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    Eletech Sonnet of Adam Arrived At Musicteck!!!

    The New Jewelry in Town! --Eletech Sonnet of Adam A Golden Ode to Audio Perfection! Crafted with a masterful blend of Gold Plated Silver, Gold Plated Copper, and Gold Silver Alloy, this cable unleashes a symphony of unparalleled sound - captivating harmony of precise resolution, organic...
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    The Long Waited N30LE and Amber Pearl Edition Are Now In Stock!

    N30LE Key Features Digital Decoding Dual AK4499EQ, discontinued flagship 32-bit DAC chipset, mono mode, paralleled current outputs Decode PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to 1 Bit/22.6MHz (DSD512) Ample 2x2 IV converter network to enhance DAC output Comprehensive digital output option: I2S...
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    Lotoo Mjölnir is Now In Stock At MusicTeck!!!

    Lotoo Mjölnir Product Highlights 132db Excellent SNR 134db Remarkable Dynamics <0.8uVrms Minimal Noise Floor 2.5 W Powerful Output Fully Separated Multi-Layer PCB Design Multi-Processor Architecture Independent PSU Independent 3mm thick locked-in shield AK4499EQ Flagship DAC Titanium Chassis...
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    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock

    VISION EARS x Astell&Kern Aura Is Now In Stock We are so excited that the long-awaited VExAK Aura is finally here! Here is a brief introduction to the Aura: Technology Highlights 2 Dynamic Drivers, 8+1 Balanced Armatures, 5-Way Crossover Hybrid Flagship 2 x 8 mm Al-Mg Low Dynamic Drivers...
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    The Legendary Japanese Headphone Amplifiers MASS-Kobo 475, 433 Arrived at MusicTeck

    MASS-Kobo is the legendary Headphone Amplifier manufacturer in Shizuoka, Japan, designed and made by the recording engineer and electrical engineer Mr. Masuda. Mr. Masuda, with his MASS-Kobo, has been in the high-end industry since 2007. Today we have brought the most recent product in the...
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    Brise Audio TSURANAGI is Back In Stock

    Brise Audio TSURANAGI is Back In Stock TSURANAGI Portable Amplifier was designed as a testing device to develop Brise Audio's high-end headphone cable and high-end portable line cable (mini-mini cable) to create an ideal portable audio environment. Brise Audio cables are used for the internal...
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    Liquid Links Announced Evua II OCC Silver and OCC Copper Hybrid Premium Cable is Now In Stock!!!

    Liquid Links Announced Evua II OCC Silver and OCC Copper Hybrid Premium Cable Specifications: Material: OCC Silver + OCC Copper Hybrid Gauge: 23 AWG, 4 Wires Structure: Golden Ratio Type 2 Litz Length: 1.1m± 5cm (3.6±0.1 ft) Technology Highlights: Silver Gold Nano Oil Quadruple Conductors...
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    Noble Audio Prestige Viking Ragnar KE is Now In Stock

    Noble Audio Prestige Viking Ragnar KE is in stock! Only limited inventory is available, don't miss out! Unique Melody MEST MKIII Custom Version is open to order! Embark on a journey of experiencing 17 years of CIEM craftsmanship from UM's master team.
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    Unique Melody MEST MKIII is Now Available Without the Stock Cable

    The MEST MKIII is Now Available Without the Stock Cable We have received mixed feedback about the MEST MKIII’s stock cable since it was released. Although the stock PWAudio cable offers excellent synergy with MKIII, it might be stiffer than some customers prefer. So now we are offering the...
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    Eletech Raphael and Noble Audio Stage 3 Are Now Available at MusicTeck!!!

    >Eletech Raphael< 'Raphael' solidifies Eletech’s experience with working with flagship copper and gold materials, configurations and streamlined into a highly performing mix that is housed within the new “Virtues Series”. Raphael offers a highly resolving sound signature with being very...
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    Shanling ET3 Is Now Available at Musicteck! M3 Ultra, M6 Ultra Are Restocked!

    Shanling ET3 Dedicated Digital CD Transport With ET3 Shanling continue to build their line of compact top-loading CD streaming devices. While the previous Shanling EC3 was designed to be multifunctional for a wide range of users, ET3 is a much more focused machine, designed for one clear use –...
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    Astell&Kern SP3000 Including Copper Limited Edition is Now Available At Musicteck!!!

    World's first use of Stainless Steel 904L for DAP body material World's first DAP with complete separation of digital and analog signal processing (Using latest Flagship DAC chip AKM4499EX from Asahi Kasei) Stunning Audio Performance with Independent Dual Audio Circuitry Equipped with...
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    Unique Melody MEST MKIII is Now In Stock & Focal Mid-Year Promotion!

    🙌The long awaited UM MEST MKIII is now in stock! Focal Mid-Year Promotion is HERE!🙌 Enjoy the newest quadbrid IEMs only at Musicteck! MEST MKIII is available in Red and Blue: Shop Red Shop Blue Focal Mid-Year Promotion 20% off ALL Focal Headphones! Includes Focal Utopia and Focal Bathys!
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    Latest In Stock at Musicteck – New Flagship From Nostalgia Audio, Brise Audio Silver Concept, BESP Z1R Exclusive & Diva Back in Stock!!!

    New Arrivals 🤩👇 Nostalgia Audio TESSERACT–The 16 Drivers Beast! Worldwide exclusive for only 150 units! The Nolstagia Audio Tesseract boasts 10 Balanced Armature drivers and 6 of Sonion's latest Electrostatic drivers. Not only is the shell designed with care, but the internal modular...
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    MusicTeck Memorial Day Sale runs from 5/25 - 5/29!

    Save 20% on select products throughout the weekend! Don't miss out on these deals! Pick up a few favorites while they last. >> Shop now << >> Price Preview <<
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    New Products! LP W4/W4 EX & Shanling M9 Plus, pre-order now

    Estimated shipping date May 15, the first batch delivery has limited qty, hurry up and don't miss yours. >> Shop Now << >>Shop Now<<
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    Check out the new Noble Prestige Viking Ragnar KE!

    Check out the new Noble Prestige Viking Ragnar KE! This special Korea edition is now available in our online store! Noble Prestige Viking Ragnar KE $4,300.00 >> Shop now << The birth of the Viking Ragnar The original Viking sound was so popular in the market that people kept asking for...
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    Pre-order the new HiBy R6 Pro II and PWAudio Orpheus today!

    Meet the R6 Pro II by HiBy. Ships with a free storage case and leather case! Alsoooo... we're getting another shipment of the long-awaited sold-out Orpheus cables very soon—pre-orders are live again :) HiBy R6 Pro II (Gen 2) Lossless HD Medium-end Music Player Portable DAP $749.00 All new...
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    Looking for Cayin N7 reviewers! Discount granted 👀✅

    Are you up for the challenge? We're looking for enthusiastic individuals willing to review the Cayin N7. Reviewer discounts will be offered. Please email us at if interested :) >> Learn more about the N7 << Don't miss this opportunity to walk away with a special...
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    We've now added Brise Audio to our collection! Handmade cables and more from Japan.

    Welcoming the newest addition to our arsenal: Brise Audio Check out these 100% handmade proprietary cables and portable amplifiers from Japan and learn more below! >> Twister6 Brise Audio Impressions << --- Courtesy of @AnakChan on Head-Fi... "Concept of Brise Audio Brise Audio’s...
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    Check out what MusicTeck will bring to 2023 CanJam NYC!

    Join us at CanJam NYC 2023 this weekend where we’ll be exhibiting over 80 products and representing 30 brands (a new record!) Featuring some of the most anticipated releases of 2023, top contenders for the ultimate summit IEM/DAP, and, of course, Andrew ;)—make sure to stop by Booth B4-B7 at the...
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    New in stock from PWAudio!

    New releases from PWAudio are in! Featuring the Meet Agains, Meet Agains SE, and Somewhere in Sound cables. We managed to secure the first several serial numbers—available on a first come first serve basis :wink: PWAudio Meet Agains SE $2,399.00 >> Shop now << PWAudio Meet Agains...
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    The HiBy R6 III has arrived! + Noble FoKus Mystique back in stock!

    The long awaited HiBy R6 III is now in stock! All orders placed before Feb 28th will ship with a complimentary leather case :wink: HiBy R6 GEN III Portable Digital Audio Player $499.00 >> Shop now << Order before 2/28 to receive a free leather case! Check out what's back in stock...
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    The Effect Audio Code 23 is now in stock!

    The Effect Audio Code 23 is in. Don't miss out on these new releases! Check out all the additions to our online shop below. Effect Audio Code 23 >> Shop now << CODE 23 is a representation of our persistence with pushing a single material to its fullest potential. Befitting of our flagship...
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    Noble Ronin in stock at MusicTeck

    Check details: