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  1. Vision Ears

    ERLKöNIG – Limited Black Edition

    Hi guys, Finally, here it is: The final 200 units of ERLKöNIG. What stays? - The silver shell. Even though it looks differently, the shell still is made from silver. - The drivers: ERLKöNIG stays ERLKöNIG. The driver setup and circuit is completely identical with the original ERLKöNIG. -...
  2. royneo

    [Price dropped] Mint 64 Audio U18T Tzar + M15 & M20 APEX modules - free shipping

    Hi all, I'm selling a 64 Audio U18T Tzar in mint condition. I have taken pictures to show the condition of the IEM. This U18T was bought around Aug-Sept 2018 and comes with the following accessories: 1) 64 Audio Personalized Protective Case 2) Dehumidifier 3) Cleaning Tool 4) Shirt Clip 5)...
  3. Vision Ears

    ERLKöNIG SOLD OUT - Limited Edition to come

    The Erlkönig is now officially sold out! For the final chapter of this outstanding masterpiece we created a beautiful Limited Edition which is about to be released in June 2020. Stay tuned
  4. royneo

    [Price dropped] Jomo Audio Trinity SS - Free Shipping Worldwide

    Hi all, I'm selling off a very well-maintained Jomo Audio Trinity SS. Condition is 9/10 as shown in pictures. Please note that this is a demo set and the IEMs would only come with a thick 4-strand, 19-core OFC Silver-plated Copper 3.5mm cable, Jomo's IEM Case and a pair of Jomo's double-flange...
  5. Vision Ears


    Hello Head-Fiers, we are happy to announce the launch of 2 (in words: TWO) new earphones to you. And if that was not enough, we are leaving our traditional field of highest class CIEMs and expand our line-up to the world of universal In-Ears – aside the ERLKöNIG, that you all knew as our only...
  6. DrummerLeo

    FS: Vision Ears VE Erlkonig

    Up for sale is VE Erlkonig is excellent, mint condition. All accessories are included except 2 ear tips which were replaced by newly released SpinFit CP100(small and medium). CP100 fits a lot better than original, as a matter of fact, VE will replace the old stock tips by CP100 in future...
  7. chungjun

    SOLD! - VE8 by Vision Ears

    For sale:- 1 x pair of VE8 by Vision Ears Comes with original case and cable (unused). Re-shell required and can be done by Ambient Acoustics or 3rd party re-shell service provider of your choice. Okay to ship anywhere and local pick up in Singapore can be arranged. Price does not include...
  8. Aink

    [SOLD] Vision Ears VE8 Reshelled Universal Fit

    Hi, I am selling my VE8 (units only). I am the second owner. I had them reshelled by Naga Audio to be universal-fit. The drivers are working fine and the sound is amazing. However, the reshelling was not perfectly done so the left unit has a slight connection issue if the 0.78mm pins are not...
  9. ElecHires

    [Cancel] Vision ears VE8

    Hello, everything is in the title, do not hesitate if you want to sold your.
  10. Mimouille

    SOLD - Vision Ears Custom Monitors for Sale

    Hello, I am selling a pair of Vision Ears 8 driver custom monitors. They are among the best that I have tried and that exist (as I have tried most) but my ears don't accomodate acrylic monitors anymore, so I stick to silicone or universals. These can be reshelled reliably with Ambient...
  11. royneo

    [Price dropped!] Jomo Audio Trinity Brass + 3.5mm OFC Cable [Free Shipping Worldwide]

    [Looking for SS variant? See my Signature below] Hi all, I'm selling off a very well-maintained Jomo Audio Trinity Brass. Condition is pretty much a 10/10, it's in impeccable condition. There are no cosmetic flaws such as blemishes, scratches, etc on the IEM housing. Please note that this is a...
  12. Vision Ears Erlkönig

    Vision Ears Erlkönig

    A BRAND NEW WORLD OF SOUND The ERLKöNIG has been developed so that you can experience music like never before. It is equipped with 13 balanced armature Drivers, consisting of four bass, four mids, four highs and one super tweeter. This powerful engine is controlled by a passive 5-way system to...
  13. Barra

    US Head-Fi Tour: VISION EARS ELYSIUM vs. VE8 vs. ERLKöNIG TOTL CIEM Tour - Starting November 2019 How many US Head-Fiers have been drooling over the VE8 reviews over the last couple years, topping EU Head-Fiers lists consistently - but have no way to hear them? I have attended Head-Fi events such as RMAF CANJAM many times with no luck. This is the...
  14. mvvRAZ

    RAZ's review thread and TOTL IEM shootout

    RAZ’s review thread and multi-TOTL IEM comparison Add: this was meant to be a one off Summit-Fi comparison post but I've since decided to use this as a space for "IEM tryouts" where I'll be posting impressions, comparisons and reviews on all things audio. The "My preferences section has also...
  15. N

    Looking for my End Game IEM, confused :-( (pro/experienced help needed))

    Hello Good People First must say I love this forum, up until now just as a reader and enjoying the threads. I really need some help from the IEM experts here, where I live, there is not much reference to listening to, so when thinking about buying, I cannot try before, so I know what I'm...
  16. Vision Ears

    Product Launch: ELYSIUM | VE3.2 | VE4.2

    PRODUCT LAUNCH We are happy to announce that we will launch 3 new CIEM models soon. Some of you might have had the opportunity to lay ears on them before at our preview tour in Hongkong, Shanghai and at the CanJam in Singapore. Now they will be finally available to everyone. ELYSIUM...
  17. Vision Ears

    VISION EARS Q&A - Hello from Cologne

    HELLO FROM VISION EARS Hello head-fiers, We are happy to announce that we officially joined the head-fi community with an official profile now. In this section of the forum, we will announce new products and features, answer your questions and maybe share some news and insights regarding...
  18. DrumSeb

    Vision Ears Ve8

    Custom vision ears Ve8 flagship. Really good custom in-ear, engaging sound. Value 3200$ US.. I let them go for 1250$US, You can reshell them by Naga audio for 350$. I can include a Rhapsodio cable 2.38 98%silver and 2% gold for 250$ more. Good synergy together better then the Horus. No box...
  19. DrumSeb

    Effect audio Horus Cable

    SOLD !!! Hey guys, i got a Horus cable 2pins, 2.5mm ended in perfect condition. Im the second owners and i don’t have the box. But i will add a Pelikan hard case. You know how much cost this cable. So im selling it for less then half of the price. Thank you
  20. EffectAudio

    Vision Ears x Effect Audio - Introducing "VE6XC Limited Silver Edition"

      In collaboration with Vision Ears, Individually handcrafted in Cologne, optimised with Effect Audio's propriety internal wirings and premium cables...We present you the all-new..                                                                VE6 Limited Silver Edition...
  21. Mimouille

    Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

    Dear All,   I decided it was worth having a dedicated thread for these (apparently) wonderful custom monitor brands. There are a few impressions here and there on HF but no dedicated thread for all there models.   Compact Monitors was a very reputed German audio brand who has been operating...