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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. olegausany
    Possible when you talk about Rotel and the like but when i spent 2 weeks trying 3 different EQs and D7000 didn't sound the way i wanted while HD650 sounded great after 30 seconds of EQ adjustment plus the best i heard with my setup and my music you might understand me
  2. reddyxm
    Great review! WA7tp looks so beautiful next to the amp. Wish the power symbol was on the power switch. Small aesthetic displeasure.
    For anyone interested
  3. groovyd
    i noticed minor burn in changes personally with the WA7.  If it is a 5 now it might get to 7 but not 10.  I think it might be somehow out of spec.  Not sure what the tolerances Woo uses on their electrical performance but if the build tolerances are any indication I would say there is a chance you got a bad unit.  Not faulting Woo here but the matching between my units was nothing like a match pairing and according to Jack they were 'still in spec.' for what it is worth... I think the WA7 may have hit a much larger audience then previous Woo products and it could be that they are falling behind in quality control trying to keep up [​IMG]
  4. HiFiGuy528
    A short 1ft. DC cord is now available.  
    A fresh batch of tubes just received our stamp of approval.  Time to send them off to patiently waiting music lovers. :)
  5. EdmontonCanuck

    That would be me patiently waiting :). If I order the 1 foot cord now can it all be included in the same shipment?

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  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    Okay, I'll admit, that looks much better than the long cable.  [​IMG]
    HiFiGuy528 likes this.
  7. holeout
  8. HiFiGuy528
    mostly neater than the long DC cord.  
  9. HiFiGuy528
    No additional shipping cost if your has not shipped.  We will place the 1ft. cord in the box along with your WA7tp order.  Please make a note in the "message to seller" section within Pay Pal when ordering the 1ft. cord so our fulfillment personnel knows.
    ~ Mike Liang
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  10. holeout
    How do I order? Don't see it on the Woo site.
  11. EdmontonCanuck

    Thanks Mike. Ordered, and my invoice now shows it was added to my WA7tp order.

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  12. EdmontonCanuck

    Just send $45 via PayPal (if you're in the USA) and put in the notes section that you want the 1' DC cord for the WA7tp.

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  13. JoelT
    Looks great! Any word on when Woo Audio's choice of upgrade tube for the WA7tp will be available? I'd like to bundle a set in with the shorter cable to save on shipping if possible.
  14. groovyd
    could even be a bit shorter... would be real awesome with right angle connectors.
  15. smellyfungus
    just got my shipment notify.

    will be doing impressions with those popular Sylvania's and some IEC mullards. I'm curious about the cryo gold lions but didn't want to spend the money yet.
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