Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by xanatos, Oct 21, 2013.
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  1. JSands82
    Me and my boys like the Fidelio X2, very comfortable for hours of play.
  2. Dinnr
    I use an old pair of Beyerdynamic DT531's, fell in love with them and at the moment am trying to stockpile some spares to keep them going. Believe I purchased the last cable in stock in the country for them not too long ago!
  3. .Sup
  4. seamon
    LCD 3
  5. SimpleHuman
    Not purchased yet but considering a SE HD 800s for use with the HTC Rift and computer gaming. Swapping to my Sony XBA-Z5s when the girlfriend starts yelling at me for the noise.
  6. Planetic
    I´m Playing with my Audeze LCD-X simple because their my only pair of cans right now :D
    But its not bad either! It can just get a little uncomfortable for long sessions
  7. JSands82
    HD800 with the Creative Soundblaster Omni, GTA V surround sound is awesome.
  8. kadrian
    rs-185. It's really comfortable and has quite good sound.
  9. Bryce.E
    beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 ohm through a JDS Labs C5D. Very immersive and i'm able to wear them for hours on end without discomfort.
  10. catscratch Contributor
    To the top, necro thread!

    Mostly HD650 here, with some L700 and SR-007A. The HD650 is basically ideal, comfortable, smooth sound, no physical or ear fatigue whatsoever, and detailed enough where you don't have to crank it up, yet not so detailed that it reveals all audio problems in-game. The Stax stuff is better in some ways, especially the 007A with its crazy resolution, but crazy resolution in most games just makes you hear the audio problems. So the electrostats get used on things that have high-quality sound samples and good sound engines (i.e. Fallout 4) while the HD650 is used on everything else. No problems with the HD650 playing competitively, positioning is good enough. I don't feel like the Stax phones really give me anything extra in that regard, but they don't hurt either.
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  11. cskippy
    Recent addition: HD800 Wow! These really do live up to the hype for detail whoring. I've had more hackusations called out on me since I've been using these.
    HE-6 is a close second. These are more like speakers with their full presentation. They don't have as good of soundstage as the HD800 but everything else is right up there.
    HD650 is very good for single player games where you're just sitting back and chilling. Great bass.
    TH-X00 is surprisingly good but I prefer open back headphones as they are just more natural. THis is one of the best closed backs I've heard for gaming. Alpha Dog might have been slightly better but these sound better to me.
    MA900 is also excellent probably 2nd in terms of pinpoint accuracy but their resolution isn't as high as the others probably due to the tuning. Still and excellent headphone if you can find it used.
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  12. Erikson2k
    Monoprice M1060's. Retired my HD600's and Fostex T50RPMkIII's for these, they're fantastic for gaming.

    - Super open
    - Super fast planar magnetics
    - Sub bass for pew pew's and explosions
    - Positional audio. I'm frequently telling teamates where the enemy is when I'm spectating because I can hear their position and they can't. This happens every night.

    - Audio leaks like crazy, you're roomates will hate them

    Such value, many savings. Basically the poor man's LCD2. For gaming if you're using a MIC I highly recommend open so you can hear your own voice and don't end up yelling when trying to talk to your teamates.

    edit: for reference using an external O2 odac/amp combo to drive them.
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  13. udok75
    Hello, I use the ASTRO Gaming Headset A50. I am very happy with it. When I bought it, it was even reduced at www.otto.nl
  14. uoods
    Love my DT880s but been trying out different combinations for better footstep placement recently. IEMs work great for hearing max-distance sounds but not isolating directionality. What's everyone's favorites for cs:go and pubg and the like?
  15. Doug2507
    Had plenty of sennys but for gaming akg 712's have stolen the crown for me!
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