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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Barra
    Now it is time to put the ERLKöNIG on tour in the US so I can hear that too. :)
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  2. zuber
    Do you know are Vision Ears going with any Black Friday sale/discount?
  3. Jalo
    I wish they do also
  4. mvvRAZ

    I've compared my Elysium to the likes of the Focal Utopia and all these full on TOTL headphones and I am yet to be amazed by anyone of them the way I am by the Elysium

    When pairing it with the Hugo2, is there any detectable hiss? Also would you say that's the best pairing you've found for the Ely so far?

    I need to try it..
  5. mvvRAZ
  6. zuber
    I have got the answer. Unfortunately no Black Friday deals :disappointed_relieved:
  7. mvvRAZ
    Not surprised personally, VE are heavily consistent in their policies - no random discounts, heavily fixed production and delivery times etc

    Personally I appreciate it - as a customer you'd not luck out on some huge sale, but every time you purchase it will be a rock solid experience, which can't be said for that many companies in the industry
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  8. Barra
    I am not a great person to ask about hiss as at 54 I have lost a lot of my high-frequency range and may not hear it. However, I have never detected any noise from the Hugo 2 with any of my tour or personal CIEMs, even with the most sensitive that are prone to hiss. The ELYSIUM is not the most sensitive CIEM at all allowing me to use a lot of the volume range so I doubt you would have an issue. If you are a treble fan as you mentioned, the H2 definitely fleshes out the detail provided by the EST and offers more space between the instruments and blackness to the background to hear more intimate details.
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  9. mvvRAZ
    Gotcha thanks! If you can comfortably control the volume there shouldn’t be any hiss
  10. Rockwell75
    VE8 vs. Elysium...what are the advantages of each?
  11. 8481
    Managed to secure a demo session for Elysium, if I like I lm probably going to order one. :)
  12. vilhelm44
    +1. It would be interesting to hear about the differences between the CIEM versions. I nearly went for an Elysium but opted for VE8 in the end after reading reviews of bass being light on the Ely. Loving the VE8 and can't possibly think of how much better it could get to be honest.
  13. Rockwell75
    Yeah I think that's the main difference from what I've heard...VE8 has more bass and Elysium is more mid-centric. The more I read about the VE8 the more I want one...it is a huge investment from where I stand though.
  14. Barra
    Just did a review on the ELYSIUM and compared them - https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/vision-ears-elysium.23939/reviews#review-22939 - but they are different enough that i would want to own both. The ELYSIUM is rich with lots of euphonics and mids are the start of the show where the VE8 is balanced and articulate. Both are full sized players even at low volume for realistic up close intimacy and both have stellar bass. The ELYSIUM universal sounded bass light as I didn't have as good of a seal as I thought, but in getting the custom, the bass was huge! The mids are still the star of the show, but the bass on the custom ELYSIUM is the best I have heard with super powerful rumble and sub-bass that wows me. The VE8 sounded like the bass was massive from the universal, and I have not heard the custom so it could get even bigger. Either way, this is not bloaty boom box bass on either, more audiophile high end subwoofer type bass that is tight, textured, and articulate. Best of all, but the ELYSIUM and VE8 bass integrate into the rest of the spectrum without the typical midbass hump offering incredible timbre and a natural signature. You cannot go wrong with either.
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  15. Barra
    BTW, I have an ERLKöNIG coming my way for the US HeadFi tour I am hosting which has been described as a VE8 on steroids. I have to say that I am as "giddy as a kiddie" waiting for these to arrive on Friday so I can hear them for myself. After hearing the ELYSIUM and the VE8, there was no way I could go without hearing VE's flagship. :)

    Anyone in my tour that is listening here should be sure to PM me to be able to be added to the bonus ERLKöNIG leg of the tour. Those in the US that have not joined the tour yet, what are you waiting for? This is my last invite.
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