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IEM BA repair suggestions (Earsonics SM64)

  1. openbaffle9978
    I have a pair of Earsonics SM64 earphones. One shell has a crack in it that is developing and also one of the BAs (in the other channel) is potentially failing as there seems to be a channel imbalance in the L and R channels (causing an image shift).

    I'm in US and could potentially send to ES directly for service but I just wonder if anyone's had experience with reputable repair shops in the CONUS that they have used for this service. Another possibility I considered is having them re-shelled if they are fixable. I do really enjoy their sound signature, bass impact and overall tuning and think they are worth fixing up.
  2. buke9
    Don’t know about shops here but if you need a full set of drivers for the reshell Amazon has a pair of new universal ‘s for $48.90.

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