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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. iL15hts

    Do you have one? I don't know but I don't like it. 1 of my piston 2, and 2 of my piston 3 had the same issue.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Is there any Velcro you have (like, say, on a bag) that may have caught onto the cable fabric? That was how my Pistons 2's Kevlar cover got flayed.
  3. DaveLT

    I do. If you accidentally get Velcro stuck on it'll become "I'm a frayed knot" :p
  4. SedyBenoitPeace
    Guys i was looking to change my Pistons V2 due to a washing (yes i'm a moron i washed my headphones) and i was looking to Pistons V3, but i saw that maybe they aren't at the same level of V2.
    Now i found this thread and from what i can understand i noticed that now Xiaomi returned to V2's levels...am I right? Where can I buy this? (of course i need international shipping :) )
    However if you know something that sound like the V2 that aren't from Xiaomi i'm open to any advice...thanks in advance!
  5. thatBeatsguy
    What exactly do you mean by the "level of V2"? If you're talking about the bass, then you're right.
    Well, if you've read enough of this thread to know that the Hybrids' bass is more like the 2.0, then you should already know by now about where to buy them. To be honest, I'm a little surprised you didn't find the following list two pages ago: 
    Seller NameSeller SiteStatusNotes
    Regional sites:
    http://www.mi.com (Mainland China)
    LEGITThanks to @rontant for the regional links.
    Check these links if you live in one of the
    regions listed.
    Links will NOT redirect you to a direct store
    iBuyGou[Mod Edit: Removed]LEGIT**This seller has now been BLACKLISTED by Head-FI due to shill posts made by its employees. All posts linking to the site are now prohibited.
    XiaomiWorldhttp://www.xiaomiworld.comLEGITThanks to @DJScope for the link.
    Lazadahttp://www.lazada.com.phLEGITOfficial retailer in the Philippines. 

    Pistons are called "MI In-Ear Headphones".
    Pandawillhttp://www.pandawill.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link.
    Merimobileshttp://www.merimobiles.comLEGITThanks to @clee290 for the link.
    Flipkarthttp://www.flipkart.comLEGIT* Official retailer in India.
    Thanks to @HawkEye0701 for the link.
    HUGE thanks to @DJScope for confirmation.
    *The Pistons sold by Flipkart have been reported to be different from those sold from other legit sellers and from Xiaomi itself. Caveat Emptor.
    BigBargainOnlinehttp://www.ebay.comTBAThanks to @HawkEye0701 for the link. I've seen user reports of fakes from this seller, so down to the TBA section it goes.
    Nacodexhttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @mmu16 for the link.
    Focalpricehttp://www.focalprice.comFAKEThanks to @christoophat for the link.
    Enrgo Estorehttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @Viber for the link.
    GMatrixhttp://www.amazon.comFAKEThanks to @lbartik for the link.

  6. DJScope
    As far as I'm aware, BigBargain Online is the eBay store of PenonAudio.com which will definitely be legit. Penon Audio is highly trustworthy.
  7. SedyBenoitPeace
    Yes i was talking about the bass and i'm happy to see that they are like the v2...i ordered mine from penonaudio and i checked the site after my post here :) i found the headphones under this name XIAOMI QTER01JY HYBRID IEM are the same of the thread right?
    Thanks for help!
  8. thatBeatsguy
    Yep -- it's the same thing.
    SedyBenoitPeace likes this.
  9. bhazard
    That seller list is subjective. Bigbargain is Penon Audio. Focalprice is a legit seller of many Xiaomi products. Nacodex is also a very large, legit seller, but that doesn't mean they sell Pistons.

    Gearbest and Geekbuying.com are very large vendors selling legit pistons and other Xiaomi products, but are noticeably absent from that list.

    If you want to be technical, there is no such thing as an "authorized" piston reseller. It's up to the buyer to find a store that guarantees an original and will refund if it isn't.

    That list should include Amazon as a fake seller based on how feedback determines the seller being "legit".
    city2026 likes this.
  10. christoophat

    Focalprice (and many other Chinese online companies) offer multiple listing of supposedly the same exact product, yet the prices vary quite a bit . In the case of the Pistons, I'd already owned a legit pair when I decided to get a second pair from them who insisted they sold real Pistons. Upon receipt, I could see instantly that that claim was an utter load of rubbish, they were such a poor knockoff
    it was almost funny. When I tried to post my review of them comparing the differences, they never posted it, even after 3 attempts. Focalprice may indeed sell legitimate products, but in this case they didn't, and I would never trust them again as a place I would give a dime to.
  11. duente7
    I had ordered the Pistons 3 from Geekbuying, and some other people i know did too, they were legit
  12. thatBeatsguy
    So what? The list was never supposed to be comprehensive or "technical" in any way -- I don't have the money to repeatedly purchase the same thing from all of those sellers to prove that they are or are not legit, hence all the @ tags to other Head-Fi'ers. Also, I'm not really the type to check and update my lists every day. Since you are obviously the type to do such a thing, what with you and your comprehensive list of known and unknown Chinese brands, then why don't you do it yourself instead of complaining about it?
  13. bhazard
    Your response has no place here. I could say a lot more, but I wont.
    Deviltooth and RedJohn456 like this.
  14. tsetse7
  15. Uberclocked
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