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    Save on Focal, Naim, and Earsonics during Audio46's Flash Sale

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  2. szore

    Earsonics Gracie Platinum Review Tour Impression

    Earsonics Review Tour Gracie Platinum sounds truly excellent.
  3. Audio46

    Audio46 now carries Earsonics

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Earsonics The French brand Earsonics has arrived at Audio46 with two of its IEMs, the Corsa and the Grace Platinum. Both are available online and in store! SHOP EARSONICS>
  4. EarSonics Onyx

    EarSonics Onyx

    Onyx: https://www.earsonics.com/onyx/index.html
  5. rantng

    EarSonics Onyx

    https://www.earsonics.com/onyx// February 8, 2022 - Official release date
  6. EarSonics GRACE Platinum

    EarSonics GRACE Platinum

    It's back… the genesis of our knowledge combined with more than 15 years of know-how as market leader of in-ear monitors in France, the GRACE Platinum becomes the most stylish and successful in-ear ever made by Earsonics. Specifications Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity...
  7. rantng

    Earsonics Grace Platinum

    https://www.earsonics.com/in-ear-monitors/grace-platinum/ https://www.earsonics.com/store/produit/grace/ € 1,899.00 DESIGN An ultimate and revisited design, breathtaking lines, under its exclusive platinum foil, the GRACE Platinum hides 20 beating hearts in unison that deliver a new, most...
  8. Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM

    Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM

    Earsonics Corsa Universal IEM The Earsonics CORSA is the latest Universal IEM of the company that features a 3BA Tripe Driver (3x Balanced Armature Drivers per side) configuration that are located inside a very robust Metal Shell with a 3D full Acrylic Structure that was originally designed...
  9. EarSonics Corsa

    EarSonics Corsa

    DESIGN Included in the range of our headphones equipped with our 100% metal shell, the CORSA shares the new 3D full Acrylic structure originally designed for our hybrid range. It brings sound rigor and phase control. Our impedance corrector crossover coupled with EVS and FUSION technologies...
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    Missed Cyber Monday? We've got you—sale extended 1 more day!

    Since we know that Mondays can be rough. Shop our entire sales collection here Brands on sale: Cayin, DITA, DUNU, EarSonics, Effect Audio, Empire Ears, HiBy, HYLA, InEar, JOMO Audio, Lotoo, Luxury Precision, MMR, Oriolus, PWAudio, qdc, Satin Audio, Sendy Audio, Shanling, SIVGA, Unique...
  11. EarSonics Blade

    EarSonics Blade

    Little brother of our model STARK, pinnacle of our new HYBRID range, the BLADE inherits all it technology. It is composed of an 3 way and 3 drivers electronic architecture, including a new vented dynamic driver of 8 mm. The new DD driver with large event is charged to play the bass register...
  12. Earsonics Stark

    Earsonics Stark

    The STARK consists of an electronic architecture with 5 drivers, including a novelty at Earsonics: a 8 mm wide vented dynamic driver. Based on a 3-way filtering that made the fame and success of our products. The heart of the stark is composed of: A new wide event DD driver for the bass...
  13. Earsonics ES5

    Earsonics ES5

    Technical specifications Sensibility: 117 dB/mW Frequency response: 10 Hz -20 kHz DCR: 33 ohms Driver: 5 drivers with 3 way HQ impedance corrector.
  14. EarSonics EM64

    EarSonics EM64

    LARGE POWER HEADROOM: The EM64 brings together the best of EarSonics « big driver » In-Ears range. The EM64 is able to handle power and provide maximal sound performance as the EM3-PRO does. In addition to that, it has the rigor of the EM32 in terms of spectrum control, handling all the dynamic...
  15. EarSonics Purple

    EarSonics Purple

    The Purple by EarSonics: When the technical know-how is put at the service of musical versatility. SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: 127 dB/mW Frequency response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz DCR: 25 to 45 ohms (depending on the switch position) Driver: 5 balanced armature drivers, HQ 3-way tunable crossover...
  16. EarSonics Grace

    EarSonics Grace

    http://www.earsonics.com/in-ear-monitors/en/grace/ https://www.head-fi.org/threads/earsonics-grace-new-universal-iem-flagship.890354/ EarSonics released in October 2018 a 10 drivers flagship IEM in order to offer a universal version of their custom EM10 and compete at a very high level.
  17. sly_in_the_sky

    Earsonics "Grace", new Universal IEM Flagship

    New Earsonics "Grace" have been announced: -> 19’27 mn.
  18. EarSonics BIRDY HD

    EarSonics BIRDY HD

    BIRDY features a built-in amp and a Hi-Fi DAC capable of reproducing high-definition sound faithful to the original audio file. iOS & Android compatible, BIRDY supports voice calls and features a built-in microphone so that you can answer incoming calls without having to handle your phone...
  19. openbaffle9978

    IEM BA repair suggestions (Earsonics SM64)

    I have a pair of Earsonics SM64 earphones. One shell has a crack in it that is developing and also one of the BAs (in the other channel) is potentially failing as there seems to be a channel imbalance in the L and R channels (causing an image shift). I'm in US and could potentially send to ES...
  20. sly_in_the_sky

    Earsonics Birdy

    Hello, Earsonics is anouncing a new product... From the picture, I really don't know what it is... perhaps the faceplate of a new Iem?
  21. EarSonics EM10

    EarSonics EM10

  22. daflippymaster

    Westone and Earsonic cable compatibility

    I apologize if this is an unintelligent question but are the removable cables for Westone and Earsonics compatible/interchangeable? I've looked around a little bit but i can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere. Thanks. 
  23. sly in the sky

    The Velvet by Earsonics

    Coming on 30 september.....   Don't know a lot more about it....except the fact that it seems possible to tune the sound signature up....           http://www.earsonics.com/
  24. Mimouille

    Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

    Dear All,   I decided it was worth having a dedicated thread for these (apparently) wonderful custom monitor brands. There are a few impressions here and there on HF but no dedicated thread for all there models.   Compact Monitors was a very reputed German audio brand who has been operating...
  25. kuanwenlo

    Has anyone ever tried Alien Ears G16 before?

    Has anyone ever tried Alien Ears G16 before?(http://www.alienears.com/p/228/g16-eight-driver-detachable-cord-monitor) It is said that John Blackwell of Prince and Justin Timberlake use this CIEM. I know there were some discussions on the service issues of Alien Ears. The price of G16 is really...