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Which headphones do you use for PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by xanatos, Oct 21, 2013.
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  1. Burt Macklin
    DT 880. Great sound and quite comfortable for longer sessions.
  2. kazaakas
    Q701. Almost unfair advantage, given how well it positions all the little details and tells me where my enemy is coming from.
  3. grantman102002
    I'm rocking the Massdrop Sennheiser PC37X headset. It's by far the best headset I have used. I picked up a 4-pole cable to go along with the stock one, so I could use it with my Xbox controller without needing any adapters.

    Before that, I was using HD558s with a modmic, but the cables and adapters I needed to play on console were starting to drive me crazy...
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  4. Cashy
  5. possitivepollution
    CA andromedas for csgo, my awareness has improved 10x.
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  6. Pairzilla
    are you playing FPS games with the 660s by any chance? if so how are they? was looking to get either the HD 700 or HD660s. anyone have a comparison for the two for mainly FPS gaming?
  7. YVWM47
    Audeze lcd-2c with questyle cma400i
  8. deanorthk
    as crazy as it sound, fostex TH900 MKII with SB X7. played all through kingdom come deliverance it was incredible:)
  9. HoloSpice
    Stax. Nuff said :wink:
  10. Superdrag81
    I also use my TH900 MKII through an X7. The soundstage makes the TH900 so great for FPS gaming too, its insane all the detail they pick up when listening for movement.

    Just recently started using my Hugo 2 as my primary DAC/amp on my PC and find it super hard to go back to the X7 now (even though the X7 is an insanely good combo for the price). I use a Blue Snowball Ice for my mic.
  11. deanorthk
    Ha, thanks for that information:) You don't miss the X7 sound settings for gaming at all? I kinda refuse to move away from the X7 for those reasons, maybe silly. The Hugo 2 is a great product, wish I could have the chance to listen to that combo for playing and listening to music (using HD650 and soon mojo at work for music)
  12. Superdrag81
    It's crazy man, i would have never thought a pure audiophile DAC would replace a gaming centric DAC...but man i just can't go back haha. I think it's the insane neutral presence that the Hugo 2 has that makes it good for gaming. It isn't bass heavy like Soundblaster devices tend to lean towards and grants almost perfect separation for noises in game. I've been using it mainly for Overwatch, Fortnite, and Shadow of Mordor. Even after messing with the EQ and scouting software, it still didn't sound as good as the Hugo 2. In all fairness, it is an almost $3000 DAC compared to a $400 - and if you are going from a pure audio/technical perspective there's really no comparison.

    That being said, i'd still never let go of my X7 - it's still incredibly good for what it's meant for, plus it's also a great audio DAC at that price-point. I still argue that it's the best amp/dac combo you can get for the PC if you are a gamer. The bass heaviness of the X7 also helps with my Sennheiser G4ME Zero headset, which to say the least, is not good with bass by itself.
  13. bequietjk
    Alternate between sr80e and t50rp but, t50s take the cake for enjoyment.
  14. bradysays
    I play a lot of shooters and always end up plugging one of my sennheisers in. They give a nice bassey punch to the weapons.
  15. luckybaer
    DT-770/80 Pro. Head-Fi'ers recommended the 770 for me 12 years ago. They were right. It was a good match for Battlefield 2 (at the time) and ended up being great for Call of Duty, too. I love 'em for Skyrim, DragonAge, and Fallout 3 & 4.
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