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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. olegausany
    The difficult part is to find which you like more. I tred Westinghouse 12AU7 and Tesla ECC802S with BH Crack and prefer 12AU7 over ECC802S while many consider Tesla ECC802S among the best for the Crack
  2. Dogmatrix
    I fear much if not all of the knowledge base built from 12au7 in the Crack may be redundant
    WA7tp's use of 12au7 as a rectifier is quite unique , I do not know of any other amps using the 12au7 this way
  3. olegausany
    Me too i just mentioned it because I want until you try a specific tube by yourself you will not know if it works for you or not
  4. Maxx134
    Wow you have a gift for reviewing!
    Excellent concise review.

    Yes I am thinking to go try the Westinghouse next but that's it for me lol
  5. Denon Frank
    Excellent review JoelT. Thank You!
  6. phobos0411
    I think I got unlucky. My wa7tp arrived the other day. Blows the fuse as soon as its switched on though :frowning2: gonna have to return for repairs. Funny thing is it worked for a good 8 hours or so before behaving like this the day after. I wish it hadn't worked at all though because it definitely sounded better than the standard psu. Sigh, waiting to hear back from jack on return shipping costs as it's a pretty penny or two ftom the uk.

    Great review JoelIt, I certainly agree on the power button though. Been spoilt with wa7 I guess :)
  7. pragu
    Now I'm confused - is the power symbol above the button, or in the center of the button?
    That is so brutal. I guess the upside is that it didn't destroy your WA7?

  8. phobos0411
    Yes the power symbol on mine was like the above picture unlike the promo shots we've already seen.

    Not destroying the wa7 is a plus, yes. My heart skipped a beat when I turned the setup on to see all tubes glow for less than a second before dieing. In between that point and plugging in my original psu to test the amp was still working was tense to say the least.
  9. JoelT
    Thanks folks! Hopefully the additional information is of some use to people still curious about the product. 
    The photograph in my review is one I took of my WA7tp, which is as shown (power symbol above the button). Woo's photographs on their site show it on the button...not sure why there's a discrepancy. Strange, now that you pointed that out.
    Wow. What a downer. So sorry to hear this. Another case of "early build quality issues being reported" per my review. [​IMG] 
  10. phobos0411
    I've had wa7tp running today after giving more fuses a try. It's run for about 7 hours total today with a 1 and a half hour break in between. The fuse I put in is a 160ma. I've also got couple of 250ma ones to try as well if this goes south. So for now I'm enjoying the sound and praying it doesn't get really hungry for fuses lol.

    What I did notice which is strange... The wa7tp says on the back 250ma @230v however the two blown fuses which came with the unit were rated for 200. Until putting the 160 in I thought maybe the 200 fuses just weren't enough for the unit. But now I'm really confused. Thought the 160 would have blown for sure! Here's to hoping it's smooth sailing from here on out because this unit really does sound better than the stock psu from first impressions :)
  11. groovyd
    that's nearly 50 watts... quite a bit of power for driving what i thought was a 1 watt amplifier... is your converter switch set to 110 or 220? maybe that is the problem. most of the testing was likely done in america which is 110.
  12. warrenpchi Administrator
    My power symbol is dead center on the button, as shown in the promo photographs... but that's probably because my unit was the one photographed.
  13. groovyd
    i like it better in the center of the button personally.  would be even nicer if the button were not turnable. seems not a tough thing to do internally, preventing the button from turning.  really think the best solution would be to just drop the button entirely (save everyone the cost of the switch and the machining ($100?) and just power on via the WA7 back switch.  Would look much cleaner and remove a potential failure point.
    Ideally the WA7 volume knob would be one of those where it clicks off at the min volume position and get rid of the rear switch as well.
  14. warrenpchi Administrator
    Actually, I kind of like the button.  [​IMG]  I think the main cost of the WA7 is the ridiculous-machining-of-the-aluminum bit... so I'm not sure the switch is a big deal in the over all scheme of things.
    Tel you what I would like though... I would like it if the power symbol were the same size and in the same position as the circle indicator of the WA7's volume dial (assuming it was dialed in to the 12:00 position).
  15. pervysage
    How do you go about switching on the WA7 after adding the WA7TP to the chain? Is it switching on the WA7TP on first via the front button, and then flicking the rear switch on the WA7?
    Or do you keep the WA7 permanently in the ON position and it turns off when you turn the WA7TP off?
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