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What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

Discussion in 'Mike Moffat (Baldr)' started by baldr, Oct 13, 2015.
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  1. Ableza
    Your wife wants you dead, plain and simple.
  2. bosiemoncrieff
    what the phuck is that
    Ableza likes this.
  3. SpeakerBox
    My thoughts exactly!
  4. SpeakerBox
    Coffee only makes me stronger.
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  5. SpeakerBox
    You don't have a bathe & brew?
  6. bosiemoncrieff
    I keep my bathroom a bathroom and my kitchen a kitchen.
  7. SpeakerBox
    Probably a wise move :L3000:
  8. artur9
    There's this Ethiopian coffee at work that tastes like bad milk. I imagine that is not how it's supposed to taste?

    Also, that Bathe&Brew thing is an abomination. One bathes with milk and then uses that in the coffee. At least, isn't that what Cleopatra used to do? :wink:
  9. SpeakerBox
    Well, the Ethiopian I like is from the Sidama region (not Yirgacheffe as it is more bitter). Sidama is smooth as silk and generally hard to come by and has the taste of fruit as a signature.

    Bathe&Brew is just a cruel joke.
  10. US Blues
    I'll bet it decodes MQA. :poop:
    barondla and RickB like this.
  11. adydula
    DSD too!!
  12. SpeakerBox
    Since it doesn't actually exist we can bestow and capabilities we wish.
  13. RickB
    Needs a Kickstarter!
    audio philestine likes this.
  14. SpeakerBox
    And a 3.5mm HP jack.
  15. bosiemoncrieff
    I'm falling in love with the Square Mile Roasters' Sweet Shop espresso. I'm dosing a little over 18g in and getting a little under 40g out — at 96°C and it's the most flavorful, bright, fruity, juicy espresso of my life. Really extraordinary. I've only done single origin espressi out of the EK so far so I was taken aback at the different requirements in grinding blends. Whereas SO coffee requires ~0.6 on the EK, blends are better around 1.5. I've inched up but the beginning of the shot is still quite constipated, and it takes something like 40 seconds to get to the 40 grams that I find to be the canonical shot with the EK. (With the BSGP anything above 31 or 32g became astringent.) I suppose I could bring the dose down to 17.5 and the grind all the way up to 2 (or try different trade-offs between coarsening grind and lessening dose) and see what gets to the sweet spot. Its such a fascinating process of discovery — the Sweet Shop doesn't come with a "recipe." You're on your own to fiddle with dosage, grind size, shot volume, water temperature—it's thrilling.

    Pour over is still lovely, but nothing like espresso.
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