1. S

    Left speaker in my Ether C volume keeps dropping, need help

    Hi, I have a pair of Dan Clark Ether C that I absolutely love. I saved up along time to afford them. They have been my daily driver headphones, I have been using them for 4 years now. A few months ago I noticed the volume on the left speaker started fading down and staying a touch lower then...
  2. Guinibee

    Tube Amp Repair Information

    Hello all! I just purchased a gorgeous Quicksilver Audio Headphone amp from a really great seller who is active both here and on reddit. From what I've learned, Quicksilver amps are covered by a 3 year warranty with the original buyer. The seller, being an awesome guy, has offered to help me...
  3. kazaakas

    Which HiFiMAN headbands are the same size?

    So I have to confess a serious sin, over the last few years, which included lots of travelling, I have truly busted up my Fostex TH-x00's. The paint on the headband and hangers had been peeling off for a while, and ultimately the headband snapped at the joint, like so many others. So what does...
  4. E

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition Repair time

    Dear All Head-fiers Does anyone know the time for a BHSE to be repaired by Justin? Justin has confirmed with me that, mine needs a new PCB in mid October. But since then, nothing has been heard from him. May I know what the estimated time should be? Thanks a lot.
  5. RuFrost

    Advice needed: I want to give a second life to Nokia BH-905 and Plantronics p590.

    I have two pretty decent bluetooth headsets which needs some external adjustments... 1) Plantronics Pulsar 590 (p590): a) the mount on both sides breaks off. 1 photo shows that the very bottom of the headband attachment is simply rolled away ... and so on both sides ... a very weak part of...
  6. martin778

    Stax 404/407 suitable glue for fixing the dust covers and units

    I've bit the bullet and bought a 404/006 Stax set but as expected, the glue of the earpads turned into a sticky goo and the ESL units came loose inside the case. This is actually the second time I see this happening, the previous set were the Lambda Nova Basics a few years ago. Back then I...
  7. Tofty

    Tofty's DIY Headphones - 3D Printed

    Repairs and Modifications Hi all, I've recently picked up the hobby of repairing headphones, bought in job lots or as spares/repairs. For many of them the repairs have been quite straight-forward, but when it comes to physical damage; it's rarely a simple fix. Using a 3D Printer however can...
  8. Tofty

    ATH-M40x 40mm Replacement Drivers Recommendations

    Hi, I've recently been having fun repairing headphones and headsets, bought in joblots off ebay. There have been some lucky finds, with several really nice cans just needing a broken jack replacing or an internal wire re-soldering. The thing I always dread though is finding a dead driver, as...
  9. U

    Replacing the swivel hinge of the JVC HA-SZ2000 (Fixing the unfixable)

    I was using my Sz-2000 and the hd650 as daily drivers since 2017 and saw many people here having issues with the build quality of the sz2000 headphones and I didn't take it seriously until my pair finally gave up on my poor maintenance habit (not using stangs and throwing them in my bag from...
  10. amankrokx

    Help - Soundmagic E10C lost bass after reinstalling casing.

    Hi ! I am using these Soundmagic E10C for a while now, until yesterday while walking the wires got struck in door knob and got pulled really hard that the left side speaker came out of the casing (yes, the earphones didn't left my ears 😆). The solder joints were perfectly intact that I even...
  11. revokasi

    Repair Death Planar Headphone (broken trace), DIY method. Explained.

    Please watch the video of my own. Planar Headphone repair actually posible, Based on frequency response measurement, it has good result. Applicable on all mylar base headphone. Not applicable for non mylar base headphone (audeze). Simple method, but need a soldering skill. Its hifiman HE400se...
  12. S

    If the driver gets depressed in the center will it affect sound quality? Can it be repaired?

    I was trying to repair a headphone and a screw from the earcup got attracted onto the driver, while trying to take it out, the screw got moved around on the center bump of the driver, this left a large depression and many smaller ones on the driver. Will this affect sound quality, how can I...
  13. R

    Audeze lcd 2 driver repair?

    I recently bought a pair of audeze lcd 2's secondhand with a broken rightside driver for 150 euros. I was wondering if There is anyway to repair this driver or to find a replacement somewhere. I saw some threads about drivers failing on audeze headphones so it seems like it's a fairly common...
  14. L

    Headphone quality drivers?

    Since my Sennheiser HD280PRO had the right driver voice coil snapped right at the edge of the membrane, I must find another one for substitution. I can't find this exact model for my headphone on the internet, so I contacted Sennheiser to know if they have in stock. I could also buy a new set...
  15. L

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro snapped wire. Fix or replace?

    Hello. I'm having a lot of trouble with my HD 280 recently. The cable that connects between the two speakers keeps snapping and I have to send it for repair, but that's not even the problem. This time, the wire that comes out of one of the speakers also snapped. The technician swaped the old...
  16. IryxBRO

    Hidizs AP80 — guide on teardown & repair

    Instead of writing another review, I have prepared something interesting today — an article on how to repair Hidizs AP80 series of DAPs. First of all, my Hidizs AP80 (first revision) is in perfectly working condition and remains such since I have received it 2 years ago. During those years it...
  17. JackTheRipper

    (Montreal/Quebec/Canada) Need Someone Reputable To Repair My 2 Pairs of Headphones

    Hi All, I really don't know where to put this, but I need to Find Someone who is Reputable to Repair my 2 Pairs of Headphones and that is either in Montreal or the South-Shore of Montreal (Brossard, Greenfield Park, La Prairie, etc...) because I'd rather meet the person who's gonna take repair...
  18. L

    Help repairing DT990 PRO headphones stereo image not working properly

    I know this post should be in the DIY thread however I can't seem to post in there yet! Sorry If i'm posting this in the wrong place. I bought a pair of beyerdyamic DT990 Pros second hand from eBay. The guy said nothing was wrong with them but it's partly my fault for being that gulluble he...
  19. I

    I want to fix the only thing I hate about my Sennheiser HD8's

    Hey everyone! First post here with a question. I'm wondering if anybody would by any chance know the paint code for the lighter grey parts? Or know of any automotive colors that come close to it? I like my gear looking mint, and these scratches have been really irritating me. Other Sennheiser...
  20. H

    Help on fixing a broken driver lead connector on a beyerdynamics DT770

    (wanted to post in DIY forum but can't because new member) so my cable connection to the driver lead broke and I decided to be louis rossmann for the day and solder it back together I've done it before on DT990 and it worked fine, what I ended up doing is soldering 2 leads and melting the one...
  21. zato23

    NEED HELP from Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 owners

    I am trying to repair my Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 and i need the board scheme I asked company to give it to me but they told me that they cant provide me such informations If someone who own this headphones can open them (it is very easy ,remove the earpads and then 4 screws on each side)...
  22. N

    Sennheiser Momentum Repair / Disassembling

    Hi, I want to repair a Sennheiser Momentum which I bought some days ago (in used condition) without realizing at that time that the left ear cup have some problem. As many people may know the ear cups of the Sennheiser Monetum are mounted on guide rails. Here is a picture of the sound right...
  23. love to listen

    Recommend someone who repairs cables?

    I have a Stephan audio art cable that needs repair, they don’t seem to answer their emails. Who does repairs on cables? It’s a Sennheiser HD-650 cable with a top connector disconnected
  24. Amywalker730

    AKG Q701: What's this part called? (Repair)

    Hello, a few years ago this forum recommended a pair of AKG Q701 headphones. They have been great, but over those years they have seen a bit of structural damage. The problem is that I don't know much at all about headphones. I don't even know the name of the part that needs to be fixed so I can...
  25. revokasi

    DIY Death Headphone, IEM, Earbuds Repair Tutorial. Step-by-Step The Art of Reworking Voice coil from low to high end cans.

    Hello guys, Well I am audio enthusiast in Indonesia. In the last three years opened workshop for headphone repair. but, i think now I would like to share you a tutorial. a simple but efective tutorial to fix your broken cans. Due to many of audio enthusiast in different country dissapointed of...