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What languages can you speak?

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  1. 1117
    I sincerely hope no one speaks Klingon here.

    Now that's just nerdy right there.
  2. rlanger
    My Spanish is pretty good and my English is somewhat suspect! I also speak a little bit of Japanese and I'm fluent in Enganese.
  3. warubozu

    Originally Posted by fatko /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Macau is a good place , i went to macau last Saturday and had a nice weekend !

    I haven't been back to HK in decades, last time I was there I was 4 yrs old. I should seriously make the time and go back there for a visit.
  4. Gautama

    Originally Posted by 1117 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I sincerely hope no one speaks Klingon here.

    Now that's just nerdy right there.

    That is sooo last decade.

    I speak Zerg.
  5. d-cee
    English (first) and Vietnamese (second).

    I used to speak Cantonese when I was younger but have forgotten it now, but could pick up little bits of information here and there.

    Learned Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian in school but wouldn't remember anything but basic greetings and maybe count from these.

    I could probably swear in Croatian, Serbian and Tagalog but that's just hanging around my mates in high school [​IMG]
  6. uncletank88
    English is my primary language and Spanish is my secondary. I can also understand French but i can not speak it.
  7. Blackmore
    Main is Russian, but also Dutch, English, Ukrainian.

    About Dutch. Have heard from someone that Dutch been discovered by two drunk gentlemans, German and English[​IMG]


    Originally Posted by saint.panda /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Forced to learn Dutch at the moment. It's sound kind of like a Brit lost in Switzerland.

  8. gilency Contributor
    English, Spanish, currently learning French
  9. Wmcmanus
    I speak English and the Universal language. [​IMG]

    Also, a bit of German from high school, but I'd have to spend a lot of time in Germany before I'd be very useful with it.
  10. tensaichen

    I have a fairly strong grasp of Japanese, like TV (unless they lapse into kansai dialect), Jap RPG games, simple novels, but I am not anywhere close to being capable of traveling in Japan by myself without language difficulty.

    I can order dimsum in cantonese . . . [​IMG] which is the most important thing to me anywayz.
  11. EnOYiN
    I'm fluent in Dutch, slightly less fluent in English and even a little less fluent in German.

    Aside from that I speak a bit of French, a bit of Spanish and a bit of Hebrew. (I can do a bit more than order a beer in those languages)

    For the rest I can say "Cheers" in a lot of languages. (a lot, dunno how many really)
  12. The Pieman
    I speak english and the more colourful words in about half a dozen other languages.

  13. Rednamalas1
    English(fluent), Japanese(90% fluent), Korean(fluent), some Cantonese and mandarin (enough to get by anyways) and of course, bad english
  14. MASantos Contributor
    I speak Portuguese and English fluently, German and French almost fluently, some Spanish. I can listen and understand Italian but I can't speak it.
    I have also some knowledge of Portuguese Sign Language.

    I would like to learn how to speak Japanese and Arab.
  15. chesebert

    Originally Posted by 2deadeyes /img/forum/go_quote.gif

    ...Shanghainese is not a language; just a different dialect of Chinese (along the same line as Cantonese, which also is NOT a language)..before you know it we would have people speaking Beijingnese, Shezhuannese, and Hongkongnese [​IMG]

    where do these madness stop...
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