1. onebigunion

    Can dynamic headphones be damaged by amplification clipping?

    This came up in another thread,and instead of hijacking that one, I though I'd start a new one.  Clipping occurs when the amp is driven beyond its capabilities and sends out a distorted waveform.  You can definitely take out a speaker this way, but what about a headphone?  The consensus on the...
  2. TunneLVisioN42

    $100 - SE215 / Philips Fidelio S1 / MEE A161P

    I have been wanting to get a solid value IEM for some time but have not had the time to sit down, research, and come to a decision. I was hoping people that have some personal experience with these could share opinions etc. Maybe help me come to a decision. Most of my listening will be...
  3. Shazb0t

    Q701 with O2 Question

    I recently bought an O2 amplifier and a set of Q701's to use with my Titanium HD.  I am a competitive fps player so having the x-fi chip is important to me.     I have hooked up the the O2 to the Titanium HD using RCA out from the card to 3.5mm input jack on the O2.  I then am plugging the...
  4. talleyrand890

    Need an amp for these?

    I read a very detailed review of these on Amazon (4-star by Mark Midura) that claimed that one needs an amp for these earphones:   I've had the M-Duo for about two months now, using them on and off either with my iPod Classic or through my O2/ODAC stack. I have noticed no extreme signs of...
  5. TwelveTrains

    Can a cheap amp have a good potentiometer?

    Hey all,   In my experiences buying and trying different headphone amps, I've yet to really find a cheap amp that has a good pot. I want to be able to recommend something to my friends in the $100 dollar range. I tried the Schiit Magni, but the volume ramped up SO fast, I couldn't go beyond...
  6. macro

    Double Amping (Yamaha RX-V371 > O2 > K712)

    I've been looking at getting some cans for my living room (mostly gaming/movies, some music) and I'm pretty sold on the K712s or K702 Annies. I'd like to use them with my Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, as I've read Silent Cinema is actually pretty good. The problem is my receiver's headphone amp has...
  7. itd7

    Help a newbie? Difference between O2 and O2+ODAC

    Greetings people!   I have been getting interested in high-quality sound equipment recently, and as a result of that I'm thinking of getting either a Sennheiser HD600 or HD650, but if you're going to spend such a big amount of money on a pair of headsets, you might aswell go all the way and...
  8. adupree

    O2 amp feedback/clicking issue

    Looking for any ideas. I just built an O2 portable amp and it powers on, but it is not passing audio. Only a loud clicking sound. I checked everything and it seems fine. 
  9. fernandodeidre

    Meridian Explorer vs. O2+ODAC COMBO

    Hey Head-Fi people! I'm thinking of getting my first DAC/Amp. I have B&W P7's and I did some research and found out this two. I'm primarily going to use them both on my iMac and MacBook Pro. Which one would you recommend, or if theres any better one, which one? My budget is 300 dollars more or...
  10. rjalex

    What is causing this weird noise at the end of a sweep ?

    Dear friends, I have found and put into practice a little plugin script for Audacity to generate tone sweeps.   Whether I listen this from my iMac->headphone out->little H/K speakers   or   iMac->USB->ODAC->O2->Sennheiser HD600   I hear the same "artifacts" if played with Audacity or...
  11. tehsprayer

    Vali vs Magni vs O2

    What is better? I am currently running the DT 990-250, but I am looking to upgrade to HD 650/600, HE-400/500 or LCD-2. (leaning towards HE-400 or HE-500).   I would purchase the dac that matches the amp e.g. Schiit i'll get the modi, O2 i'll get the odac. Price is not a concern. I am using the...
  12. Halonoonan

    Vali vs O2

    I just ordered the Beyerdynamic dt 880 250ohm and looking for a good amp to go with it. Was set on getting the O2 but then came across the Schiit Vali. Seems like this night be a good option and can even be used if I upgrade my phones at some point. Any thoughts?
  13. tostada

    Android Bluetooth DAC advice

    I'm not really the world's most passionate audio connoisseur, but I listen to podcasts and music 8 hours/day, and I'm a geeky developer who has to over-research everything.  Lately I'm taking a Nexus 7 to work everyday and listening to stuff that I pre-download on Play Music All Access.  It's my...
  14. AstralStorm

    Any IEM with sound signature similar to Ortofon O2?

    Hey, I've been trying on lots of full-size cans recently with the equalizer and found that Ortofon O2 matches me almost perfectly Differences: I don't need the slight warmth boost, could use slightly more subbass and extreme high end could also use a lot more extension, it trails at 15k.  ...
  15. Baldr

    What a long, strange trip it's been -- (Robert Hunter)

    Here we are at the beginning of a long overdue journal of my audio life since 1967, when I sold my very first audio product. It was a modified Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier, which I had tweaked to drive my Quad ESL speakers, a tricky deal as they were very revealing of less than ideal amps, not to...
  16. Jpapertowels

    O2 acted strangely for a while [fixed with time?]

    problem fixed, they sound about the same and get to the same volume now. after playing enough music at the loudest I could get it before distorting, it started to open up more room for increasing volume... must be weird issue with one of the components that seems to have fixed itself...
  17. Sludig

    Recomended gain for O2 with Audeze LCD-2

    I´m looking for a good amp for my LCD-2 and I don´t want to spent a lot, so I´m thinking to purchase an O2 amp which many people have on pair with this audeze with very positive results.   But I have a question about the need of power for this headphones, and I don´t know what could be the...
  18. C

    Asus Xonar STX and Sennheiser Momentum On Ear a good match?

    Is the Asus Xonar STX and Sennheiser Momentum (On Ear) a good match?   I read that the Xonar STX performs poorly with low impedance headphones. The Momentum cans are only 18 ohms.
  19. unleash

    FiiO e9 vs O2 for amplifier when using E17 as DAC

    Hi guys! I am new here and have just been initiated in the world of high end audio by my friends. I currently own ATH M50 and am using E17 as my DAC/amp from my desktop. I wanted to see if anybody can advice regarding what would be better as a dedicated amp for the E17. Should I go with the E 9...
  20. Strider99

    Upgrade from O2 amp?

    I'm looking for upgrade from O2 amp. But, since there are too many positive comments about O2, it's hard to find which amp actually can be upgrade from O2.   I think of $200-300 SS amp, maybe Asgard2, but not sure. Do you have any recommend?
  21. THC Butterz

    Any phisical 5.1 headphone amps out there?

    ​I just upgraded my old CM Storm sirus 5.1s to a pair of BD880 Pros, Just as a side project to have a bit of fun I am looking to take advantage of the opertunity to get the most out of my old headset and SBZ soundcard. So im looking for a bunch of high end 30mm drivers a pair of 40mm subs and...
  22. mink42

    STX as a dedicated DAC with amp?

    Hi guys,   Was wondering whether it was possible for me to use my Xonar Essence STX as a dedicated Dac and then purchase an amp to drive my HD600's.   STX>Amp> HD600   This possible? Or should I really be looking at getting a proper Dac?   Was looking at getting a little dot or O2
  23. Ortofon O2

    Ortofon O2

    Designed especially for DJ users, the Ortofon O2 providesnbspeffortlessnbsphigh-power handling abilitynbspand good noise isolation that will let you hear your work clearly while you keep groovin all night long. Extremely efficient 114dB SPL guarantees potent audio reproduction and excellent...