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    Shanling's SACD/CD Player SCD1.3 Arrived at MusicTeck

    Shanling SCD1.3 SACD/CD Player Key Features: Full SACD Playback Flagship DAC System: AKM4499EX+AKM4191EQ Muses8920 Pre-Amplifier Output TPA6120 Headphone Amplifier Upto 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 Supported LDAC and aptxHD Bluetooth Codec Supported Effect Audio Code 24 & Code 24C Are In...
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    New arrivals @ MusicTeck! Introducing the HiBy R8ii and Limited Edition 24K Gold Astell&Kern SP3000!

    Meet the HiBy R8ii and Limited Edition 24K Gold Astell&Kern SP3000. Now available to ship today from MusicTeck. HiBy R8 II - Hi-End Android Digital Audio Player >> Shop now << The HiBy R8 II boasts dual-chassis elegance, featuring curves crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel and an...
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    Save up to 40% during our holiday sale from 12/25 - 1/1!

    From 12/25 to 1/1, save up to 40% on top-sellers to newly released products! Happy holidays and happy new year from Andrew and the entire team at MusicTeck! >> Shop now << >> Calculate how much you can save << -----------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    FatFreq, Canpur Audio, and TIMSOK Have Just Been Restocked!

    FATfreq Grand Maestro Is Back in Stock FATfreq Maestro SE Limited Stock Left Canpur PERFORMANCE series: CP622B Is Back in Stock TIMSOK TS-316 Is Ready to Ship Now
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    Dita NAVIGATOR and PERPETUA Are Now In Stock

    DITA NAVIGATOR With its hardy construction and intuitive design, the Navigator is a nifty audio tool that sits easily in pockets and bags. It will be your new partner in traversing fresh and familiar sonic landscapes, as well as a powerful companion while exploring new dimensions in your music...
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    Vision Ears VEX and AK SP3000 Gold Limited Edition Are Available for Pre-Order Now!

    Vision Ears VEX Technical configuration: 5-way system with 10 drivers (hybrid BA + DD) 1 x 8mm DD with acoustic low pass 2 x dual mid/low 1 x dual mid 1 x dual mid/high 1 x super tweeter Sensitivity: 114.7 dB@100mV@1KHz Impedance: 8.4 Ohm @ 1 KHz Recommendation for musicians: Mix - drums -...
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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales End Tomorrow!

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales End Tomorrow! Check out our holiday price list! Grab your favorite gear at the lowest price ever! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
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    Canpur Audio CP622B, CP54E Arrived at MusicTeck

    Canpur Audio Canpur Audio was founded by: Hans JAPM Witjes (Dutch): Professional band drummer in the 80s with over 25 years of live performance and tuning experience and 10 years in foreign trade. Tony Gu (Chinese): 10 years of focus on research, development, and design of professional audio...
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    Vortex Audio Cables Landed at MusicTeck

    Vortex Audio Cables Landed at MusicTeck Brand Introduction Vortex, a Hong Kong-based brand, has always upheld the principle of "affordable luxury." To ensure the quality of the cables, Vortex has put considerable effort into the structure and material selection of the cables, as well as the...
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    MusicTeck Black Friday Sale Is Here![Nov 20-Nov28]

    View All Deals and Pricing Previews | See How Much You Save Shop Our Holiday Sales Now With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday just right around the corner, it's time to treat yourself—or your loved ones—to more audiophile gear :wink:. Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year...
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    Introducing TIMSOK TS-316!

    TIMSOK TS-316 TIMSOK was founded in 2018. The founder and engineering team have more than 20 years of experience in the acoustic industry. They provided drivers and tuning solutions to many famous brands in the last few years. We discovered this brand during the CanJam Socal this year. The...
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    qdc Newest Release qdc 8 Pro Just Landed at MusicTeck

    qdc 8 Pro qdc 8 Pro Features: 3-in-1 Tuning Switch-- HiFi, Live, Studio-- Pick the ideal sound signature in one flip. 8 High quality BA drivers per side. Brand new 12Pro cable with interchangeable plugs. Carbon fiber texture carrying case and walnut outer packaging. Brise Audio Shirogane...
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    Astell & Kern Kann Ultra DAP and HB1 Wired/Bluetooth Dongle Are Now Available at MusicTeck!

    Kann Ultra Order Now and Get Free Overnight Shipping Astell&Kern Kann Ultra Digital Audio Player Is Now Available at MusicTeck with Free Overnight Shipping! Astell&Kern HB1 Portable Wired/Wireless Bluetooth DAC/AMP FAduio Spring Single DD IEMs
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    FAudio Spring Single Dual Diaphragm IEMs Arrived at MuiscTeck!

    FAaudio Spring Key Features: Fiber and Titanium Dual Diaphragm Patent Driver Ultra-light Aluminum Shells MSRP: $638 MASS-Kobo 475 Amplifier is Back In Stock
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    Luxury & Precision Announced The Newest P-Series Flagship P6Pro Ti99!!!

    Ultimate Selection & Platinum Tuning, the "Pocket HiFi Flagship" L&P P6PRO Ti 99 Limited Edition is released! Two years after the P6PRO was launched, its "ultimate flagship" has finally appeared. Introducing the P6PRO Ti99, which combines the essence of L&P's high-end DAP technology. Only 99...
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    Astell&Kern SE300 Titanium Version Is Now in Stock!

    A&futura SE300 Titan The SE300 Titan player is constructed using a Grade 5 Titanium alloy, a first for Astell&Kern. Normally the material of choice in aerospace engineering, the A&futura SE300 Titan is made from pure titanium that blends lightweight design, extreme strength, and corrosive...
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    [Limited Availability] Brise Audio TSURANAGI Arrived!

    Brise Audio TSURANAGI is Back In Stock Limited Availability TSURANAGI Portable Amplifier was designed as a testing device to develop Brise Audio's high-end headphone cable and high-end portable line cable (mini-mini cable) to create an ideal portable audio environment. Brise Audio cables are...
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    HiBy R3II and Shanling M0 Pro Are In Stock Now!

    HiBy R3II--A Small Player That Can Stream! Key Features: 3.2 Inch Touch Screen Supports Tidal And Qobuz Stream with HiBy OS DSD and MQA Supported Hi-Res and Hi-Res Wireless Shanling M0 Pro--The Smallest Hi-Fi Player
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    MASS-Kobo Model 465 Is In The House!

    MASS-Kobo Model 465 Balance Headphone Amp--In Stock Model465 adopts the independent left and right power, twin balance monaural. A clean, stress-free sound that does not feel the presence of the amp is a sound appropriate for a flagship model. The output of this amplifier is balanced output...
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    Check out what MusicTeck will bring to 2023 CanJam SoCal!

    The portable audio world is getting more and more exciting! In this year’s CaJam SoCal, we will bring in more newly released portable gear than ever! Here are some highlights that we think are definitely worth checking out: For high-end DAPs, you really shouldn’t miss out on the Cayin N30LE...
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    More MIJ! —Brise Audio SHIROGANE, MASS-Kobo 394II Are Now in Stock!

    Brise Audio SHIROGANE Ultimate 8-Wire Brise Audio's first earphone cable uses its original pure silver wire material, SHIROGANE. This wire material is made of luxurious pure silver material, high-performance pure silver wire, and special insulating material. Compared to our conventional...
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    Eletech Sonnet of Adam Arrived At Musicteck!!!

    The New Jewelry in Town! --Eletech Sonnet of Adam A Golden Ode to Audio Perfection! Crafted with a masterful blend of Gold Plated Silver, Gold Plated Copper, and Gold Silver Alloy, this cable unleashes a symphony of unparalleled sound - captivating harmony of precise resolution, organic...
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    The Long Waited N30LE and Amber Pearl Edition Are Now In Stock!

    N30LE Key Features Digital Decoding Dual AK4499EQ, discontinued flagship 32-bit DAC chipset, mono mode, paralleled current outputs Decode PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to 1 Bit/22.6MHz (DSD512) Ample 2x2 IV converter network to enhance DAC output Comprehensive digital output option: I2S...
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    Lotoo Mjölnir is Now In Stock At MusicTeck!!!

    Lotoo Mjölnir Product Highlights 132db Excellent SNR 134db Remarkable Dynamics <0.8uVrms Minimal Noise Floor 2.5 W Powerful Output Fully Separated Multi-Layer PCB Design Multi-Processor Architecture Independent PSU Independent 3mm thick locked-in shield AK4499EQ Flagship DAC Titanium Chassis...
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    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock

    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock We are so excited that the long-awaited VExAK Aura is finally here! Here is a brief introduction to the Aura: Technology Highlights 2 Dynamic Drivers, 8+1 Balanced Armatures, 5-Way Crossover Hybrid Flagship 2 x 8 mm Al-Mg Low Dynamic Drivers...