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Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by xanatos, Oct 21, 2013.
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  1. Xanatos
    I'm curious to know what headphones or headset you're currently using for PC gaming.
    I'm using the AD700 and sometimes the DT770-80.
  2. Makuta11
    If I'm playing offline, usually my HD650s (Although their role in gaming was recently replaced by Focal Pros). If I need to talk to people, I just use my Turtle Beach X12, which works well enough. The Custom One gaming headset from Beyerdynamic looks pretty nice though.
  3. NamelessPFG
    Sony MDR-MA900.
    I used to use a Stax SR-Lambda, but had to sell my nice set recently (and before that, the SRM-T1 amp I was driving it with). I do consider it a better headphone overall, even for gaming, but the MA900 is just far more practical in most cases because it's not picky about amplification. Plug and play.
    It still has all the qualities I want out of a gaming headphone, too. Mad Lust Envy wasn't kidding about it.
  4. Fegefeuer
    Why did you sell it?
  5. NamelessPFG
    I needed the money, simple as that. When I've got a family who needs to borrow $400 from me, and that STILL may not be enough to cover all the bills this month...you get the picture. That's not even factoring all my own bills to be paid, especially since I just did something stupid and started ordering new PC parts recently because I really wanted a new gaming desktop. (I suppose I can turn around and sell off what I build if the situation gets that desperate.)
    It actually wasn't until I found the MA900 that I knew of any headphone "good enough" for my purposes. Most cheaper sets had some sort of glaring fault (AD700's lack of bass, most other sets' lack of soundstage, higher-end dynamics and orthos that expect to be driven with even more expensive amps), and the MA900's biggest fault (recessed treble) can be corrected easily with a bit of EQ.
  6. AxelCloris Administrator
    I'm currently using Mad Dog v3.0 and 1964 Ears quads for gaming. 1964-Q when traveling and the Mad Dogs when I'm at home with my T1 to amp them.
  7. GREQ
    I like to game with:
    - T20RP (modded)
    - DT990
    - and sometimes K241 
    These are all great for comfort and long fatigue-less gaming sessions.
    I have also played games a couple of times with my HE-500, but they're not as comfortable.
  8. m1ku
    at home, I use the Beats Solo... :\ my sister bought it and never use it...
  9. whirlwind
    AKG Q701
  10. Joshatdot
    AKG K81DJs & Zalman ZM-Mic1
  11. xen0phon
    ATH-M50's, the extra long cable just about allows me to sit on the couch and play!
  12. Phishin Phool
    I was using ATH M50's but moved to Beyerdynamic DT990's anput equal precision wise for gaming but the beyers are so much more comfortable. Just got some modded Ortho's however and gonna give them a try.
  13. MrTechAgent
    People are gonna hate me for this but directionality is easy tointerpret with any decent earphones but I use my Ultrasones (HFI-450) 
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  14. xen0phon
    Do they have a long coiled cable too? No experience with Beyerdynamic's tbh but would be in the market for something that is noticeably more comfortable than the M50's.
    I have a PC hooked to the TV in my living room so the couch is about 10ft away (I have to move it closer with the M50's), any idea if there is a set of cans out there with a longer cable? It's not a huge deal to move the couch but I'm lazy :)
  15. Armin2603
    I'm also using ATH-M50, but i wanna change for an Fidelio X1, maybe.. Heard it's also good when you're playing video games.
    And I used to have a Creative Fatal1ty headset before
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