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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    Does anyone have and planning to try the ECC802S tubes or any other tubes?
    I may try these next.
  2. groovyd
    I think I will stand out of the tube rolling until everyone agrees which one is best... avoid accumulating yet another pile of hobby gone by.  Just everyone please sort it all out and let me know which is best.  I will check back in 6 months [​IMG]
  3. JoelT
    LOL! Classic. What's the real scoop?
    While it's far from a deal-breaker, the design/feel clearly isn't on par with the main unit. I would agree with you there. I would have preferred the "power" symbol to be omitted as well, as it seems unnecessary and doesn't fit the clean design aesthetic. Obviously a twist knob is wishful thinking at this stage, as nice as it would have been. 
    [​IMG] Sure. Make the other chumps bankroll the tube rolling expenses. I probably will try out one more set in the next few weeks and call it good for awhile...I'm not going to buy a drawer full either. Hopefully we can coordinate some impressions to get to the bottom of the issue. 
  4. Maxx134
    I ordered the ECC802S..
    I guess I'm a test dummy :frowning2:
  5. groovyd
    would a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol take the power icon off without damaging the aluminum finish?  guessing it has some clear coat finish that might also come off?  actually won't be doing anything to these units until I hear beack from Jack regarding the height and finish mismatch. 
  6. olegausany
    Which brand you getting?
  7. warrenpchi Administrator
    Hehe, I think everyone who has tried it agrees that the Sylvania 5814 is a definite improvement.  Endgame tube or not, surely that by itself justifies acquisition?  [​IMG]
  8. Maxx134
    He was the second owmer(!)

    Anyway I just ordered the least expensive version of the ECC802S tube.. Off ebay..
    I think it is new stock.
    The "JJ" ECC802S..

    If they do not perform better than stock I will video tape myself stomping on them.. :p
  9. audiophile_007
    I got the JJ ECC802S gold pin, long plate version. They're here on my desk, all I need is a WA7TP.
  10. teamrushpntball
    Just scored a great deal on a WA7, suppose I'll be grabbing the WA7tp  in a week or so to go with it.  Hopefully a nice replacement for my Lyr/Bifrost.
  11. olegausany
    If it's better than Lyr depends on tubes and personal preference but i would keep Bifrost to use instead of stock Dac
  12. teamrushpntball
    Glad this was mentioned now, was about to sell the Bifrost.  Thanks for the heads up.
  13. CongeeBear
    Oh man, groovyd's observations about the aesthetic mismatch between the amp and WA7tp have me quite concerned! Differences in aluminum finish and height would drive me nuts! Is this a common issue that people are noticing, or did groovyd just get stuck with a bad unit?
  14. groovyd
    I have an earlier Wa7 but not that early.  I am going on a limb here and guessing you have a reasonable chance of this happening.  I have 2 WA7 and will be getting my second WA7tp in a week or two so I will see if that also mismatches.  Yes, I am a perfectionist so this does really bother me.  Sound is great but you kinda want the whole package when you spend around $1500 for an amp.  I wouldn't mind trading my WA7 in plus paying a bit more for a WA7d if that solves the height and finish issue even though I have no use for the optical input.
    Emailed Jack the glass block measurements I made using a micrometer and turns out the two blocks themselves are 1mm difference in height and his response was this was within tolerance and that surface finish varies from batch to batch and was expected.  With the rubber feet also off around 1mm and at a slight tilt it does not look good at all, even if the finish were identical.  My best option right now is to use the thicker glass block on the shorter unit which half compensates for the difference.  The finish still throws it off for me though. Kind of wish I had bought them both together and just sold off my original WA7.  Probably a better chance of them matching.  The front of my WA7 is matte finish the front of the WA7tp is sparkly and they are around 2mm difference in height, one tilted a half mm.
    Maybe we can all post our unit height and finish spec and do a swap to get the best matches amongst us... so much for being an early bird [​IMG]
  15. CongeeBear
    Wow, so altogether that's a 2mm height difference, or 2000 microns. Kinda amazing when you consider the fact that the iPhone 5 is manufactured within tolerances of +/- SEVEN microns, lol. Really puts into perspective Apple's "insanely-good" manufacturing standards!
    If that's the case, I too wish there were an option to trade in our WA7s (mine is among the earliest batches) for a WA7d. I'm a perfectionist like you, and I also don't give a toss about the optical input -- but the differences in finish would probably give me an aneurysm! And yes, sometimes it really does suck to be an early-adopter. Having said that, however, I've never had an issue with the build quality of any Woo amp, their stuff has always been impeccable from my experience!
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