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Has anyone ever tried Alien Ears G16 before?

  1. kuanwenlo
    Has anyone ever tried Alien Ears G16 before?(http://www.alienears.com/p/228/g16-eight-driver-detachable-cord-monitor)
    It is said that John Blackwell of Prince and Justin Timberlake use this CIEM. I know there were some discussions on the service issues of Alien Ears. The price of G16 is really competitive regarding the 8 drivers and is on sale and only $775. However, there is no any review and impression of G16. I am very wondering whether G16 suits me.
  2. kuanwenlo
    Btw, I am not a bass head. I like neutral, nature, balanced sound with large soundstage. 
  3. Highnoonindiana
    I just ordered the G16's just today so I will definetly keep you posted of how it goes...  I did talk to them today and what I found out is all the drivers from all these places like Ultimate ears and Jh Audio are all the exact same... So what I gather is ur getting the same quality at a better price.. Plus if you order while they are on sale you get one free custom upgrade so thats sweet, but again ill post back when they come in. Im hoping and praying I made the right choice.. Thats alot of coin to spend but They now finance and thats what I did.. So good luck
  4. kuanwenlo
    Hope u can get it as soon as possible. Really anticipate ur impression on that. Btw, Dream Earz is my other option. The price is competitive too.
  5. Swimsonny
    check out cosmic ears, there price is the most competitive!
  6. ostewart
    for your taste i can highly recommend the Alclair reference monitor, only 3 drivers, but very natural, great tone and soundstage.
  7. shortfuze
    I'm awaiting a review too. I'm looking into my first set of customs and these have caught my attention. Was really wanting the SE-5 but sounds like its near impossible to get in the US.
  8. JamesCardoza
    did you finance through Paypal? how long were you able to finance? 
    I'm seriously considering getting them very soon, and don't want to miss the chance to get them for $775 instead of $900. 
  9. n3wdisea5e
    everyone talks trash on alien ears customer service i always get them on the phone tho and its always yolanda or the owner they do everything to help that they can but my single drivers have been going almost 3 years strong i have a set of there galactic g8s being built now dual ported lows in line filter dedicated mid dedicate high for 510$ with heat reactive flex tips with art with custom colors cant beat that i got the singles to test the waters before i commited to anything crazy
  10. Kunlun
    Never, Ever Buy from Alien Ears. They have a terrible reputation for the simple reason that they've screwed over person after person.
  11. AstorTorres
    Just adding my 2 cents here. I recently bought the G16's from Allien Ears and to be honest, they are an amazing product, the sound is clear and well defined. I am singer/songwriter that plays with a full band and I really love the isolation and the clarity I get form my G16's. Customer service has been great with me I contacted them a few times and they where there when I needed them to answer any question that I had or to change any detail from my custom in ears when they were being made. Keep in mind that you are paying a low price because it is a small AMERICAN company you can always go to other big corporations that make all their electronics in China and pay twice the price.to get IEM of lesser quality. I hope that my 2 cents help.
  12. ajswanson
    I think this deserves a bit of correction. While a good portion of IEM companies use drivers from one of 2 companies, they are not all exactly the same. Some of the big boys are getting custom made proprietary drivers from those companies. Many of us will use the more readily available parts as we don't have the capital to develop a custom driver, but it's not entirely accurate to say we all use the exact same parts, especially when lumping UE and JH in that. 
  13. plusthree
    Way late to this party, for anyone doing there DD here's my .02.

    I'm a singing drummer/bassist/guitarist that plays 3-6 nights a week. it's my livelihood and I'd been using Ultimate Ears/Westone IEM's for the last 16 years. They have served me well and have nothing but positive opinions of both Ultimate Ears and Westone.

    I needed some new monitors and as I was doing my research a couple of fellow "road dogs" suggested Alien Ears as they were very pleased with theirs. These are guys that make their living playing music as well and even though it's a hard way to make an easy living, they are willing to spend more to get more, as am I. I checked out the Alien Ears site and decided to purchase the G16's, with the thought that the extra low end drivers would be good for bass and drums. I couldn't be happier with that decision.

    I've never heard my bass sound so good in my ears. (Warwick custom shop basses, Eden amps and EBS compressors. I appreciate quality tools) It's always sounded good on stage but I had never heard it so well defined and accurate in my ears. I am very, VERY pleased with the quality and service that I've received from Andre and all at Alien Ears. So much so that after using the G16's for a few weeks I ordered a set of G12's to use when I play in my acoustic duo where I want a less bass heavy, more even reference. The G12's still have incredible low end and the fidelity for vocals is excellent.(I've been switching up the G12's and G16's when playing bass and find both exceptional).

    The hardest part of ordering from Alien Ears was choosing the colors. As it's custom colors I had a difficult time expressing what I wanted. The G16's were easier as it turned out to be "clear with silver sparkle" ok that's not too tough. For the G12's I had put my faith in Andre and the crew so I messaged them and asked for something purple and sparkly, I called it "Fabulously Purple!" Yup they did it. My G12's are fabulous in every way. As are my G16's.

    I personally couldn't be more pleased with my purchases. (The drummer in one of the bands I play in recently fired up a set of G16's as well and said he loves his). From the initial contact of ordering to receiving and using the monitors the experience has been nothing but positive. I will recommend Alien Ears to any who ask.

    Ok that may have been .03 but I honestly love the products and have nothing but praise for Andre and all at Alien Ears.

  14. Markus 5
    Here is a review I found!

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