called "MI In-Ear Headphones".
    Pandawillhttp://www.pandawill.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link.
    Merimobileshttp://www.merimobiles.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link. Link will NOT redirect you to a direct store page.
    GearBesthttp://www.gearbest.comLEGITLink will NOT redirect you to a direct store page.
    Geekbuyinghttp://www.geekbuying.comLEGITAdded upon bhazard's "request".
    Flipkarthttp://www.flipkart.comLEGIT*Official retailer in India.

    Thanks to @HawkEye0701 for the link.

    HUGE thanks to @DJScope for confirmation.
    BigBargainOnlinehttp://www.ebay.comLEGITSupposedly the eBay store of PenonAudio. Updated upon bhazard's "request".
    Nacodexhttp://www.amazon.comLEGITThanks to @mmu16 for the link. Updated upon bhazard's "request".
    Focalpricehttp://www.focalprice.comLEGITThanks to @christoophat for the link. Updated upon bhazard's "request".
    Enrgo Estorehttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @Viber for the link.
    GMatrixhttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @lbartik for the link.

  3. DJScope
    Soooooo.... I like turtles.
  4. thatBeatsguy
    You gotta admit, turtles are nice.
    Anyways, on-topic a bit: my Hybrids shipped out a couple days ago from Gearbest, and I should have them sometime next week. TBH I'm still pretty optimistic about them.
  5. christoophat
    Looking forward to your impressions.
  6. U-3C
    They definitely are~ I want one of these. A few digits and a missing eyeball is a small price to pay~

    I'm looking forward to more reviews. So far, I feel that the hybrids are not for me, but I'm also still super hyper up about them!
  7. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Big Snapper. A Lot of really good SOUP on the Hoof right there...
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  8. shockdoc
    Subbed...and looking forward to more impressions and thoughts on relative isolation as well as SQ.
  9. noobandroid
    quantie is not available in mi.com/my, so i will have to seek out another person who have bulked from China before hand, and albeit being more expensive, i think it is still worth it as the piston 3 is already RM69, and the Quantie is sold at RM96, which is not far away price gap, and all in Malaysian Ringgit currency talk
  10. ezekiel77
    A dude is selling the Quantie for RM85 in LYN. Is that the guy?
  11. noobandroid
    yes, im waiting his response
    according to mi link, the name for this new piston is obviously Quantie and not Hybrid IEM @Weithulu 
  12. fairx
    I parted with my xiaomi 2.1 twice already since I promise to give it away when I got something better. But piston is the best for my commuting to work everyday. Looking forward to this new offering from xiaomi. I wish they're more universal and not angled so I can wear it over ear.
  13. thatBeatsguy
    The pictures on the first post do show that the nozzles are, in fact, still angled.
    ...Quantie (圈铁) when translated practically means Hybrid, as the word refers to the IEM's dynamic (动*圈*) and balanced armature (动*铁*) drivers. Either way they mean the same thing, but for convenience purposes (that is, for the English speakers) we left it at Hybrid. 
  14. DaveLT
    The only way you can make a straight IEM is if you use a dynamic. For SQ wise, angled IEMs allow the driver to bunch up right close to the tip.
  15. Uberclocked
    That is not true.
    The Layla (12 drivers) and Angie (8 drivers) are pretty much straight.
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