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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. koonghx
    I read through your posts and saw that you guys were talking about me.
    I am the seller of Xiaomi Hybrid on LYN.
    If you check my post history, I was among the first people on LYN to start selling the Piston 2.1
    At that time, other sellers was selling at RM120 since there are no competition and no one knew about Xiaomi yet.
    I posted my sales thread selling at that price and a user commented that I was evil as it was too expensive (just following market price),
    so I brought down the price and the price range for Pistons stuck at RM85 until now. Even though currency rate rose up, I still sell at that price.
    I bought them on 11.11 when Xiaomi released it in China.
    Reserving one for myself.
    If you want picture of it.. here is my one.
    This one is in my China's friend house right now, so I couldn't manage to unbox and update the pictures on the LYN thread yet.
    @noobandroid Really sorry for the confusion caused by my signature. The latest shipping info indicated that the package is in Singapore now. 
    It will hopefully arrive next week and I can post it immediately.
    Thank you!
  2. adamjames37
    For anyone interested I just noticed that GearBest has already reduced their price to $18.99 US shipped. This is the cheapest I've seen so far from a global retailer. 
  3. Kefkiroth
    Really enjoyed my Pistons 2.1, but lost them. Was looking to get the Pistons 3, but was excited to see that these Hybrids were recently announced.
    Decided to take on this offer. Heard GearBest is pretty good about selling authentic Xiaomi products.
  4. fairx
    Just secured one for myself. Hopefully next week I can finally rest my E80 for home use only.
  5. stephanNL
    Popped on these yesterday. Bought them at ibuygou (alternatively: that banned site where I buy my goo [​IMG]) cause I know they sell legit stuff. Got them for $21 using a coupon code. Was quite surprised they were shipped right away. Thought the stock of these was running quite low across among most known resellers. Can't wait to test them. Loved both Piston 2 and 3 and hoping these fall somewhere in the middle of those two in terms of sound signature.
  6. fairx
    just received your tracking! that was fast!! at this rate I'll received it on Monday Yay!!
  7. hignz
    Ordered mine from GearBest 4 days ago, the order is still processing :frowning2:
  8. Turkleton
    Word of advice, just forget you ordered these.... Makes the wait less painful
    I paid for mine on the 7th, 11th was supposed to be release date, 13th the payment was processed, 19th I received confirmation from GearBest that my hybrids had been shipped out. I'm assuming they're still processing the backend of the pre-sales, so you're probably gonna have to wait quite a bit.
    Luckily my KZ ED10s arrived on Monday so I have something to play with during the wait xD
    hignz likes this.
  9. ezekiel77

    How are they? I'm looking at either the Xiaomi hybrid or something from KZ... too many choices really hard to decide. Have you tried ED9 or HDS1 as well?
  10. Turkleton

    I love my ED10S! To my ears, they have better clarity and soundstage compared to my piston 3s.

    Build quality, comfort and accessories, xiaomi wins hands down. I haven't tried ED9/HDS1 yet. Those are still on the way :D
  11. B9Scrambler
    Yeah man. ED10s are great. The ED9 and HDs1 are too, but what you should look at next from KZ is the ED3 Youth Edition/2015/"The Acme". New level of refinement from KZ. Slaps the Piston 2.1/3.0 and ED10 around and steals their lunch money.
  12. ezekiel77

    Lol. So I take it they don't have a flagship. Just too many choices from the company.
  13. B9Scrambler
    haha...not really. KZ has definitely flooded the market with a slew of excellent budget earphones. There are worse things in life :wink:
    Maybe the ZN1 would be their flagship? Dual driver with an attached EQ box. Apparently they're pretty cumbersome to use but sound awesome. ZS1 second in line (these I have...same thing but no EQ and tuned as buttery smooth bass cannons).
  14. ClieOS Contributor
    Received mine a couple of hours ago, thought some of you guys would like to see these.
    First impression is that it is a solid IEM for the price, though can't say it has wowed me in anyway. Warm, good bass kick, but wish the upper extension could be better as it can use a bit more clarity.
    jant71, mebaali and ezekiel77 like this.
  15. lesp4ul
    Whoaa that valley...

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