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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. lesp4ul

    ZN1 is the currenty flagship from KZ, and yet more to come. But zn1 has channel and soundsig problem with it's amp module. Zs1 is the safer choice, warm & detailed sound.

    I have piston 3 also KZ ED3, ATE, ED9, ED10, also LP Headphones, i must say that four kz IEMs i have are better than piston 3. I like the bass extend on p3 but if i listening to edm or house, it lacks of high "openness", my Sony MH1 could handle this much better.

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  2. ezekiel77
    Thanks for the info. I know this belongs to another thread (but there's like 500 pages to sift through), so if I wanted a KZ with good mids, treble sparkle and non-overwhelming bass (basically neutral with slight warmth) which would be it for me?

    The kicker is my friend rather enjoyed the balance of the Pistons 3 so we're taking this segment very seriously as well haha.
  3. ezekiel77
    Forgive me boss I'm not a numbers and graphs guy, but does the graph predict whether an IEM is sibilant or smooth? Like in this case the treble roll-off I would predict the detail is not as extended and rich, but does it lend to smoothness as well?
  4. B9Scrambler
    HDS1 sounds like it would be a decent option. They may be a little bright but are one of the few KZs that aren't on the bassy side. ED3 2015 could also be an option though I recommend EQing the bass down. They've got some serious kick. The ANV also holds it own against the newer models (I like them more than the HDS1, and almost as much as the ED3), but you might want to filter mod them since they can be somewhat strident up top. It's also tough to find them at a decent price but worth it for the premium build. They are beautiful.
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  5. fairx
    Just receive mine and testing it as I'm typing. The FR seems justify what I'm hearing tight now. Solid iem for its price. This is just an impression but it's better than piston I can say. Worth 20 usd I paid? Of course they worth more! Kinda sad for the V signature. Hope the burn in would make something out of it.
  6. ezekiel77
    A lot of hybrids fall into the "lemme show you what dynamic bass can do" trap. Overwhelming bass with recessed mids. XBA-H3 and DN1000 were like that. The only hybrid I've listened to that manages a good balance between bass, mids and treble is the FLC8. Near-perfect tuning but of course reflected in the price (SGD465). Does anyone have any feedback on non-V-shaped hybrids?
  7. lesp4ul
    I agreed with @B9Scrambler
    Same thought as mine :D
  8. fallrsk
    The smell of corrective eq is in the air..
  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Sibilance is the result of too high a peak (or peaks) around the 4~8kHz region. Smoothness is pretty much the opposite with the lacking of peaks. So as you can see from the graph, XiaoMi Hybrid is on the smooth side of things. The dip in the 9Khz region (upper mid ~ lower treble) actually reduces the overall clarity and micro detail. The 10kHz~20kHz region is actually not too bad, but there ain't that many instruments that reaches that high a note.
  10. fairx
    Good news is. No subilance. Not the slightest hint of it.
  11. ezekiel77
    Thank you!
  12. tsetse7
    Forgive me my ignorance, but is -25Db @9Khz from 4Khz normal in iem terms? For example if I ever see this kind of graph for a loudspeaker, then it would be very very dull loudspeaker indeed. Of course a headphone/earphone/iem couples differently to the ear than a loudspeaker but still I have a hard time making sense of this graph?
  13. eaglearrow
    I find The A83 to be pretty much neatly balanced on all frequencies just a very slight lift in treble may be. 
  14. ezekiel77
    Good catch! I think I read Joker's reviews saying that this is the least V-shaped of the bunch of hybrids he was reviewing. My friend has it and I'm eager to hear it. A83 and FLC8 shootout in the horizon!
    This is the link http://theheadphonelist.com/brief-review-dunu-dn-2000-fidue-a83-t-peos-altone200-sony-xba-h3-triple-driver-hybrids-compared/
  15. adamjames37
    If anyone is checking this thread right now and interested in a good deal, Banggood (funny name, reputable Chinese retailer) is having a flash sale on the Xiaomi Hybrid. Just click "Rush to buy" when the timer hits 0 to get them for $10.99 US shipped. I believe it's limited to the first 50 orders. 
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