More MIJ! —Brise Audio SHIROGANE, MASS-Kobo 394II Are Now in Stock!
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Oct 26, 2015
New Jersey

  • Brise Audio's first earphone cable uses its original pure silver wire material, SHIROGANE.
  • This wire material is made of luxurious pure silver material, high-performance pure silver wire, and special insulating material. Compared to our conventional products, it has become very soft and supple, and even 8-wire is easier to handle.
  • 49 single-core strands, 8 wires conductors.
  • Original high-quality sound processing to the SHIROGANE 8-wire Ultimate and newly adopted two types of special materials for the SHIROGANE Ultimate 8-wire.
  • Crisp and clear. Stress-free and vivid sound. While maintaining a high balance of gorgeousness and low midrange fullness, the 8-wire offers a wide dynamic range and a three-dimensional sense of low position that comes from a more precise sense of distance in space, especially in the midrange and lower midrange.
The most well-known headphone amp from MASS-Kobo model 394II features a special amplification circuit that can reproduce musical sources without almost any noise. Model 394II has a set of inputs that can be used either with XLR Balance Input or RCA Unbalance Input (Unbalance Input converted to Balance signal by inside amp).

XLR Balanced input has a reference level select switch.
You can choose +4dBm from a professional player or -10dBm from a consumer player.

Model 394 can also drive Abyss AB1266 to the best sound quality.

Fully Balanced Stereo headphone amp
Input : Electronically Balanced = XLR3-31 , Unbalance = RCA
Output : Balance = XLR4-31 x 1 or XLR3-31 x 2(L,R) , Unbalance = φ6.3 TRS x 2(High or Low)
Input Impedance : 3.7kΩ (XLR)/ 12kΩ (RCA)
Reference Input Level : +4dBm/-10dBm (XLR)/ -10dBm (RCA)
Maximum Input Level : +25dBm (XLR)/ +10dBm (RCA)
Maximum Output Level
(P-P) :
Balance = Hi 24V, Low 18V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)Unbalance = Hi 12V, Low 9V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
(RMS): Balance = Hi 8.5V, Low 6V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%) Unbalance = Hi 4.2V, Low 3V (with 32Ω loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Maximum Output without Distortion : Balance = 2.2W , Unbalance = 600mW (with 32 ohm load, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Frequency Characteristics : 13Hz - 100kHz (-0.5dB)
Power Supply : AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Electric Energy Consumption : 0.5A (with AC100V)
Size :
285mmW x 230mmD x 50mmH (except the rubber feet and projections)
285mmW x 230mmD x 52mmH (including the rubber feet and projections)
Weight: 2.9kg (without the power cable)



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