1. Blending 🧉 + ☕️

    Blending 🧉 + ☕️

    Unimate 🧉x Black glazed latte ☕️
  2. Blackglazed Latte ☕️

    Blackglazed Latte ☕️

    In Starbucks its price is 🇰🇷, 6,800₩
  3. Baldr

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    Here we are at the beginning of a long overdue journal of my audio life since 1967, when I sold my very first audio product. It was a modified Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier, which I had tweaked to drive my Quad ESL speakers, a tricky deal as they were very revealing of less than ideal amps, not to...