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What languages can you speak?

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  1. Binaural Fusion
    I am at least demi-lingual; I can read, but not understand, english. Also, I am re-learning québécois.
  2. Kirosia
    Engrish and Khmer
  3. Lazarus Short
    English and Ozark.

    Yes, it's a joke, the Ozark I mean. It's more of a dialect, and my ex-wife speaks it better than I do, but then she lived in Mac county for several years. [​IMG]

  4. epaludo
    English, portuguese and spanish.
    Would love to learn way more languages in the future ...
  5. PFKMan23

    Originally Posted by fatko /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    how come you know Taiwanese?
    i dont even understand a word of Taiwanese during their conversation....[​IMG]

    My parents, aunts, uncles, speak it so I picked it up as well.
  6. yuckymucky
    Just English but I would like to learn Russian, I am not sure why but I would just like to.
  7. nibiyabi
    Just English. I can speak Spanish about as well as a four- or five-year old, and I can write it about as well as perhaps a ten-year old. That means I can order food and ask for directions, but not much more.
  8. Akathriel
    English/Spanish [7 years of school have left me talking about 80% (w/ thick gringo accent) and understanding 100%.]
    I can read hebrew on a primitive level as well.
    Just French... Unfortunately [​IMG] Indeed, my English language is very approximative
  10. Foshizzle
    Fluent in Swedish,Finnish and English, I also speak a little bit of German.
  11. IceClass
    I speak and write English and French fluently. I get by in German and speak fluent drunk.

    Currently learning Inuktitukt. (...and I thought German grammar sucked)
  12. appophylite
    English (1st language)
    Marathi (2nd language-primarily gets spoken in the house when talking to or with my mother)
    Hindi (spoken with the larger Indian community, but prefer to stick to the first two)
    Sanskrit (I can recite/understand prayers in this language, but my mother is trying to teach me conversational Sanskrit)

    I can also passably speak French (most of it disappeared after graduating high school), and can understand a good bit of spanish.
  13. tjumper78
    english and korean.
    and i can swear in spanish =)))
    want to learn german.
  14. progo
    Apart from my native, only ony seemingly fluent is English.
  15. saint.panda Contributor
    I can express my love in 8 languages and insult people in 11 languages but most fluently in Turkish and Albanian. Other than that, I speak Chinese (Mandarin), German and English fluently. Decent French, horrible Spanish.

    Forced to learn Dutch at the moment. It's sound kind of like a Brit lost in Switzerland.
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